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Diary of Herman L. Pearce

November 24, 1903 - December 31, 1903

Transcribed from NL Provincial Archeology Office's reference material
Nov 24th, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at 12.30 pm 41°
Snowing this morning up to 10.30 am about that time it stopped snowing, but the weather has
been cloudy and mild all the evening: wind for the greater part of the day East South East. Mean
day temp from 9 am to 6 pm 39°. People here today from Browns Cove, Hauling Point and Wild
Cove. The snow that fell this morning is all melted this evening: therm now 6 pm 42°. Mother
was very sick yesterday but she feels better today.

Nov 25th, 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at
Weather today, very changeable at times fine and sunny: at other times, rainstorms were in
evidence: mild for this time of the year. Mean day temp 41.75°. People here today from
Hauling Point and Purbeck’s Cove. Post office work was rather pressing today. I am sending by
mail to the Bank of Montreal, a money order for $102.00; I hope it will go safe. Wind today,
South West, it is now blowing a strong breeze from near about the same direction.

Nov 26th, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at
Blowing a gale of wind from the west all day; fine nearly all day but just after 2 pm, it was a
little stormy. No one here from outside today as it blew too hard. Father was up to the
Parsonage to measure some lumber Mr. Wood bought for him. When Father came down, Mr.
Wood came with him. William Jacobs is here tonight as usual. Mean temp 33.25°.

Nov 27th, 1903 Friday
Snow fell sometime last night as this morning when I arose, the ground was covered. All day the
weather has been cloudy; it is snowing again now. Mean temp 33°. People here today from
Hauling Point; women from Wild Cove; Charles Hynes and daughter from Little Arm; also John
Stuckless of Pumbly Cove with wood for us. Charles Hynes’s daughter is going to the Parsonage
as servant-girl. Therm at noon, 35°. Stephen Jacobs and crew were cruising home wood for us
today. No sign of the Steamer Horne.

Nov 28th, 1903 Saturday Thermometer at noon: 36°
Raining for the greater part of the day, but the snow is not quite all gone yet. Not many people
here today. Samuel Jacobs was here in the house for the first time this ‘Fall’. Mean temp 36°.
There is no sign of the Steamer yet. She is making quite a long trip. Mean temp for the week
from 9 am to 9 pm; therm taken 5 times everyday between these hours, 35.82°. William Jacobs
not here tonight. Strange! 7.40 pm, William Jacobs has just come in; I thought as much.

Nov 29th, 1903 Sunday Thermometer at noon: 39°
No entry.

Nov 30th, 1903 Monday Thermometer at 1.30 pm: 46°
Yesterday and today, the weather has been much the same, dull and cloudy days with frequent
rainstorms and foggy weather; of course, the snow that fell last week is all gone. Breen was here
to dinner and tea yesterday. Mr. Wood, being home yesterday held prayers three times. I did not
attend at all as the church stove is not up yet. Mean temp today 41.5°. Now 6.30 pm, there is no
sign of the Steamer ‘Horne’ from Bay of Islands. Adam Rice and Rebecca Rice were married by
Parson Wood in Western Cove church this evening. Mean temp for this month for 5 times
during the day from 9 am to 9 pm from 37° to 74°. Therm highest for month between these
times, 48°. Lowest for month 26°.

Dec 1st, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at 1.30 pm 39°
A fine day although this evening it was a little cloudy. Wind South South West. Mean temp
38.5°. Therm at 1.30 pm 39°. A government surveyor named Alsop came by the last ‘Horne’ to
survey Lacey’s marble claim. Lacey brought him down here from Purbeck’s Cove to wait for
the steamer by which he is going home; Sunday Lacey brought him down; he is staying at
Robert Jacob’s. The ‘Horne’ is making a wonderful long trip this time; she has been left here 15
days. John Gavin is also up here from Hauling Point waiting for the steamer. Mr. Wood lent us
some more books this evening. The SS Horne arrived at 9 pm from Bay of Islands so Mr. Alsop
and John Gavin are gone in her. She is now gone to Pound Cove to take in Breen’s herring. My
October Post Office Account came back by this mail, corrected, as the Postage Stamp Account
has not to be included in the Money Order Account.

Dec 2nd , 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at 3.00 pm 32°
A fine day but rather cloudy. Mean temp 32.75°. The ‘Horne’ did not leave Pound Cove until 8
am. A few Hauling Point people came here today. Very moderate weather today. I have not
done much today except read the newspapers and attend to Post Office work. No particular news
by this mail. Mr. Wood went to Seal Cove by steamer.

