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1935 Census

Pound Cove

Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, June 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place Status
RICKETTSAlfredHEAD42Pound Cove
RICKETTSSelinaWife31Pound Cove
RICKETTSAlexanderSon10Pound Cove
RICKETTSLeslieSon8Pound Cove
RICKETTSThomasSon6Pound Cove
RICKETTSAbramSon5Pound Cove
RICKETTSDulcieDaughter3Pound Cove
RICKETTSAnnieDaughter1Pound Cove
JACOBSEsauHEAD58Pound Cove
JACOBSLucyWife57Pound Cove
JACOBSArthurSon22Pound Cove
GAVINThomasHEAD48Pound CoveFather born in Scotland
GAVINPhoebeWife43Pound Cove
GAVINHaywardSon19Pound Cove
GAVINAllanSon16Pound Cove
GAVINSophieDaughter11Pound Cove
GAVINThomasSon6Pound Cove
GAVINClaytonSon2Pound Cove
HURLEYEleazorHEAD27Pound Cove
JACOBSJohnHEAD60Pound Cove
JACOBSAmyWife41Pound Cove
POOLEPeterHEAD41Pound Cove
POOLEMarthaWife46Pound Cove
POOLEMaryMother80Pound Cove
JACOBSLukeHEAD74Pound Cove
JACOBSFrederickSon24Pound Cove
JACOBSCyrilHEAD37Pound Cove
JACOBSSusannahWife30Pound Cove
JACOBSBlancheDaughter9Pound Cove
JACOBSAudryDaughter7Pound Cove
JACOBSWalterSon6Pound Cove
JACOBSHarveySon4Pound Cove
JACOBSRebeccaDaughter9 mosPound Cove
ANDREWSWalterHEAD34Pound Cove
ANDREWSCatherineWife24Pound Cove
ANDREWSStephenSon8Pound Cove
ANDREWSBessieDaughter6Pound Cove
ANDREWSSamuelSon3Pound Cove
ANDREWSSarahDaughter1Pound Cove
JACOBSStephenHEAD58Pound Cove
JACOBSSarahWife59Pound Cove
JACOBSAndrewSon26Pound Cove
JACOBSElizabethDaughter16Pound Cove
JACOBSIsaacHEAD21Pound Cove
JACOBSBeulahWife18Pound Cove

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