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McAlpine's Directory 1898

Jackson's Cove

It was transcribed September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Occupation
Batstone Ebenezer Fisherman
Batstone Chas Fisherman
Batstone Jas Fisherman
Batstone John R. Fisherman
Batstone Jas Jr Fisherman
Bowers Eliel Fisherman
Bowers Francis Sr Fisherman
Bowers Francis Jr Fisherman
Bowers Jas Fisherman
Jeans Jas Fisherman
Knight Allan Fisherman
Knight Henry Mill Owner
Knight John Fisherman
Knight Jonathan Fisherman
Knight John R. Fisherman
Knight John W. Fisherman
Knight Robt Fisherman
Knight Samuel Fisherman
Knight Temple Fisherman
Knight Warwick Fisherman
Knight Henry T. Fisherman
Knight Wesley Lobster Packer
Langdon Mrs. Martha Wid
Langdown Henry Fisherman
Moores John Fisherman
Moores Wm Fisherman
Manuel John Shopkeeper
Newhook Lorenzo Photographer
Newhook Jonas Sr Builder
Strong Wm Fisherman

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