Dec 3rd, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at 6.00 pm 30°
It has been snowing nearly all day; now 6 pm it is dirty and snowing fast. Stephen Jacobs and
Crew have been cutting and bringing wood here from the other side of the Cove. Not much
news going about today. Mean temp 31.5°. I have been reading nearly all day.

Dec 4th, 1903 Friday Thermometer at noon 31°
A very dirty snowy day; there is now about ½ foot of snow on the ground and it is still snowing.
Mean temp 31.25°. I have been fixing up my Money Order business today I am sending to the
Bank of Montreal. On Money Order Business $170.00. Not much stirring these two days.

Dec 5th, 1903 Saturday Thermometer at noon 36°
The weather today has been better than yesterday although at times it has been snowing; cloudy
all day. There is about 1 foot of snow on the ground as there was quite a lot of snow fell last
night. Mean temp from 9 am to 6 pm 34.25°. Several people here today from Hauling Point.
William Jacobs was going to put up the Church Stove but he could get nobody to help him.

Dec 6th, 1903 Sunday
No entry.

Dec 7th, 1903 Monday Thermometer at noon 34°
Yesterday, Sunday Nov 6th , was for the greater part of the day cloudy. At one time in the
morning it was a little sunny, but it did not last long. Mean temp yesterday 32.5°.
Today has been a very changeable day, sometimes snowing then again fine but cloudy for the
greater part of the day. The SS Horne arrived Lewisport this morning about 7.30 am; this is her
last trip this way for the season; the ‘Virginia Lake’ is expected to take her place on this part of
the coast. Two passengers landed from the ‘Horne’, one for Hauling Point and the other for
Wild Cove. Mean temp 32.25°. Mr. Wood came from Seal Cove in the steamer as far as Back
Cove. I began to teach William Jacobs to read and write tonight.

Dec 8th, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at noon 30°
A fine day, at times sunny and by no means very cloudy. This is a very clear frosty night.
Therm at 7 pm 21°. Mr. Wood got back from Hauling Point some time today; Samuel Rice and
Roda Brett were married by Mr. Wood yesterday. About 6.30 pm, the steamer ‘Virginia Lake’
arrived from the Southern Ports. She is now taking in Breen’s stuff. Father was expecting his
winter stock of Kerosene Oil by steamer, but it did not come; on that account we are very short
of oil ourselves for the winter. Mean temp today from 9 am to 6 pm 28°.

Dec 9th, 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at noon 32°
A very cloudy day but nothing falling. Breen brought the goods he had left up here as Father is
going to take care of it for Murray, the winter. Several people here today from Hauling Point
and Pumbly Cove. Lacey and son down here from Purbeck’s Cove today. Mean temp 29.5°,
wind today, moderate; Eastern. It was rather frosty last night. The thermometer stood at 20°.

Dec 10th, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at noon 34°
A dull cloudy day almost raining all the evening; wind today about East. I have drawn 3 money
orders today, amount of orders = $134.40; Father remitted the three orders. Hauling Point and
Purbeck’s Cove people here today. Ernest is not very well today. Mean temp today from 9 am
to 6 pm 35.5°. Therm at 3 pm 36° and now at 6 pm 38°. John Jacobs and Breen went in by
Western Brook to attend to their trap this evening. The weather seems to be turning milder
again. Therm at 9 pm 40°.

Dec 11th, 1903 Friday Thermometer at noon 40°
Not a bad day on the whole, being mild, up to now 8 pm, nearly all the snow is gone. It was
raining hard last night. Mean temp today 37.5°. Old Lacey and John Blanchard were here this
morning to get a Money Order remitted for $80.00. Mail in office to date amounts to 9 regular
and 51 commercial letters. Mr. Wood ventured down this way today to post his letter. Old
Lacey is gone down to Hauling Point to price John Blanchard’s goods. Ernie is no better today.
He has got a bad cold. Wind today from South South West to West South West.

Dec 12th, 1903 Saturday Thermometer at noon 32°
Fine and sunny up to 4 pm when it became rough and snowy; now 6 pm, it is blowing hard and
still snowing. Mean temp 31°. The SS Virginia Lake arrive from North on her way to St. John’s
about 3.30 am; therefore Breen and William Rice left in her for St. John’s. I sent aboard a large
mail this time; it contained 60 letters and several parcels. I expect we will be a long time without
a mail now as I do not expect the Virginia Lake will get here again. Wind today, in the morn
North West, in the even, South West. Mean temp for this week in the day from 9 am to 9 pm
five times during the day 32.02°. Having cut my face while shaving, this evening, I intend to
give up the razor for 4 years, D.V.

