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Anglican White Bay Parish Marriages, 1864-1865

The information was transcribed by MICHELLE BURTON, August 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Marriages by Robert Temple, Anglican Parish of White Bay, for Years 1864-1865
July 17, 1864 Bear Cove Stephen Langford & Jane Gale Thomas Blanchard, George Rice, John Jacobs
July 17, 1864 Bear Cove Thomas Jacobs & Hannah Rice Thomas Blanchard , George Rice
July 17 1864 Bear Cove Stephen Hurley & Keziah D?? Thomas Blanchard, Jane Blanchard, John Rice
Aug 1, 1864 Browns Cove James Burton & Susan Langford (Jacobs) John Langford, Joseph Langford, Elizabeth Langford
Sept 4, 1864 Grandvache Joseph Randell & Selina Squires Elias Randell, Virtue Randell, Jeremiah Squires
Jan 25, 1865 Big Island William Brett & Charity Ricketts James Ricketts, Lucy Ricketts
Apr 16, 1865 Englee John Gillard & Louisa Hancock Charles Hopkins , Henry Gillard
Aug 29, 1865 Englee George Clothier & Maria Canning Aaron Read, Andrew Cannings, Susannah Dunn
Sept 5, 1865 Englee Levi Andrews & Susanna Canning( Dunn) John Dunn, Andrew Canning, Priscella Read
Sept 10, 1865 Hooping Hr. Samuel Compton & Anna Smarts Henry Hancock, Mary Ann Hancock, George Read
Sept 17, 1865 Grandvache Job Pittman & Susan Randell Elias Pittman, Virtue Randell, Samuel Randell
Nov 12, 1865 River Head Basil Osmond & Fanny Gale James Ricketts, Jane Blanchard, John Osmond
Nov 24, 1865 Big Island John Ricketts & Elizabeth Langford John Langford, Jane Langford, Joseph Ricketts
Dec 5, 1865 Jackson's Arm Charles Ralph Jr. & Sarah Wix William Head, Hezekiah Brett, Mary Combdon
Dec 12, 1865 Grandvache George Newman & Virtue Randell Elias Pittman, Jeremiah Squires, Selina Wall??

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