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Coachman's Cove Cemetery (OLD)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Parish

Transcribed by Julia (Bailey) Coombs
Transcriber's Note: I have tried very hard to record accurately but had a very little time to do it. Also, some headstones were very hard to read. There are many unmarked graves also.
*** Catherine       Headstone is Broken …illegible… Beloved Wife Catherine Who Died……illegible….
***         Small Grave with a Little White Cross & Fence
***         3 White Crosses Enclosed by a White Fence, 3 Names on The Crosses: Baby Hurley, Remmie Hurley, Fabian Kennedy
***         Small Grave with a Little White Cross & Fence
Bailey Cecilia   22-Jul-1914 22 Erected by James Bailey in Memory of His Beloved Wife Cecilia - Who Died July 22 1914 Aged 22 Years
Bailey Mary   23-Jan-1946 70 In Loving Memory of Mary Bailey Died Jan 23 1946 Aged 70 Years
Bailey Andrew   24-Oct-1948 87 Andrew Bailey Died Oct 24 1948 Aged 87 Years May They Rest in Peace
Bailey Donald 16-Aug-1947 15-Mar-1984   Bailey Donald 1947-1984 R.I.P. Erected by The Bailey Family
Barker Mary   9-Apr-1903 60 Erected by Thomas & Bernard Barker In memory of Their Beloved Mother Mary Died Apr 9 1903 Aged 60 Years RIP
Barker Susannah   19-Nov-1971 84 In Loving Memory of Susannah Barker died Nov 19 1971 Age 84 Years. May her Soul Rest in Peace
Barker Thomas   28-Mar-1958 80 In Memory of Thomas Barker Died March 28 1958 Age 80 years. Erected by his wife Susan
Barker Madeline   20-Dec-1955 32 In Loving Memory of Madeline Barker Wife of James Barker died Dec 20 1955 Age 32 Years
Barker James   23-Sep-1913 40 Erected by Thomas Barker Who Departed This Life Sept 23 1913 Aged 40 Years
Barker Margaret   8-Oct-1911   Erected by James Barker in Memory of His Beloved Wife Margaret Who Departed This Life Oct 8 1911
Barker Elizabeth Ann   21-Apr-1950 75 In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Ann Beloved Wife of John Barker Died Apr 21 1950 Aged 75 Years Erected by Children RIP
Barker Bernard   8-Mar-1965 84 In Loving Memory of Bernard Barker Died Mar 8 1965 Aged 84 Years "Barker"
Barker Ellen 22-Sep-1889 17-Mar-1969   Cross-Ellen Barker Sep 22 1889 - Mar 17 1969
Breen Minnie 27-Sep-1868 26-Feb-1959 91 In Loving Memory Minnie Breen Born Sept 27 1868, Died Feb 26 1959. Aged 91 Years
Breen Mary Ann ?-?-1911 ?-?-1988   Breen 1911 Mary Ann 1988 Wife of James Breen Ever Remembered Ever Loved
Breen James ?-?-1900 25-Mar-1995 94 Breen James 1900-1995 Husband of Mary Ann Ever Remembered Ever Loved Died Mar 25 1995 - 94 Years
Breen Raymond 2-Feb-1933 5-Mar-2000   Breen Raymond 1933-2000 Son of James and Mary Ann Ever Remembered Ever Loved Feb 2 1933 - Mar 5 2000
Bryan Andrew   17-Mar-1970 50 Able Seaman Royal Navy 17 Mar 1970 Age 50
Bryan John 17-May-1887 24-Jul-1969   To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die.
Bryan Mary Ann   28-Mar-1965 77 In Memory of Mary Ann Beloved Wife of John Bryan Died at Coachman's Cove March 28 1965 Aged 77 Years
Connors Patrick   12-Aug-1910 74 In Memory of Her Beloved Husband Patrick Connors Who Died Aug 12 1910 Aged 74 Years Erected by Anna Connors
Connors Anna   29-Sep-1921 73 In Loving Memory of Anna Connors Died Sept 29 1921 Aged 73 Years Rest in Peace
Downey John   24-Feb-1877 66 Erected by Sarah Downey In Memory of Her Beloved Husband John, Who Departed This Life 24 Feb 1877 Aged 66 Years
Downey Patrick   3-Jan-1968 78 In Memory of Patrick Downey Died Jan 3 1968 Age 78 Years Erected by His Wife Bridget & Family
Downey Theodore P. ?-?-1904 ?-?-1974   Peace Perfect Peace Erected by His Wife Mary & Family
Downey Bridget ?-?-1891 ?-?-1979   Bridget Bouzan Downey 1891-1979 Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on Her Soul Erected by Her Family
Downey Theresa 2-Jan-1915 9-Mar-1992   Theresa M. (Myrick) Downey Jan 2 1915-Mar 9 1992 Ever Remembered Ever Loved by Her Husband Bernard
Downey Michael   16-Feb-1956   In Loving Memory of Michael Downey Died Feb 16 1956
Downey Bridget 28-Feb-1877 2-Dec-1936   In Memory of Bridget Downey Born Feb 28 1877 Died Dec 2 1936
Downey James   16-May-1953 82 Erected by Mary John & Catherine Clance In Memory of James Downey Died May 16 1953 Aged 82 Years
Downey Francis   29-Oct-1961 59 Francis Downey Died Oct 29 1961 Aged 59 Years
Downey Cecilia   18-Apr-1912 38 In Memory of Cecilia Beloved Wife of Francis Downey Died April 18 1912 Aged 38 Years R.I.P.