Dec 13th, 1903 Sunday Thermometer at noon 23°
No entry

Dec 14th, 1903 Monday Thermometer at noon 22°
Yesterday, Sunday 13th, was a dirty day on the whole as it was snowing a little nearly all day.
Wind in the morning West, in the evening East. Mild and raining hard last night. Therm at 9 pm
35°. I attended church twice yesterday. Blowing a heavy gale from the North West this
morning. Therm at 9 pm 26°. Richard Saunders here from Wild Cove this morning looking for
medicine for his son George who is very sick. Weather frosty and clear except when the snow
storms were on. Still blowing a gale, the wind being farther western tonight. William and
Darius Jacobs went in the country this morning to attend to their fur-traps. Mean temp 22° (10°
of frost). The wind changed about 3.30 pm, it is now about West South West. Therm at 9 pm
19°. Very cold, windy and at times rough and snowy tonight.

Dec 15th, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at noon 21°

A fine day, clear and sunny but also very cold and windy. Blowing a gale all day from the
West. Mean temp 19° (13° of frost). Therm at noon 21°. It is stormier tonight than it has been
all day. Therm at 6 pm 18°. We have not done much today except read. There is not much
snow on the ground now as the rain we had on Sunday night carried a good lot of it away.

Dec 16th, 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at noon 24°
A fine sunny day, frosty, wind West South West. Mean temp 22°. Therm at noon 24°. Alfred
Banks here today from Middle Arm. Mrs. Wood’s servant arrived from Little Arm yesterday.
Father and I were sawing wood this evening. William and Darius Jacobs arrived from the
country this evening; they got no fur however. It has been rather frosty and windy this last three
days; it seems to be a little civiler now however although it is still very cold the thermometer
showing 11° of frost at 6 pm.

Dec 17th, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at noon 21°
Wind East, dirty, cloudy and snowing until about 3 pm. when the wind came from the
N.N.WEST and it became fine and clear. John Ricketts here today on his way from Middle
Arm, to Big Island to visit his brother Joseph. One Hauling Point and one Pumbly Cove man
here today. I cleaned by Post Office types today; they badly needed cleaning. Mean temp 20.5°.
The weather is now, 6 pm, very bright and frosty; therm 19°. Wind N.W. tonight.

Dec 18th, 1903 Friday Thermometer at noon 18°
Fine but cloudy and cold; wind South West, mean temp from 9 am to 6 pm 17.75° (14.25° of
frost) This has been the coldest up to date. Mr. Wood lent us more books today. Ernest and I
were sawing wood this evening. Mr. Wood was down here to post his letters and papers this
evening. William Jacobs began to write in a copy book last night. There is a gale of wind

Dec 19th, 1903 Saturday Thermometer at noon 26°
A splendid morning up to 11 am when the sky became overcast and cloudy; this evening was
also dull and cloudy and inclined to snow. A lot of snow fell last night. The wind today has
been East North East. The weather is milder now. Therm at 6 pm 28°.
Chirpley, the Jew of Hauling Point came up here today to wait for the SS Virginia Lake as he
expects freight by her. This has been a rather cold and windy week. Mean temp from 9 am to 6
pm for the week 21.9°. Christmas is drawing near, Friday next being Christmas Day.

Dec 20th, 1903 Sunday Thermometer at noon 31°
No entry.

Dec 21st, 1903 Monday Thermometer at noon 40°
Yesterday, Sunday 20th was a splendid day, fine but not frosty. Mean temp 29.5°. I did not
attend prayers yesterday as I had taken pills the night before.
People here today from Big Island, Hauling Point and John Davis and Geo. Rex from Browns
Cove. Morning cloudy with occasional rain squalls. Wind South S. West. Weather this
evening more dirty than in the morning. Wind the same way. Therm at 6 pm 46°. Chirpley, the
Jew went home this morning. Mean temp today 41.75°. Blowing very hard. Snow nearly all
gone. Quite a change in the weather. Ernest, William Jacobs, Lillie Starks and I are making
decorations for the Church at Christmas time tonight. St. Thomas’ Day.

Dec 22nd, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at noon 31°
A fine day, but cloudy and blowing a good breeze in the morning. Wind South West, mean
temp today 31°. Mother and Father are gone up to the Parsonage tonight. We are at the
decorations again tonight. My leg is not as well as it was today.

Dec 23rd, 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at noon 28°
Snowing last night and this morning up to about 11 am when the wind sprung up from the North
West which cleared up the weather; since then the light snow has been drifting about as there is a
good breeze of wind. Therm highest at 9 am 31°. Mean day temp 26.25°. Not many people
here today, except a few from Hauling Point and Wild Cove. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
Therm at 9 pm 24°.

