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Will of James Merricks Jackman

Four page document received from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland June 2005

Page 1


In the Supreme Court

In re







Probate granted to  Royal Trust Co.

and Robert Charles>



On the 27th day of January

A.D. 1934

Value of Estate  $  10, 900.83


Vol. 9

Folio 255

Page 2

Written in left margin

Fiat  ?? Higgins

Jany 9/33



                                                                THE PETITION

of The Royal Trust Company of St. John’s in the Island



  1. James Merricks Jackman of Tilt Cove in the Electoral

District of Burin Green Bay, Merchant, died at that place on

or about the 23rd. day of November 1933 having made his last Will

and Testament which is hereunto annexed marked “A” wherein

he appointed your Petitioner and Robert Charles Jackman

of Tilt Cove aforesaid, Merchant, Executors thereof.

  1. Hereunto annexed and marked “B” is a Schedule containing
          an Inventory and Valuation of the estate of said deceased

at the time of his death to the best of Your Petitioner’s

knowledge information and belief.

  1. No Probate of any Will nor Letter of Administration of

the estate of said deceased have been at any time granted

by this Honourable Court.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that this Honourable Court

or one of the Honourable the Judges thereof may be pleased

to grant to it Letters of Probate of the Will of said


And as in duty bound Your Petitioner will ever pray etc., etc

Dated at >St. John’s this 8th. day of January A. D. 1934.

                                    Blackwood & Cook

                                      Solicitors for Petitioner

Page three



I, JAMES MERRICKS JACKMAN, of Tilt Cove, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland, declare this to be my LAST WILL  AND TESTAMENT.

I give and bequeath the property known as “Leigh Property” Wimborne, Dorset<, England, to my son ROBERT CHARLES JACKMAN with the hope that it will be kept in the family as  long as possible.

All the rest of my earthly possessions including interest in businesses, insurance and investments I give and bequeath to my three children in the following proportions, namely, one sixth to MARY EMILY MAY GOODRIDGE, one sixth to IRENE EDITH JEAN WHITE, four sixths to ROBERT CHARLES JACKMAN.

This being my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I do appoint The Royal Trust Company and my aforesaid son AROBERT CHARLES  JACKMAN, both of Newfoundland, to be my Executors and direct that all my just debts and testamentary expenses  shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.

And I further request that the aforenamed Executors, The  Royal Trust Company and Robert C. Jackman, use their discretion in paying off any part of my Estate so as not to interfere or hurt in any way the businesses in which I am at present interested.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand at Tilt Cove this 12th day of September Nineteen hundred and twenty-eight. nine

SIGNED by the Testator, James             )        

Merricks Jackman, as his last                  (

Will in our presence, who in his   )  James Merricks Jackman LS

presence and in the presence of               (

each other have hereunto subscribed        )

our names as witnesses.                          (

William Cunningham  LS

Mary Cunningham  LS

Page four was the inventory and valuation form that valued the estate at $10, 577.50


James Merricks Jackman was born Jan 1861 in Wimborne, Dorset, England. He was the son of Robert Jackman. In the 1921 census it was noted that James immigrated to Newfoundland in 1878.

James was a merchant and trader and a bit of an entrepreneur in the mining industry in Newfoundland. He tried his hand in several ventures over the years.

In November 1885 he married Louisa May Martin, the first child and daughter of John Saunders Martin and his first wife Emily Susannah Bray, from Island Cove near Harbour Grace. John was schoolmaster for the Church of England and a lay reader. John's great grandfather William Martin was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands off the coast of France.

James and Louisa had three children who were named in the will.

Mary Emily May Jackman was born in Tilt Cove and married Alfred James Goodridge in Tilt Cove. Irene Edith Jean Jackman was born in Round Harbour and married George Edward White in Tilt Cove. Irene and George were living in Grand Falls during the 1921 census and later settled in Montreal by the mid 30s. Robert Charles Jackman was born in Tilt Cove and was married to Jessie Mary Emily ?? Louisa May Jackman died in Tilt Cove in May 1917.

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