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Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 295-296 probate year 1915

Will of Rev. John Munn Allan


Testament of Rev. J. M. Allan residing at Curling, Bay of Islands. This is the last will & testament of me John M. Allan:

First: I appoint my executrix, Elizabeth C. Allan of this my will.

Secondly: I will and devise that all just debts be paid out of my estate.

Thirdly: I will desire and bequeath to Mrs. Elizabeth Cunard Allan the sum of one thousand dollars to be paid out of money now in the Bank of Montreal.

Fourthly: I will, desire & bequeath to my daughter, Miss Elizabeth Cunard Allan, my insurance policy in the Standard Insurance Co. of one thousand dollars which is now in Miss Elizabeth C. Allanís name.

Fifthly: I also will desire & bequeath to my sister Miss Jessie Allan, if and when the aforesaid be paid, the sum of two hundred dollars.

Sixthly: I will & bequeath to Jerald K. Allan my gold watch and to my other son Alfred St. Ledger Allen my gold chain and locket.

Seventhly: When the whole of my estate is realized I wish my wife Mrs. Elizabeth C. Allan, and my daughter Miss Elizabeth C. Allan to have equal portions to share and share alike

Eighthly: I will and desire that the foregoing sections of this my will be carried out as herein expressed.

Witness my hand & seal this 4th day of March 1914. John M. Allan (LS) In presence off: Witness Matthew OíRourke. Franklin Fisher.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following) Fiat Feb 11/15 C.J. Probate Feb 16/15 granted to Elizth C. Allen Estate sworn at $1460.44

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