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1935 Census

Pombley Cove

Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place Status
STUCKLESSThomasHEAD45Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSLouisaWife43Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSJohnSon21Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSWilliamSon19Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSAnnieDaughter18Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSElizabethDaughter16Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSGeorgeSon15Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSAllanSon13Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSNaomiDaughter11Pombley CoveAge is difficult to read
STUCKLESSLukeSon9Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSPhoebeDaughter8Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSFlorenceDaughter5Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSGladysDaughter3Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSWilfredSon1Pombley Cove
STUCKLESSSophiaMother75Pombley Cove
GALEAlexHEAD38Pombley Cove
GALEElizabethWife25Pombley Cove
GALEMaudeDaughter6Pombley Cove
GALEArthurSon4Pombley Cove
GALEMariahDaughter2Pombley Cove
GALELilyDaughter11 mthsPombley Cove
GALEJohannaMother62Pombley Cove
PITTMANSolomonNo Relation18Pombley Cove
GALEWilliamHEAD42Pombley Cove
GALEMinnieWife38Pombley Cove
GALEJamesSon18Pombley Cove
GALEGilbertSon16Pombley Cove
GALECyrilSon14Pombley Cove
GALEHaroldSon7Pombley Cove
RICKSJohannaAdopted9Pombley Cove
GALEWalterHEAD34Pombley Cove
GALEJessieWife24Pombley Cove
GALEHarrySon5Pombley Cove
GALERolandSon3Pombley Cove
GALEDulcieDaughter1Pombley Cove
GALEStanleyHEAD32Pombley Cove
GALEStewartBrother28Pombley Cove
EDGARDulcieNiece18Pombley Cove
DAVISObadiahHEAD31Pombley Cove
DAVISClaraWife26Pombley CoveAge difficult to read
DAVISMaryDaughter1Pombley CoveAge difficult to read

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