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Codroy Vessel, "Eliza", Wrecks

Western Star
Codroy Vessel Wrecked, North Sydney, Aug 8th, 1907

The little Vessel "Eliza", Capt Richard Hynes, from Codroy, Nfld, for this port for a cargo of coal was wrecked at Ingonish Island on Monday morning. When off Bird Island Sunday night she met a storm of west-south wind and sprang a leak. The schooner was kept away for South Bay, Ingonish and at 2 oíclock, off Cape Smokey, the wind was met with hurricane force and the vessel could not work into South Bay and was kept away for North Ingonish Breakwater. When to windward of Ingonish Island, the foresail was torn and the mainsail disabled. The chains and anchor were let go but the vessel drifted on Ingonish Island where she now lies a total wreck.

The "Eliza" was 17 tons register and was built at Fortune Bay in 1888 by Phillip Lake. She is owned by her master, Capt Hines, who had her thoroughly repaired at Codroy last winter.

There was very little insurance on the vessel. Captain Hines and his crew had a narrow escape from death when leaving the vessel, as the sea was running very high, the spray breaking over the mastheads.

Transcript of Register for Transmission to Chief Registrar of Shipping, registered on May 26, 1888, St. Johnís, Nfld. No change of masters was listed to Richard Hynes, "Eliza", Ship # 94480, Registered out of St. Johnís, Newfoundland. British built, Registered as sailing vessel. Built in Fortune Bay, Nfld, Builder is Phillip Lake of Fortune Bay, Nfld. Owner listed as Phillip Lake, 64 shares.

Registry closed Aug 5th, 1907

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