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1945 Census

Indian Burying Place, Green Bay, Notre Dame Bay

Transcribed by Jill Marshall . While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.

Transcriber's Note : The information contained in the RESEARCH NOTES column was added by Jill Marshall and was not part of the original census

KEY: Rel. = Relationship; Mar.Stat. = Marital Status; b = born; d = died;

James A PROLE father (head) widower 78 Green Bay James Albert was the son of George Prole & Susanna Howell and the grandson of William Prole & Mary Adams.
Sussie PROLE daughter single 43 Green Bay Susanna Mary died 1969, buried Nippers Hr.
Harry PROLE son single 37 Green Bay Harry died 2001. He married Daisy Bowers, dau of George Alfred Bowers & Madora Giles.
George PROLE son single 35 Green Bay George (1909-1994) married Annie Flora MAY, dau of Henry Lear May & Wilhemina Pearl Stoodley (see next)
Annie MAY not given single 27 Green Bay (1916-1995): dau of Henry Lear May & Wilhemina Pearl Stoodley; married 1948 to George Prole. Annie & George were the last couple to reside at Indian Burying Place, moving to Nippers Harbour c1966-1967.

Dorcas PROLE head widow 68 Green Bay Widow of Kenneth Prole (son of George Prole & Susannah Howell); nee STARKES. Dorcas was the dau of David Starkes & Miriam White.

Pierce PROLE husband married 44 Green Bay (1901-1961): son of James Robert Prole & Louisa White.
Sadie PROLE wife married 36 Green Bay Nee Vera Sarah Ann BATSTONE, b 1909: dau of Jesse John Batstone & Martha Chappell.
Roy PROLE son single 8 Green Bay  

James R. PROLE father (head) widower 73 Green Bay James Robert, b 1871, was the son of Richard Prole & Maria Susan Rideout. He married Louisa White, dau of James White & Mary Bowers.
Herbert PROLE husband married 47 Green Bay Herbert (1898-1956) was the son of James Robert Prole & Louisa White.
Effie PROLE wife married 32 Green Bay Elizabeth Effie OAKE, dau of Stephen Joseph Oake & Emma Theresa Giles.
Violet PROLE daughter single 34 Green Bay  

John STOODLEY father (head) widower 75 Green Bay (1870-1949): son of Henry & Eliza Stoodley. Married Lucy Jane White (1868-1945), dau of James White & Mary Bowers.
Stafford STOODLEY son single 36 Green Bay  
Albert STOODLEY son single 46 Green Bay Albert died in 1958.

Jacob STOODLEY father (head) widower 77 Green Bay Jacob Charles (1869-1957) was the son of Henry & Eliza Stoodley. He married Mary Fanny (Minnie) Prole (1877-1939), dau of Robert Prole & Susanna Giles.
Sidney STOODLEY husband (son) married 49 Green Bay Edward Sidney (1896-1959), son of Emma Jane Stoodley.
Maud STOODLEY wife married 34 Green Bay Nee Jessamine Myrtle PROLE (1911-1979), dau of Frederick Prole & Lily Bartlett; she remarried to Cecil William Noble of Nippers Harbour.
Rose STOODLEY daughter single 9 Green Bay Adopted daughter.
Albert STOODLEY son single 21 Green Bay  

Frederick PROLE husband (head) married 62 Green Bay (1883-1958); son of Robert Prole & Susan Giles.
Lily PROLE wife married 60 Green Bay (c1885-1976): nee Bartlett of Change Islands; believed to be dau of John & Harriet Bartlett.
Maxwell PROLE son single 26 Green Bay (1919-1991); md Jacqueline Blanche Jones of Little Bay Islands.
Evelyn PROLE daughter single 29 Green Bay  
Ross PROLE son single 19 Green Bay Actually was their grandson; son of George Prole (died 1930) and Edith Mills (d 1928).

Lemuel PROLE husband (head) married 38 Green Bay (1909-1985); son of Frederick Prole & Lily Bartlett. Buried Winterton, Trinity Bay.
Annie PROLE wife married 39 Green Bay (c1906-1991); nee Sarah Louise GREEN. Buried Winterton TB.
Jean PROLE daughter single 17 Green Bay Married Jack STRONG.

Harry MAY father (head) widower 54 Green Bay Henry Lear May (1894-1979), son of William May & Maria Ann Prole. He was named after his aunt's husband Henry LEAR of Port de Grave (who married Sarah Ann May). Married (1) Wilhemina Pearl Stoodley (1896-1938) and (2) Esther Blanche Bowers.
William MAY son single 23 Green Bay  
Lucy MAY daughter single 20 Green Bay  
Kenneth MAY son single 13 Green Bay  
Harold MAY son single 10 Green Bay  

George BOWERS father (head) widower 66 Green Bay (1879-1960): son of Thomas Bowers & Joanna Foss; married Madora (Dora) Giles (dau of William Giles & Mary Ann Critch).
Fred BOWERS son single 36 Green Bay (1909-1984).
Easter BOWERS daughter single 37 Green Bay Esther Blanche (1909-1976); second wife of Henry Lear May
Doris BOWERS daughter single 28 Green Bay Known as Daisy (c1917-1992); married Harry Prole

Aubrey MAY husband (head) married 27 Green Bay Aubrey George (1917-1997), son of Henry Lear May & Wilhemina Stoodley.
May MAY wife married 26 Green Bay Nee May BOWERS (1919-1999), dau of George Bowers & Dora Giles.
George MAY son single 2 yrs, 6 mo Green Bay  

Elijah BOWERS husband (head) married 45 Green Bay (1899-1971); son of Francis Bowers & Sarah Ann Adams.
Elsie BOWERS wife married 41 Green Bay (1904-1981); dau of Peter Austin & Amelia Foote of Snooks Arm.
Cyril BOWERS son single 15 Green Bay  
Cecil BOWERS son single 12 Green Bay  
Marie BOWERS daughter single 10 Green Bay Ella Marie (1935-1979)
Lloyd BOWERS son single 4 Green Bay  

Philip BOWERS husband (head) married 59 Green Bay Son of Francis Bowers & Sarah Ann Adams.
Julia BOWERS wife married 60 Green Bay Nee Julia Ann PROLE; dau of Robert Prole & Susanna Giles.
Elsie BOWERS daughter single 22 Green Bay Elsie Blanche.
Arthur BOWERS son single 20 Green Bay Arthur George
Robert BOWERS son single 19 Green Bay  

Stephen OKE husband (head) married 68 Green Bay (1880-1948); son of James Oake & Thurza Elliott of Fogo.
Emma OKE wife married 64 Green Bay (1883-1961); nee Emma Theresa GILES; dau of William Giles & Mary Ann Critch
Augustus OKE son single 36 Green Bay  
Robert OKE *husband married 26 Green Bay *son of Stephen Oake & Emma Theresa Giles; living in same household as parents.
Hazel OKE wife married 30 Green Bay Nee Hazel Loretta RIDEOUT, dau of James Albert Rideout & Julia Burton.
Minnie OKE daughter single 18 Green Bay Presumed to be daughter of Stephen & Emma.

Harry GILES husband (head) married 56 Green Bay Henry Thomas, son of William Giles & Mary Ann Critch.
Emma GILES wife married 50 Green Bay Dau of Thomas Foote & Mary Jane Wilcox.Her parents moved from Western Bay CB to Snooks Arm NDB.
James GILES son single 23 Green Bay  
Hayward GILES son single 17 Green Bay  
Gorden GILES son single 14 Green Bay  
Lester GILES son single 9 Green Bay  
Maud GILES daughter single 6 Green Bay  

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