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1921 Census

Manfield's Cove

Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NL geneaology; Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NL roots.

The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by TONYA R. COLBOURNE-WARD ~ March 2, 1997. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Last Name First Name Living
in 1921
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occupation Related
to Head
LIVINGSTONE William Manfield's Cove HEAD Oct 1884 Fraserburgh, Scotland Episcopalian Fisherman

LIVINGSTONE Elizabeth Manfield's Cove Wife Aug 1886 Whickhain Durham, England Episcopalian
Married to Wm Livingstone, Man Cv
LIVINGSTONE Doris H Manfield's Cove Daughter Oct 1913 Fraserburgh, Scotland Episcopalian
Daughter of Wm Livingstone, Manfield's Cv
LIVINGSTONE Emma W Manfield's Cove Daughter Aug 1915 New York, USA Episcopalian
Daughter of Wm Livingstone, Manfield's Cv

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