NL GenWeb Census Data

West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Corner Brook

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by FRED POWELL, DENISE WILSON & CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, May 1998. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


YOUNG; NormanMHead married1881June 40Bonne Bay
YOUNG; ElizabethFWife married1884Jan 3Corner Brook
YOUNG; Wm.Mson single1908Nov 1Corner Brook
YOUNG; RichardMson single1911Dec 1Corner Brook
YOUNG; ChristineFdau single1912June
Corner Brook
YOUNG; GertrudeFdau single1916Dec
Corner Brook
YOUNG; HerbertMson single1920Dec
Corner Brook

WATSON; LuciousMHead married1877Nov 4Corner Brook
WATSON; MarthaFWife married1885Feb 3Codroy
WATSON; JenattaFdau single1903May 1Corner Brook
WATSON; BerthaFdau single1906Apr 1Corner Brook
WATSON; Thos.Mson single1908June 1Corner Brook
WATSON; Geo.Mson single1917Jan
Corner Brook
WATSON; JamesMson single1919July
Corner Brook
WATSON; SusanFdau single1911Feb 1Corner Brook
WATSON; ElizabethFdau single1913June
Corner Brook
WATSON; RichardMbro single1875Nov 4Corner Brook
WATSON; JohnMbro single1886Mar 3Corner Brook
WATSON; SusanFmoth widow1845Sept 76Nova Scotia

REDDY; DanielMHead married1850June 71St. John's
REDDY; MargaretFWife married1856Nov 65St. John's
REDDY; PhilipMson single1891Aug 3Corner Brook
REDDY; BartMson single1896Mar 2Corner Brook
REDDY; MaryFdau single1898May 2Corner Brook

TESSIER; FrankMHead married1880Apr 41Nova Scotia
TESSIER; ElizabethFWife married1877Sept 44St. Georges
TESSIER; Wm.Mson single1905Apr 1Corner Brook
TESSIER; MercitusFdau single1908June 1Corner Brook
TESSIER; SaddieFdau single1913May
Corner Brook
TESSIER; StanleyMson single1911Apr 1Corner Brook

CORBIN; MathewMHead married1859May 6Conception Hr.
CORBIN; JosephineFWife married1870Apr 51St. Georges
CORBIN; EarnestMson single1897Jan 2Corner Brook
CORBIN; EllenFdau single1904July 1Corner Brook
CORBIN; AlfredaFdau single1907Feb 1Corner Brook
CORBIN; AliceFdau single1901Aug 2Corner Brook

BURKE; Wm.MHead married1842Aug 79St. John's
BURKE; SarahFWife married1852Sept 6Carbonear
BURKE; AlexanderMson single1884Dec 3Corner Brook
BURKE; CatherineFdau single1893Aug 2Corner Brook

CORBIN; John F.MHead married1898Nov 2Corner Brook
CORBIN; JennettFWife married1899Jan 2Corner Brook
CORBIN; Maragot**Fdau single1917Nov
Corner Brook
CORBIN; Thos.Mson single1919Nov
Corner Brook

BUCKLE; JosephMHead married1874Oct 47Forteau Labrador
BUCKLE; AmandaFWife married1886July 3 5St. Anthony do*
BUCKLE; Wm.Mson single1906Oct 15Forteau Labrador
BUCKLE; WilfredMson single1908May 13Forteau Labrador
BUCKLE; SamuelMson single1909May 12Forteau Labrador

MEANEY; PhilipMHead married1859Sept 63Hr. Grace
MEANEY; KateFWife married1863Oct 58St. John's
MEANEY; AndrewMson single1903Aug 1Curling

RUMBOLT; EzekielMHead married1883Mar 33Bonne Bay
RUMBOLT; MargaretFWife married1884July 37St. Georges
RUMBOLT; FrancisMson single1911Sept 1Corner Brook
RUMBOLT; BarbaraFdau single1913May
Corner Brook
RUMBOLT; LeslieMson single1917May
Corner Brook

DUHART; TimithyMHead married1896Oct 25Sandy Point St. Georges
DUHART; LuciaFWife married1893Nov 28Bonne Bay
DUHART; MadelineFdau single1918Dec
Corner Brook
DUHART; UnaFdau single1920Dec 10mCorner Brook

BRODREK; LouisMHead married1871Mar 5Carbonear**
BRODREK; MaryFWife married1879May 42St. Georges
BRODREK; AndrewMson single1907Sept 1Corner Brook
BRODREK; Wm.Mson single1911Feb 1Corner Brook
BRODREK; LouisMson single1920Feb
Corner Brook
BRODREK; JaneFdau single1906Mar 1Corner Brook
BRODREK; AnnieFdau single1913Jan
Corner Brook
BRODREK; MaryFdau single1918July
Corner Brook

BUCKLE; John F.MHead married1889June 3Canadian Labrador
BUCKLE; AgathaFWife married1886June 3Cow Head
BUCKLE; GertrudeFdau single1915Feb
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; MargaretFdau single1917July
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; BrendonMson single1919Aug
Corner Brook

BUCKLE; Peter J.MHead married1892Sept 2Canadian Labrador
BUCKLE; SaddieFWife married1892June 2Corner Brook B. of I.

