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Bay of Islands - McAlpine's 1904

Birchy Cove

Allen, Henry;  fisherman 
Allen, William;  fisherman 
Allen, Samuel;  fisherman 
Allan, George;  fisherman 
Bagg, Wm. J.P.;  general dealer 
Bagg, John;  clerk 
Bagg, Joseph;  clerk 
Bagg, Augustus E.;  clerk 
Bagg, Ulric N.;  clerk 
Ballan, Samuel;  sea captain 
Ayre & Sons, Ltd.;  general dealers 
Ballam, Manoah;  fisherman 
Battock, John;  fisherman 
Bellows, Robert;  fisherman 
Boland, Maurice;  general dealer and postmaster 
Boland, Maurice sr.;  lighthouse keeper 
Boland, Edward sr.;  fisherman 
Boland, Thomas;  fisherman 
Boland, Edward jr.;  fisherman 
Boland, Eleanor Miss;  asst. post mistress 
Carbery, John;  fisherman 
Condon, William;  fisherman 
Condon, John;  fisherman 
Corner, Arthur H.;  general dealer 
Canning, John;  fisherman 
Canning, Alexander;  fisherman 
Canning, Joseph;  fisherman 
Duggan, Joseph;  fisherman 
Duggan, James;  fisherman 
Furlong, John;  fisherman 
Gilligan, George;  fisherman 
Hartsen, John;  fisherman 
Hartsen, James;  fisherman 
Kehoe, Michael;  shoemaker 
Bank of Montreal, Alfred Peters;  manager 
Kehoe, M. Joseph;  shoemaker 
Kennedy, William;  fisherman 
Kennedy, Thomas;  fisherman 
Knight, Thomas;  fisherman 
Knight, Edwin;  fisherman 
Knight, Marriot;  fisherman 
Leggo, John;  fisherman 
Leggo, Reuben;  fisherman 
LeMeaur, Louis;  tinsmith 
LeMoine, John;  fisherman 
Lynn, Frank T.;  clerk,  Ayre & Sons Ltd. 
McDonald, Stephen;  fisherman 
McDonald, Thos. ;  fisherman 
McEachren, Angus;  sub col. H.M. customs 
McHugh, James;  laborer 
March, Levi;  j.p. stipendiary magistrate 
March, Walter S. ;  editor and prop "Western Star" 
Messervey, Wm. sr. ;  sea captain 
Messervey, Joseph;  fisherman 
Messervey, Wm. jr. ;  fisherman 
Messervey, John;  fisherman 
Messeau, Charles;  laborer 
Noseworthy, Absalom;  fisherman 
Noseworthy, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Pennell, Augustus;  clerk 
Barry, James;  fisherman 
Farnell, Augustus;  contractor 
Barry, Mary Mrs. Wid. ; 
Barry, George;  fisherman 
Barry, Veronica Miss;  restaurant 
Peters, Alfred;  mangr. Bank of Montreal 
Jackson & Co. (J.H. Baggs, mangr.);  general dealers 
Baggs, James H. ;  manager Jackson & Co. 
Long's Cooperage, Henry Long;  manager 
Long, Arthur;  cooper 
O'Brien Thos. sr. ;  sea captain 
O'Brien, Thomas jr. ;  sea captain 
O'Brien, Peter;  seaman 
O'Rourke, M. L. ;  carpenter 
Parsons, Chas. E. & Bros. (Chas. E. Parsons, sr., Richd. Parsons, Chas. E. Parsons jr.,) ; lumber manufacturers 
Parsons, Chas. E. sr. ;  of Chas. E. Parsons & Bros. 
Parsons, Chas. E. jr. ;  of Chas. E. Parsons & Bros. 
Parsons, J. Richard;  of Chas. E. Parsons & Bros. 
Parsons, Joseph;  laborer 
Parsons, William;  laborer 
Pegg, Rev. H. G. ; Church of England 
Pennell, Joseph;  lineman 
Pennell, Clement;  lineman 
Pennell, Jn. A. ;  sportsman's guide 
Pike, Arthur;  sportsman's guide 
Pynn, Henry;  sportsman's guide 
Pike, Victor;  carpenter and contractor 
Ryan, Alexander;  laborer 
Saunders, Geo. ;  land surveyor 
Sears, Rev. Andrew;  roman catholic 
Sheppard, Levi;  laborer 
Sheppard, Joshua;  section foreman railway 
Sheppard, Stewart;  clerk (Ayre & Sons Ltd.) 
Thorne, James T. ;  manager Ayre & Sons Ltd. 
Tucker, Simon;  fisherman 
Tucker, Joseph;  fisherman 
Webber, George;  druggist 
Wells, John;  fisherman 
Wells, Thomas;  fisherman 
Wells, Absalom;  fisherman 
White, Peter;  fisherman 
Williams, Willis;  fisherman 
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Bay of Islands District