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1935 Census

Bear Cove

Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, June 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place
RICEEliHEAD62Bear Cove
RICEAnnieWife60Bear Cove
RICEGeorgeSon30Bear Cove
RICEDeliliahGrand Child2Bear Cove
RICEStanleySon21Bear Cove
RICEMariahDaughter in Law23Bear Cove
RICESimonHEAD61Bear Cove
RICERebeccaWife58Bear Cove
RICEAaronBrother59Bear Cove
RICESterlingHEAD30Bear Cove
RICEDinahWife31Bear Cove
RICEMildredDaughter9Bear Cove
RICEEvelynDaughter7Bear Cove
RICEEdgarSon4Bear Cove
RICERaymondSon3Bear Cove
RICEFlorenceDaughter1 mosBear Cove
HOLLETTWilliamHEAD41Bear Cove
HOLLETTGunhildaWife28Bear Cove
HOLLETTGarfieldSon7Bear Cove
HOLLETTMaxwellSon5Bear Cove
RICEObadiahHEAD33Bear Cove
RICEEdithWife30Bear Cove
RICEVioletDaughter13Bear Cove
RICEMarjorieDaughter10Bear Cove
RICEVictorSon6Bear Cove
RICEMabelDaughter4Bear Cove
RICEAnnieDaughter1Bear Cove
RICEClaytonSon4 mosBear Cove
GAVINDenisHEAD24Bear Cove
GAVINEdithWife21Bear Cove
RICEBartholomewHEAD60Bear Cove
RICEJaneWife62Bear Cove
RICEArthurSon35Bear Cove
RICECyrilHEAD32Bear Cove
RICEWinnieWife28Bear Cove
RICEErnestSon4Bear Cove
RICEWilfredSon2Bear Cove
RICEHaroldSon9 mosBear Cove
RICECharlotteHEAD60Bear Cove
RICEPierceSon35Bear Cove
RICEAlberthaWife27Bear Cove
RICEMyrtleDaughter7Bear Cove
RICERoseDaughter4Bear Cove
RICELlewelynHEAD44Bear Cove
RICECharlotteHEAD43Bear Cove
RICEHectorSon26Bear Cove
RICEHeberSon36Bear Cove

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
GAVIN In the 1935 census there is no listing of the Gavin family in either Westport or Bear Cove. My dad Thomas William Gavin Jr. was born February 1, 1929 in Bear Cove, Newfoundland. The family later moved to Westport where they resided until my grandparents deaths. They had a daughter Sophia and another son Clayton who are also not listed. Sophia is older than my dad and Clayton is the youngest of all 5 children. Paula Gavin Traverse

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