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1921 Census

Harbour Round

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by NANCY LAMMING ~ May 9, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Surname First Name Sex Relation Status Birth Age Birth Place
DROVER John M Head Married 1885 Feb 36 Flur D’Lyes
DROVER Josephine F Wife Married 1878 Aug 43 Broad Cove, CB
HINDS Lawrence M Adpt Single 1904 Aug 17 Brents Cove
DROVER Bernard M son Single 1910 May 11 Harbour Round
DROVER Gertrude F Dau Single 1914 Jul 7 Harbour Round

LANNON Thomas M Head Widower 1864 Jul 57 Saint John's

DROVER Sylvester M Head Widower 1876 Aug 45 Coachmans Cove

HAZE Frederick M Head Married 1896 Aug 25 Brents Cove
HAZE Annie F Wife Married 1902 Oct 19 Harbour Round
HAZE Mary K. F Dau Single 1921 May 4M Harbour Round

FURY Thomas M Head Married 1837 Sep 84 Holyrood, C.B.
FURY Susannah F Wife Married 1858 Jun 63 Harbour Round
FURY Thomas P. M Son Single 1893 Feb 28 Harbour Round
WALL Stephen F. M Adpt Single 1914 Dec 7 Harbour Round

PAYNE John M Head Married 1864 Oct 57 Fogo
PAYNE Maggie F Wife Married 1880 Jun 41 Brents Cove
PAYNE Joseph M Son Single 1894 Jan 27 Brents Cove
PAYNE John M Son Single 1896 Jul 25 Brents Cove
PAYNE Michael M Son Single 1906 Mar 15 Brents Cove
PAYNE Mary F Dau Single 1908 Jul 13 Brents Cove
PAYNE Annie F Dau Single 1911 Feb 10 Brents Cove
PAYNE Ambrose M Son Single 1914 Sep 7 Brents Cove
PAYNE Arthur M Son Single 1916 Mar 5 Brents Cove
PAYNE William M Son Single 1920 Sep 1 Brents Cove

ALYWARD Garret M Head Married 1856 May 65 Joe Batts Arm
ALYWARD Johannah F Wife Married 1879 Dec 42 Croak
ALYWARD Noah (?) M Son Single 1903 Oct 18 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Bridget F Dau Single 1906 Sep 15 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Mary F Dau Single 1908 Aug 13 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Maggie F Dau Single 1910 Nov 11 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Luey M Son Single 1914 Nov 7 Brents Cove

ALYWARD Peter M Head Married 1901 Oct 20 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Bridget F Wife Married 1902 Jul 19 Brents Cove
ALYWARD Bernard M Son Single 1921 Jan 8M Brents Cove

DROVER William M Head Married 1871 Apr 50 Coachmans Cove
DROVER Mary F Wife Married 1882 May 39 Little Bay
DROVER John M Son Single 1900 Jul 21 Harbour Round
DROVER James M Son Single 1905 Sep 16 Harbour Round
DROVER Peter M Son Single 1911 May 10 Harbour Round

GRIFFIN Richard M Head Married 1858 Dec 63 Bakers Cove (?)
GRIFFIN Mary F Wife Married 1871 Sep 50 Fleu D’Lyo (?)
GRIFFIN Richard M Son Single 1909 Jul 12 Harbour Round

SKINNER John M Head Married 1873 May 48 Betts Cove, NDB
SKINNER Mary J. F Wife Married 1886 Aug 35 Fleur D’Lye
SKINNER Mary M. F Dau Single 1909 May 12 Brents Cove
SKINNER George M Son Single 1914 Nov 7 Brents Cove
SKINNER James M Son Single 1915 Jul 6 Brents Cove
SKINNER Michael M Son Single 1917 Apr 4 Brents Cove
SKINNER John T M Son Single 1921 Jan 7M Brents Cove

GRIFFIN Patrick M Head Married ---- --- 38 Little Bay
GRIFFIN Margaret F Wife Married ---- --- 35 Harbour Round
GRIFFIN John M Son Single 1911 Jun 10 Tilt Cove

HARTERY William M Head Married ---- --- 56 ? Kuys (?) Cove, B.B.
HARTERY (?) Emeline F Wife Married 1871 Aug 50 Joe Batts Arm
HARTERY William M Son Single 1905 Aug 16 Harbour Round
HARTERY Annie F Dau Single 1908 Aug 13 Harbour Round

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