DUNN; RobertMHead married1839Nov 8Carbonear
DUNN; JaneFWife married1862Sept 5Carbonear
DUNN; DennisMson single1888Nov 3Canadian Labrador
DUNN; Thos.Mson single1889June 3Canadian Labrador
DOODY; MadgeFneice single1904Feb 17Bonavista

BUCKLE; James P.MHead married1851June 7C. Labrador
BUCKLE; MargaretFWife married1868Feb 53Hr. Main
BUCKLE; BernardMson single1899Apr 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; MaryFdau single1897Feb 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; MaudFdau single1901June 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; EllenFdau single1903July 1C. Labrador
BUCKLE; VeronicaFdau single1909Nov 1Corner Brook
POWER; ArthurMson single1912Oct
Corner Brook 1)

BELLE; LurenaFHead widow1859July 63* Port au Port
ROMIAN; MaryFsis single1850Dec 71Port au Port
ROMIAN; JessieFniece single1900Apr 21Port au Port

CALLAHAN; Wm.MHead married1879Nov 4Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; BridgetFWife married1885Nov 36Salmon Bay Labrador
CALLAHAN; WinnieFdau single1910July 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; AngelaFdau single1916Oct
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; CatherineFdau single1917Oct
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; GenevaFdau single1920Jan
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; PatrickMson single1911Nov 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; BernardMson single1912Nov
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; RobertMson single1913Jan
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; MauriceMson single1915Nov
Corner Brook

BUCKLE; John C.MHead married1877Nov 4C. Labrador
BUCKLE; MaryFWife married1883Jan 6C. Labrador
BUCKLE; NorahFdau single1903May 1C. Labrador
BUCKLE; EileenFdau single1911May 1Corner Brook
BUCKLE; AndewMson single1908Dec 1Corner Brook
BUCKLE; JamesMson single1918Oct
Corner Brook

CALLAHAN; JohnMHead married1869June 5Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; LeanneFWife married1878Mar 4Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; MaryFdau single1904June 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; JeffreyMson single1902Sept 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; SamuelMson single1909Nov 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; ArthurMson* single1851Jan 7Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; RonaldMson single1913July
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; JohnMson single1915Mar
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; StephenMson single1919Oct
Corner Brook

BRODREK; TheadoreMHead married1862Jan 59Freshwater
BRODREK; ElizaFWife married1869May 52Rose Blanche
BRODREK; LouiseFdau single1911Dec 10Red Bay Labrador

CALLAHAN; JerimiahMHead widower1874May 4Corner Brook

CALLAHAN; DennisMHead single1868Sept 53St. John's
CALLAHAN; LawrenceMbro single1872May 4Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; MaryFsis widow1890Dec 31Benoits Cove

FISHER; C.MHead married1841Nov 80Nova Scotia
FISHER; JennettFWife married1861Oct 60Scotland
FISHER; G.R.Mson single1889Oct 3Corner Brook
FISHER; MirahFneice single1904June 1Corner Brook
CHEVELIER; GertrudeFserv single1900Dec 21Nfld. Labrador

WATSON; HerbertMHead single1899Sept 2Corner Brook
WATSON; ElizaFMoth widow1872Aug 4Corner Brook
WATSON; HenryMbro single1901Apr 2Corner Brook
WATSON; AlbertMbro single1908Dec 1Corner Brook

GUSHUE; AbrahamMHead married1877June 4Corner Brook
GUSHUE; Mary A.FWife married1879Feb 4Corner Brook
GUSHUE; MaryFdau single1902Nov 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; FrancisMson single1904Feb 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; EdmondMson single1907Jan 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; JuliaFdau single1911Nov 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; Wm.Mson single1913Mar
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; DorothyFdau single1914Apr
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; StellaFdau single1915Apr
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; GertieFdau single1917Jan
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; MargaretFdau single1920Mar
Corner Brook

FISHER; JosephMHead married1883Aug 38Nova Scotia
FISHER; JanetFWife married1882Oct 39Scotland
FISHER; MaryFdau single1907June 1Corner Brook
FISHER; EnaFdau single1909Jan 1Corner Brook
FISHER; MargaretFdau single1910Aug 1Corner Brook
FISHER; EdithFdau single1912Feb
Corner Brook
FISHER; AlexMson single1914Apr
Corner Brook
FISHER; PattieFdau single1916Feb
Corner Brook
FISHER; ElizabethFdau single1917July
Corner Brook
FISHER; JohnMson single1920Feb
Corner Brook