Downey Thomas   ?-Jun-1919 69 In Loving Memory of Thomas Downey Died June 1919 Aged 69 Years
Downey Ellen   ?-Jun-1917 65 Ellen Downey Died June 1917 Aged 65 Years Rest in Peace
Downey Lawrence T 23-Sep-1949 25-Aug-1999   Downey Lawrence T Sept 23 1949-Aug 25 1999 Was Blind but Now I See Rest in Peace
Downey Elias M   1-Dec-1962 54 In Memory of Elias M Downey Died Dec 1 1962 Aged 54 Years Rest in Peace Erected by His Wife & Family
Downey Michael 5-Aug-1799 11-Apr-1871 72 In Memory of Michael Downey Born Aug 5 1799 Died April 11 1871 Aged 72 Years Headstone Stands alone in a cove.
Downey Ellen 29-Jun-1882 10-Jul-1960 78 In Loving Memory of Ellen Downey Born Jun 29 1882 Died Jul 10 1960 Aged 78 Years
Downey Mark 8-Jun-1875 20-Sep-1942 67 In Loving Memory of Mark Downey Born Jun 8 1875 Died Sept 20 1942 Aged 67 Years
Downey Francis F 2-Feb-1890 29-Dec-1965   In loving Memory of Francis F Downey Born Feb 2 1890 Died Dec 29 1965
Dunn Ann   27-Dec-1867 27 Erected by Andrew Dunn, In Memory of His Beloved Wife Ann, Who died 27 Dec 1867 Aged 27 Years
Filpot Elizabeth   21-Oct-1898 47 In Memory of Elizabeth Filpot Died Oct 21 1898 Aged 47 Years (?Philpott)
Fitzgerald Catherine   22-Jan-1885 34 Erected by John Fitzgerald In Memory of His Beloved Wife, Catherine, who died 22 Jan 1885 Aged 34 Years
Fitzgerald Margaret   7-Feb-1889 47 Sacred to The Memory of Margaret, Beloved Wife of William Fitzgerald, Who Died Feb 7 1889 Aged 47 Years
Fitzgerald Philip   6-Jun-1949 69 In Loving Memory of Philip Fitzgerald Died June 6 1949 Aged 69 Years Erected by His Wife Winifred
Fitzgerald William   7-Apr-1972 52 In Memory of William Fitzgerald died Apr 7 1972 age 52 Years
Fitzgerald Catherine ?-?-1881 ?-?-1919   Very Illegible… Catherine Beloved Wife of Dinis (Denis) Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Elizabeth   3-Feb-1928 27 In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Fitzgerald Beloved Wife of Denis Fitzgerald Died Feb 3 1928 Aged 27 Years
Fitzgerald Ellen   17-Jan-1949 39 Erected by Edward Fitzgerald In Loving Memory of His Wife Ellen Died Jan 17 1949 Aged 39 Years
Gardner Mother   12-Dec-1886 63 Erected by Martin Gardner in Memory of His Beloved Mother, Who Died 12 Dec 1886 Aged 63 Years.
Gardner Joseph   22-Jun-1881   Son Joseph, Who Died 22 June 1881 and of His
Gardner Ann   26-Jul-1884   Infant Daughter Ann, Who Died 26 July 1884
Hurley Martin 21-Nov-1912 16-Sep-1945   In Loving Memory of Martin Hurley Born Nov 21 1912 Died Sep 16 1945
Kennedy Margaret   8-Mar-1977   In Loving Memory of Dear Mother Margaret Kennedy Died Mar 8 1977
Kennedy Nicholas   21-Dec-1964 68 In Loving Memory of Dear Father Nicholas Kennedy Died Dec 21 1964 Age 68 Years
Kennedy Sherry-Lyn       White Cross
LeMee Anastasia   21-Aug-1898 29 In Memory of Anastasia Le Mee Who died Aug 21 1898 Aged 29 Years R.I.P.
