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White Bay Region ~ 1936 Business Directory

Baie Verte District - Round Harbour

It was transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Colllins Adolphus fshrmn
Colllins Dorman fshrmn
Colllins Eli fshrmn
Colllins Wm fshrmn
Coombs Allan fshrmn
Coombs John fshrmn
Coombs Miss Mildred slsldy at Tilt Cove
Coombs Robt fshrmn
Coombs Mrs Robt postmistress
Foote Clarence fshrmn
Foss Gordon fshrmn
Foss Thos fshrmn
Foss Wm S fshrmn
Fudge Alfred fshrmn
Fudge Aubrey fshrmn
Fudge Augustus fshrmn
Fudge Peter fshrmn
Fudge Wm fshrmn
Ryan Albert fshrmn
Ryan Clarence fshrmn
Ryan Ed fshrmn
Ryan Hayward fshrmn
Ryan Thos fshrmn
Ryan Walter fshrmn
Smith Mrs E? ?
Snow Albert ?
Snow Fredk fshrmn
Snow Wm fshrmn
Squires Arthur fshrmn
Tilley Josiah fshrmn
Tilley Kenneth fshrmn

1999 Glynn Hewlett & NL GenWeb