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Bett's Cove - Anglican Mission Burial Records 1877 - 1879

From Church Records held at Botwood
They records come from about 18 original, large volumes which were stored at the Anglican Church in Botwood. The earlier records were found in a box in the basement while preparations were on-going for the 50th anniversary of the Church. Some of volumes survived a fire and a lot of the pages were partially burned. I was fortunate to be able to take the volumes home to transcribe them ..... this is very unusual with Church records. These volumes will be stored either in the Anglican Archives for Central Newfoundland or the Botwood Heritage Society Archives. I copied all the records on diskettes to be stored at the Church to eliminate any further handling of the fragile pages. A lot of the handwriting was hard to decipher so there are bound to be errors.

Transcribed by PAUL & JUDY GILL, 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Surname Given Age Death Burial Information
SWATHINGER Jane age 10 died December 24, 1877, Bett's Cove
John Hewitt
PEARCE William age 32 died May 6, 1878 buried May 8, 1878, Bett's Cove John Hewitt
TIZZARD (no name given) age 16 mos. died May 7, 1878 buried May 9, 1878 John Hewitt
died August, 1878, Burton's Pond buried at Nippers Harbor John Hewitt
NOBLE Susan age 19 died October 18, 1878, Nippers Harbor
John Hewitt
RIDEOUT Lucretia
died September, 1878, Rogues Harbor buried Nippers Harbor John Hewitt
STARKS Lucy 13 yrs died November 6, 1878, Nippers Harbor
E. H----(illegible)
RANDELL Adam age 22 died March 19, 1879, Nippers Harbor
Rev. W. Smith
NOBLE William age 72 died February 26, 1879, Nippers Harbor
John Hewitt
SQUIRES Naomi Ann age 12 died June 10, 1879, Nippers Harbor
E. H----(illegible)
NOBLE Elizabeth age 70 died September 18, 1879, Nippers Harbor
John Hewitt

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