Upper Placentia District
Arnold's Cove
Bar Haven
Barren Island
Best's Harbour
Black River
Bollard Town
Broad Cove
Butt's Hole
Chamber's Island
Chandler's Harbour
Coffin's Cove
Come By Chance
Corney's Cove
Crawley Island
Darby's Harbour
Famish Cove
Famish Gut
Gaulton's Island
Glen Cove
Glendon's Cove
Great Paradise
Harbour Buffett
Hay Cove
Iona Island
Indian Harbour
Jean De Gaunt
La Manche
Little Harbour
Little Harbour East
Long Harbour
Mussel Harbour Arm
Mussell Harbour
North Harbour
Pinch Cove
Pinch Gut
Piper's Hole
Port Royal
Queen's Bank
Ragged Islands
Ram's Island
Red Island
Rose au Rue
Seals Cove
Sibley Cove
Soldier's Cove
Sound Island
Southern Harbour
Spencer's Cove
Swift Current
Tack's Beach
Trinny Cove
Western Cove
Wild Cove
Woody Island

We've attempted to include as many towns in the district as possible,
however it's inevitable that some communities will be omitted.

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