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1921 Census


Please note:  This transcription is arranged in alphabetical order and not in the same order as the original handwritten document

The information was transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Location Surname Given Name Family
Gender Marital
Age Birth
Place of
Williamsport Brennan William Head m m 51 1870 Dec Change Islands
Williamsport Brennan Lucy Wife f m 52 1869 Aug Grandfer's Cove
Williamsport Brennan Arthur Son m s 26 1895 Sep Williamsport
Williamsport Brennan Elias Son m s 16 1905 Jul Williamsport
Williamsport Brennan Emma Dau f w 24 1897 Apr Back Arm
Williamsport Brennan Stephen gson m s 3 1918 Jan Williamsport
Williamsport Cassell Mabel gdau f s 14 1907 Dec Williamsport

Williamsport Brenson Eli Head m m 36 1885 Aug Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Frances Wife f m 28 1893 Aug Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson George Son m s 9 1912 Aug Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Julia Dau f s 6 1915 Jul Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Mary Dau f s 3 1918 Aug Williamsport

Williamsport Brenson William Head m m 40 1881 Jun Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Sarah Wife f m 30 1891 Sep Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Tamar Dau f s 13 1908 May Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Daisy Dau f s 10 1911 Oct Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Lucy Dau f s 8 1913 Oct Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson Wilfred Son m s 5 1916 Jun Williamsport
Williamsport Brenson James Son m s 2 1919 Jan Williamsport

Middle Arm Gavon Edward Head m m 27 1894 Jan Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Rachel Wife f m 23 1898 May Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Lydia Dau f s 1 1920 Apr Hauling Point

Middle Arm Gavon George Head m w 53 1868 Apr Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Thomas Son m s 21 1900 Jul Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Margaret Dau f s 19 1902 Mar Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Laura Dau f s 16 1905 Oct Hauling Point
Middle Arm Gavon Alfred Son m s 14 1907 Oct Hauling Point

Williamsport Rendell Albert Head m m 57 1864 May Grandfer's Cove
Williamsport Rendell Louise Wife f m 51 1870 May Harbour Deep
Williamsport Rendell Ralph Son m s 22 1899 Jan Williamsport
Williamsport Rendell Leander Son m s 10 1911 Jul Williamsport

Williamsport Rendell Samuel Head m m 63 1858 Apr Grandfer's Cove
Williamsport Rendell Lydia Wife f m 58 1863 May Englee
Williamsport Rendell Samuel Son m s 32 1899 Nov Williamsport
Williamsport Cassell Lily adau f s 15 1906 Jul Williamsport
Middle Arm Ricketts Peter Head m w 42 1879 Dec Middle Arm
Middle Arm Ricketts Minnie Dau f s 22 1899 Apr Middle Arm
Middle Arm Ricketts Dorman Son m s 18 1903 Nov Middle Arm

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