From the Western Star Newspaper, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Wednesday, 27 January 1937

Researched by Peggy (Gale) Bennett   Transcribed by Ron St.Croix


Will of Emmanuel Pike Provides Distribution Property Valued $232,232
The will of Mr. Emmanuel Pike, merchant at Port aux Basques, who died on 29th last, was probated last week. According to the statement attached to the will the testator at the time of death was possessed of property within the jurisdiction of the Court of Newfoundland to the value of $232,232.46, made up as follows: Lands and stores, $4,250; household goods, $4,000; book debts, $17,179.30; bank and other stocks, $30,900; cash in bank, $175,103.16; other property, $800.00. The deceased bequeathed to his wife, Elizabeth Pike, the sum of $40,000, and to his son, Robert Pike, and his daughters, Mrs. Florence Poole, Dartmouth, N.S., and Mrs. Cecilla Gillaml, Port aux Basques, $10,000 each; to his grandson, James Pike, and grand-daughter, Mildred Miles, $5,000 each; to his grandchildren – children of Robert Pike, the children of Mrs. Jacob Poole, the children of George E. Pike, except James, the children of Mrs. Wilfred Gillam, $2,600 each; and to each of his great-grandchildren $2,000 each; to Norah Pretty and to Annie Pike, wife of his son, Robert Pike, $500 each; to a niece, Annie Kendall $10; to employees James Prosper and Lambert Billard $200 each, and to R.T. Williams, Richard Mercer, Lewis Shears, Leslie Vardy, Rex Dingwell, Vivian Billard and $100 each; to James Carew, Mrs. Jane Ingram and Mrs. C. Musgrave the sum of $50 each.

Charitable Bequests. The testator left to the St. Jame’s School, Channel, $1,00; to the C. of E. Orphanage, St. John’s, $1,000; to St. James Church, Channel, $1,000, the said amount to be placed in bank at interest and the latter to be paid yearly towards the clergyman’s stipend. The dry goods store, hardware store, furniture store and other stores, together with wharves and all the stock in the stores, are divided between the testator’s wife, who gets 3-5, and two grandchildren, James and George Pike. Mrs. Pike, wife of the testator, is given a life interest in certain lands at N.E. Arm. Interest in the Nfld. Clothing Co., Ltd., and interest in certain mining properties are to be distributed between grandsons Wilfred and Samuel Gillam. The testator’s dwelling house and contents with all fenced land on the sought side of the Main Road are bequeathed to his wife, to be disposed of as she may see fit. Another house and lands are bequeathed to a grandson, Raymond Pike. The ninth clause in the will provides that the money loaned to St. Jame’s Church Building Committee, namely $2,000, is to be paid to the testator’s wife and at her death to be divided as follows: $1,000 to Queen’s College, St. John’s and the balance to St. Jame’s Church, Channel, for its upkeep. All the cash remaining on hand over and above the amounts specified, being a reserve fund for business purposes, is to be divided as follows: to his sons-in-law, Jacob Poole and Wilfred Gillam, grandson George Miles, grand-daughter Wilhelmina Pike, Ribert and Henry Pretty and to godchild Dulcie Read, $500 each. Mr. James R. Downey is directed to retain the management of the business as long as he conducts it to the satisfaction of Mrs. Pike, who is to hold the controlling interest. The testator also expresses the desire that the legatees should keep the business going until such time as they may decide by mutual consent to sell out, and he further desires that the property shall not go out of the Pike family name.

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