Dec 24th, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at noon 28°
On the whole, a fine sunny day, although first, this morning the sky was rather overcast; it is
rather frosty this evening. Mean temp 24.25°. Today, being Christmas Eve, the Parson and
people were busy decorating the Church. Charles Hynes was here from Little Arm today; he
brought the news “ that read the Trader has arrived at Jackson’s Arm with a winter’s stock; he is
also going to repair his schooner”. Lacey and son are down here from Purbeck’s Cove for
Christmas. Therm at 6 pm 19° (13° of frost). Wind North North East for the greater part of the
day: moderate.

Dec 25th, 1903 Friday Thermometer at noon 27°
A rather dirty day, snowing all the morning and part of the evening; now 6 pm, the weather
seems to be clearing up. Mean temp for day 25.25°. Today, being Christmas Day, there has
been prayers twice. I attended prayers in the morning. Ernest received his first Communion
today; he was Confirmed on the Bishop’s last visit to Western Cove July 19th, 1903. I was
confirmed July 15th , 1900. Wind East moderate. Samuel Hurley’s daughter had dinner and
Williams Jacobs tea, in the kitchen today. Last Christmas, we had no priest. The SS Virginia
Lake arrived about 9 pm from St. John’s. We had quite a large mail. Uncle James Lockyer of
Herring Neck sent Ernest and I a box of books. Father, John Blanchard and Charles Chibley had
freight come by the steamer. Therm at 9 pm 30°.

Dec 26th, 1903 Saturday Thermometer at noon 32°
On the whole, a fine day and far from cloudy. This has been a rather busy day with me through
Post Office work etc. Lacey went down to Hauling Point with John Blanchard this morning to
price the goods John had come in the steamer. I had no time to read the papers until this
evening, not much news in them however. This is St. Stephen’s Day, I see. Mean temp 9 am
to 6 pm 29.25°.

Dec 27th, 1903 Sunday Thermometer at noon
No entry.

Dec 28th, 1903 Monday Thermometer at noon 27°
Yesterday, Sunday 27th, St. John’s Day was a rough windy day; by rough, I mean drifting as
sometimes the sky was clear. Wind North west. I did not attend Church yesterday as my leg
was bad. This morning it was clear and not very cloudy. This evening, it is thick and snowing fast. Therm
at 3 pm 23°. Lacey arrived from Hauling Point after pricing John Blanchard’s goods. Mean
temp today 23.5°. I have been busy today fixing my Post Office business. I am sending by this
mail $9.50 to the G.P.O. on Postage Stamp Account. This is ‘Holy Innocents Day’. John Jacobs
has been here tonight to buy grog for which he is very fond; he is an old miser in other things.

Several people here today from Hauling Point and Purbeck’s Cove etc. My leg is better today.
The Western Cove men have been hauling wood for the parson today. Robert and Samuel Jacobs
got two seals out of their seal net today. The Cove has been half full of slob ice all day. I
suppose the Steamer will be back from North tomorrow.

Dec 29th, 1903 Tuesday Thermometer at 9.00 am 10°
Blowing hard all day from the N.N. West; fine, hard and frosty; in fact, the coldest day this
winter. Mean temp from 9 am to 6 pm 12.75° (19.25° of frost). The Steamer arrived back from
the Northern Ports this evening about 4 pm. My mail which consisted of 44 letters went by the
SS Virginia Lake. Therm lowest at 9 am 10° and highest at 9 pm 17°.

Dec 30th, 1903 Wednesday Thermometer at noon 25°
Morning, fine, clear and sunny. Evening, cloudy and at time thick with snow squalls. Wind
South S. West. Mean temp 21.35°. John Fradsham from Southern Arm here today looking for
his letters; when he left, he took the Seal Cove mail. The Bretts of Big Island here today.

Dec 31st, 1903 Thursday Thermometer at noon 21°
Snowing last night and this morning up to 10.30 am; this evening has been fine and sunny but
blowing a good breeze from the North West. Wind this morning N East. Mean temp today
19.5°. Ernie and I were sawing wood this evening. So, 1903 is nearing its natural end. It has
not been a bad year on the whole, in spite of its rough winter, cold spring, and dirty rainy
summer. The autumn weather being splendid. This is a splendid moonlight night. Mean temp
from 9 am to 9 pm 5 times during the day, for the month of December 1903 27.897°. Tomorrow
is the beginning of the Leap Year 1904.

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