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White Bay - Journals of the Council 1873

Northern Peninsula East District ~ Conche Harbour

The data was recorded by Charles G. F. Knowles, Commander H.M.S. "Lapwing". This list consists of the inhabitants on the French Shore, Newfoundland. The source of this information comes from the Journals of the Council, Newfoundland. - 1873.

Walter Joy W -
Widow Kenney - 10
John Joy W 5
Mr. John Casey W 4
Michael Casey W 3
John Pine W 1
Widow Casey - 3
Patrick Carroll W 6
Thomas Kearsey W 2
John Hunt W 3
Mr. John Dower W 7
Mr. Ed Dower W 17
Mr. J. Kenny W 2
Jas. Fitzpatrick W 5
George Ralph W 1
John Burn W 2
Mr. A. Linfield W 7
Mr. J. Bromley W 4
Mr. P. Bromley W 2
Mr. Thos. Martin W 5
Mr. Jas. Flinn W 1
Martin Flinn W 12
Richard Joy - 1 sister

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