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1935 Census

Wild Cove

Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place Status
WELLSJabezHEAD34Wild Cove
WELLSJessieWife32Wild Cove
WELLSRaymondSon7Wild Cove
WELLSWoodrowSon5Wild Cove
WELLSVarick?Son3Wild Cove
WELLSWilfredSon1Wild Cove
WELLSHectorHEAD39Wild Cove
WELLSRitaWife30Wild Cove
WELLSGladysDaughter8Wild Cove
WELLSPearlDaughter6Wild Cove
WELLSAudryDaughter3Wild Cove
WELLSLloydSon18 mosWild Cove
SMALLArchibaldHEAD55Wild Cove
SMALLIsadoraWife52Wild Cove
SMALLAbelSon30Wild Cove
SMALLBaxterSon18Wild Cove
SMALLHarveySon12Wild Cove
PINKSENCharlesHEAD31Wild Cove
PINKSENAnnieWife23Wild Cove
PINKSENEffieDaughter3Wild Cove
PINKSENStewartHEAD57Wild Cove
PINKSENMabelDaughter23Wild Cove
PINKSENJaneDaughter21Wild Cove
PINKSENReginaldGrandson17Wild Cove
PINKSENGilbertHEAD29Wild Cove
PINKSENJuliaWife27Wild Cove
PINKSENDorisDaughter5Wild Cove
PINKSENAylmerSon3Wild Cove
PINKSENViolaDaughter10 mosWild Cove
SMALLDeborahHEAD64Wild Cove
SMALLGrendfell?Son24Wild Cove
SMALLKitchenerSon22Wild Cove
SMALLElsieDaughter21Wild Cove
SMALLBoothSon19Wild Cove
SMALLGeorgeHEAD53Wild Cove
SMALLBessieWife35Wild Cove
SMALLLillianDaughter14Wild Cove
SMALLJohnSon12Wild Cove
SMALLFrancesDaughter10Wild Cove
SMALLRandolfSon8Wild Cove
SMALLStewartSon6Wild Cove
SMALLMildredDaughter4Wild Cove
SMALLAllanSon2Wild Cove
PARDYWilliamHEAD47Wild Cove
PARDYSarahWife46Wild Cove
PARDYChesleySon26Wild Cove
PARDYLesterSon21Wild Cove
PARDYRoseDaughter18Wild Cove
PARDYFlossDaughter15Wild Cove
PARDYAlexSon5Wild Cove
SMALLJanet1st Cousin50Wild Cove
PARDYAbramHEAD48Wild Cove
PARDYElizabethWife43Wild Cove
PARDYWilliamSon23Wild Cove
PARDYAlbertSon21Wild Cove
PARDYVioletDaughter19Wild Cove
PARDYGordonSon17Wild Cove
PARDYHazelDaughter10Wild Cove
PARDYGarlandSon6Wild Cove
PARDYMaxwellSon6Wild Cove
PARDYClaudeSon4Wild Cove
PARDYWesleyHEAD43Wild Cove
PARDYHildaWife21Wild Cove
PARDYWilliamSon13Wild Cove
PARDYWarrickSon9Wild Cove

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
WELLS The name "Varick?" Wells is almost correct. Spelling is Varrick. Marlene Wells
SMALL The correct spelling for "Grendfell?" Small, mother Deborah, is "Grenfell". Thank you, Grandson. Darrell

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