LeMee Ann   26-May-1919 83 In Memory of Ann LeMee Beloved Wife of John M. LeMee Died May 26 1919 Aged 83 Years R.I.P. Erected by Her Sons Michael & Francis
LeMee John Marie   21-Apr-1914 80 In Loving Memory of Their Father John Marie LeMee A Native of Binic France Died Apr 21 1914 Aged 80 Years Erected by His Sons
LeMee Diane 10-Oct-1876 8-Oct-1965 90 In Loving Memory of Aunt Diane LeMee Born Oct 10 1876 Died Oct 8 1965 Age 90
McCormac John F   6-Jan-1909 62 In Loving Memory of John Francis McCormac Died Jan 6 1909 Aged 62 Years
McCormick Agnes   28-May-1906 29 Erected by James McCormick in Memory of His Beloved Wife Agnes, Died May 28, 1906 Aged 29 Years
McCormick Edward   6-Jun-1902 22 In Loving Memory of Edward McCormick, Who Died June 6, 1902 Aged 22 Years
Norris John   4-Mar-1966 60 In Loving Memory of John Norris Died Mar 4 1966 Aged 60 Years Erected by His Wife & Daughter
Norris Florence   9-Jun-1944 32 In Loving Memory of Florence Beloved Wife of John Norris Died June 9 1944 Aged 32 Years
Philpott Elizabeth   8-Oct-1901 77 In Memory of Elizabeth Philpott Died Oct. 8, 1901 Aged 77 Years Erected by her sons Andrew & Elias
Philpott Elizabeth ?-?-1900 ?-?-1968   Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them Philpott 1900 Elizabeth 1968
Philpott James Sr. ?-?-1903 ?-?-1995   1903 James Sr. 1995
Philpott James   13-Dec-1899 55 Aged 55 Years, Erected by His Sons William & Bernard. May He Rest in Peace
Philpott Children (4)   ?-?-1942   Died 1942 - In memory of Theresa 14 Yrs, Sylvester 9 Yrs, Andrew 7 Yrs, Gerome 3 Yrs. Children of John & Annie Philpott RIP
Philpott John A   6-Jun-1956 62 In Loving Memory of John A. Philpott Died June 6 1956 Aged 62 Years Erected by His Sons Patrick & Aloysius RIP
Philpott Rose   19-Jul-1939 59 Erected by John Philpott In Loving Memory of His Dear Wife Rose Who Died Jul 19 1939 Aged 59 Years
Philpott John   18-Nov-1958 82 In Loving Memory of John Philpott Aged 82 Died Nov 18 1958 RIP
Philpott William ?-?-1883 ?-?-1972   1883 William Philpott 1972
Philpott Mary Ann ?-?-1871 ?-?-1951   His Wife 1871 Mary Ann 1951
Philpott Mary Ann   5-Jun-1951 78 In Loving Memory of Mary Ann Philpott Died June 5 1951 Aged 78 Years. She is also mentioned on her Husband's Headstone.
Philpott Elizabeth   1-Feb-1963 62 In loving Memory of Elizabeth Philpott Died Feb 1 1963 Aged 62 Years Erected by Her Husband John F Philpott
Philpott Barry-Benita 13-?-1972 26-Aug-1973   Philpott Baby's Barry-Benita 13-?-72 R.I.P. 26-8-73 (Could not read birth month)
Stuckless Mary Catherine   7-Dec-1938   Erected by Michael J. Stuckless in Loving Memory of His Wife Mary Catherine - Dec 7 1938
Stuckless Jane   5-Jan-1961 79 We Shall meet Again in Loving Memory of Jane Stuckless Died Jan 5 1961 Aged 79 Years Erected by Her Son David
Talbot Elizabeth   15-Feb-1911 72 Erected by John Talbot in Memory of His Beloved Wife Elizabeth Who Departed This Life Feb 15 1911 Aged 72 Years
Terry James Joseph   9-Aug-1950 59 In Kind and Loving Memory of James Joseph Terry Died Aug 9 1950 Aged 59 Years
Traverse Bridget 25-Jan-1889 10-Feb-1977   In Loving Memory of Our Dear Mother Bridget Traverse Jan 25 1889 - Feb 10 1977
Traverse Ellen   4-Aug-1883 23 In Memory of Ellen Traverse, Who Died Aug 4 1883 Aged 23 Years RIP …..J. Skinner
Traverse Ellen   7-Mar-1906 27 Erected by James Traverse in Memory of His Beloved Wife Ellen died March 7 1906 Aged 27 Years
Traverse James   26-Sep-1963 85 Erected by Bridget In Loving Memory of Her Husband James Traverse Who Died Sept 26 1963 Aged 85 Years
Traverse Jack P       Erected by His Grandson Jerome
Walker Mark   23-Aug-1900   Erected by Michael Walker in Memory of Mark Walker and Companions Who Were Drowned.
Walsh Mary 18-Jun-1907 10-Apr-2002   Cross
Walsh Bridget 12-May-1913 28-Sep-1966   Bridget Walsh May 12 1913 - Sept 28 1966 We Love You
Walsh Michael   1-Jul-1948 48 In Loving Memory of Michael Walsh Died July 1 1948 Age 48 Years Erected by His Wife & Family
Walsh Alice   20-Mar-1965 74 In Loving Memory of Alice Beloved Wife of David Died Mar 20 1965 Aged 74 Years Erected by David Walsh
Walsh David 14-May-1889 26-Dec-1969   In Memory of David Walsh May 14 1889-Dec 26 1969 Erected by Sons & Daughters

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