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1935 Census


Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place Status
SACREY Dorman HEAD 28 Pacquet
SACREY Theresa Wife 27 Pacquet
SACREY Lily Daughter 6 Pacquet
SACREY Woodrow Son 4 Pacquet
SACREY Robert Son 10 mos Pacquet
CRAMM Albert HEAD 50 Pacquet
CRAMM Harriett Wife 35 Pacquet
CRAMM Rosie Daughter 13 Pacquet
CRAMM Albert Son 10 Pacquet
CRAMM Annie Daughter 6 Pacquet
CRAMM Nellie Daughter 4 Pacquet
SACREY Willis HEAD 25 Pacquet
SACREY Priscilla Grandmother 90 Pacquet
SIMMS Emaline Mother 45 Pacquet
SACREY John Uncle 73 Pacquet
SACREY Mary Sister 20 Pacquet
NORMAN Herbert HEAD 53 Pacquet
NORMAN Hannah Wife 47 Pacquet
NORMAN Agustus Son 28 Pacquet
NORMAN Elsie Daughter 24 Pacquet
NORMAN Allan Son 22 Pacquet
NORMAN Ethel Daughter 20 Pacquet
NORMAN Herbert Jr. Son 18 Pacquet
NORMAN E?? Son 17 Pacquet
NORMAN Malcolm Son 15 Pacquet
NORMAN Maisie Daughter 13 Pacquet
NORMAN Ross Son 11 Pacquet
NORMAN James HEAD 55 Pacquet
NORMAN Minnie Wife 48 Pacquet
NORMAN Sidney Son 28 Pacquet
NORMAN Edgar Son 26 Pacquet
NORMAN Daphene Daughter 23 Pacquet
NORMAN Reginald Son 21 Pacquet
NORMAN Adelaide Daughter 18 Pacquet
NORMAN Thomas Ross Son 15 Pacquet
NORMAN Llewelyn Son 12 Pacquet
NORMAN Eric Son 8 Pacquet
NORMAN Eleazor Son 5 Pacquet
NORMAN John HEAD 47 Pacquet
NORMAN Lavinia Wife 40 Pacquet
NORMAN Baxter Son 20 Pacquet
NORMAN Susie Daughter 18 Pacquet
NORMAN Hazel Daughter 16 Pacquet
NORMAN Gertie Daughter 14 Pacquet
NORMAN John Jr. Son 12 Pacquet
NORMAN Augustus Son 9 Pacquet
NORMAN Cora Daughter 7 Pacquet
NORMAN Ruby Daughter 5 Pacquet
NORMAN Linda Daughter 2 Pacquet
NORMAN Willis HEAD 30 Pacquet
NORMAN Emily Wife 26 Pacquet
NORMAN Mel?? Daughter 4 Pacquet
NORMAN Rowena Daughter 2 Pacquet
NORMAN Edgar HEAD 46 Pacquet
NORMAN Jessie Wife 44 Pacquet
NORMAN Joyce Daughter 22 Pacquet
NORMAN Baxter Son 21 Pacquet
NORMAN Louis Son 16 Pacquet
NORMAN Flossie Daughter 14 Pacquet
NORMAN Clayton Son 10 Pacquet
NORMAN Daisy Daughter 8 Pacquet
NORMAN Claud Son 4 Pacquet
NORMAN Clarice Daughter 2 Pacquet
NORMAN Thomas HEAD 40 Pacquet
NORMAN Naomia Wife 38 Pacquet
NORMAN Horace Son 12 Pacquet
NORMAN Geddis?? Son 9 Pacquet
NORMAN Herman Son 7 Pacquet
NORMAN Dorris Daughter 6 Pacquet
NORMAN Daphene Daughter 4 Pacquet
CLARK Adam HEAD 58 Pacquet
CLARK Amelia Wife 64 Pacquet
CLARK Pheobe Ann Daughter 24 Pacquet
CLARK Gilbert Son 22 Pacquet
CLARK William Brother 40 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Mary ? 20 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Archibald HEAD 58 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Annie Wife 48 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Arthur Son 22 Pacquet
ELMS Ralph Adopted Son 14 Pacquet
POLLARD Ada Grand Daughter 8 Pacquet
POLLARD Peter Lodger 77 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Anderson HEAD 41 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Jessie Wife 21 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Annie Daughter 18 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Bertha Daughter 14 Pacquet
LOVEMAN Sarah Mother 80 Pacquet
FOSTER Lloyd Adopted Son 16 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Louis HEAD 30 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM ?aissa? Wife 28 Pacquet
BUTLER Susan Mother 67 Pacquet
SACREY James HEAD 30 Pacquet
SACREY Myrtle Wife 32 Pacquet
SACREY Eric Son 9 Pacquet
SACREY Almeta? Daughter 8 Pacquet
SACREY Boyce Son 5 Pacquet
SACREY Margaret Daughter 2 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM George HEAD 41 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Winnie Wife 27 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Allan Son 19 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Blanche Daughter 17 Pacquet
POLLARD Hugh Adopted Son 7 Pacquet
POLLARD Robert Adopted Son 5 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Grace Daughter 3 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Stanley HEAD 37 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Leah Wife 37 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Evan Son 17 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Hubert Son 10 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Winnie Daughter 8 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Leslie Son 6 Pacquet
GILLINGHAM Viola Daughter 4 Pacquet
BURTON Job HEAD 36 Pacquet
BURTON Sarah Wife 31 Pacquet
BURTON Mildred Daughter 11 Pacquet
BURTON Edna Daughter 7 Pacquet
BURTON Harvey Son 5 Pacquet
BURTON Evelyn Daughter 2 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Thomas HEAD 41 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Hazel Wife 35 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Randolph Son ? Pacquet
? Hazel Adopted Daughter ? Pacquet
? Hedley Adopted Son ? Pacquet
SACREY Robert HEAD 43 Pacquet
SACREY Maud Wife 42 Pacquet
SACREY Leah Daughter 18 Pacquet
SACREY Andrew Son 16 Pacquet
SACREY Minnie Daugter 14 Pacquet
SACREY Ralph Son 11 Pacquet
SACREY Marie Daughter 8 Pacquet
SACREY Sidney Son 6 Pacquet
ELLIOTT William HEAD 77 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Rachel Wife 80 Pacquet
ELLIOTT Emma Jane Grand Daughter 23 Pacquet
SACREY Herbert HEAD 26 Pacquet
SACREY Patience Wife 27 Pacquet
SACREY Patience Daughter 6 Pacquet
SACREY Mary Daughter 5 Pacquet
SACREY Herbert Son 1 Pacquet
BURTON Esau HEAD 65 Pacquet
BURTON Catherine Wife 60 Pacquet
SACREY Mark HEAD 76 Pacquet
SACREY Roland Son 27 Pacquet
NORMAN Louis?? HEAD 24 Pacquet
NORMAN Louisa Mother 49 Pacquet
NORMAN Chesley Brother 29 Pacquet
NORMAN Maxwell Brother 26 Pacquet
NORMAN Irene Sister 21 Pacquet
NORMAN Harvey Brother 19 Pacquet
NORMAN Alexander Brother 17 Pacquet
NORMAN Gladys Sister 15 Pacquet
BOWER James HEAD 24 Pacquet
BOWER Grace? Wife 31 Pacquet
BOWER Audrey Daughter 5 Pacquet
BOWER James Jr. Son 3 Pacquet
BOWER Harry Son 1 Pacquet
MILLEY Willis A. HEAD 35 Pacquet
MILLEY Mabel Wife 31 Pacquet
SACREY Thomas HEAD 63 Pacquet
SACREY Hannah Wife 60 Pacquet
SACREY Jeremiah Son 40 Pacquet

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
BOWER BOWER is spelled with an 's' - BOWERS. Luther Bowers

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