FISHER; BushenMHead married1889Mar 3Corner Brook
FISHER; GertrudeFWife married1894Oct 2Corner Brook

FISHER; JamesMHead married1856June 65Nova Scotia
FISHER; Ida MayFWife married1868July 53Nova Scotia
FISHER; WilliamMson single1894Mar 2Corner Brook
FISHER; John P.Mson single1902May 1Corner Brook
FISHER; ChristopherMson single1913Nov
Corner Brook
FISHER; LauraFdau single1906Nov 1Corner Brook
FISHER; GertrudeFdau single1908Apr 1Corner Brook

McCARTY; RedmondMHead married1873Oct 48Nfld. Labrador
McCARTY; AnnastatiaFWife married1872July 4Corner Brook
McCARTY; AnnieFdau single1900May 2Corner Brook
McCARTY; PatrickMson single1902Feb 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; AmbroseMson single1904Nov 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; LawrenceMson single1906Apr 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; LeonardMson single1911June 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; CyrilMson single1915Sept
Corner Brook
McCARTY; JennieFdau single1910Dec 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; WinnifredFdau single1917Sept
Corner Brook

CHEVELIER; PhilipMHead married1859Mar 6C. Labrador
CHEVELIER; ElizaFWife married1866Aug 5Conception Bay
CHEVELIER; JohnMson single1903June 1C. Brook, B. of I.
CHEVELIER; DavidMson single1909Nov 1C. Brook, B. of I.
CHEVELIER; LouiseFdau single1900Dec 21Quebec

EZEKIEL; JohnMHead married1888June 3Corner Brook
EZEKIEL; FlorenceFWife married1891Apr 3Corner Brook
EZEKIEL; VeronicaFdau single1918May
Corner Brook
EZEKIEL; MaryFdau single1920May
Corner Brook

DUNN; EdwardMHead married1859June 62Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; MaryFWife married1868Apr 53Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; JuliaFdau single1895Apr 26Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; MathewMson single1896June 25Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; RichardMson single1897Feb 24Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; EdMson single1899Mar 22Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; Mary AnnFdau single1902Apr 19Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; GertrudeFdau single1904June 17Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; VeronicaFdau single1910July 11Nfld. Labrador
DUNN; JohnMson single1913Mar 8Nfld. Labrador

BUCKLE; John L.MHead married1852June 69Nfld. Labrador
BUCKLE; NellieFWife married1865Nov 56P.E.I. Nova Scotia
BUCKLE; Wm.Mson single1897Dec 1Canadian Labrador
BUCKLE; MargaretFdau single1892Nov 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; SaddieFdau single1894Feb 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; FlorenceFdau single1896Sept 2C. Labrador
BUCKLE; JuliaFdau single1898Feb 2C. Labrador

BUCKLE; AlbertMHead married1888May 3C. Labrador
BUCKLE; EughinaFWife married1890Sept 31Port au Port
BUCKLE; LeonardMson single1914Jan
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; ReginaFdau single1915July
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; StanaliusMson single1917Oct
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; EdwardMson single1919July
Corner Brook
BUCKLE; VincentMson single1921Oct 8mCorner Brook

GUSHUE; JosephMHead married1867Apr 5Corner Brook
GUSHUE; AnnieFWife married1869Jan 5Curling
GUSHUE; FrankMson single1898Dec 2C. Brook
GUSHUE; JosephMson single1901Oct 2C. Brook
GUSHUE; JohnMson single1903Nov 1C. Brook
GUSHUE; MauriceMson single1909Oct 1C. Brook
GUSHUE; AliceFdau single1905Oct 1C. Brook
GUSHUE; SaddieFdau single1911Dec 1C. Brook
GUSHUE; AnnieFdau single1913Apr
Corner Brook

GUSHUE; JamesMHead married1870Nov 5Corner Brook
GUSHUE; AnnieFWife married1878Sept 4Corner Brook
GUSHUE; RichardMson single1903Dec 18Bonne Bay

GUSHUE; JohnMHead married1871May 5Corner Brook
GUSHUE; CatherineFWife married1876July 4Curling
GUSHUE; Wm.Mson single1896Jan 2Corner Brook
GUSHUE; FrankMson single1899May 2Corner Brook
GUSHUE; JamesMson single1902Oct 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; TeresaFdau single1904Nov 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; EllieFdau single1907Nov 1Corner Brook
GUSHUE; VeronicaFdau single1913Mar
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; EnaFdau single1916May
Corner Brook
GUSHUE; JosephMson single1921Mar 5mCorner Brook

POWER; RichmondMHead married1877Aug 4Corner Brook
POWER; Marifiba**FWife married1879Aug 42HumberMouth
POWER; JuliaFdau single1902Feb 1Corner Brook
POWER; AnnieFdau single1905Dec 1Corner Brook
POWER; ElizabethFdau single1907Nov 1Corner Brook
POWER; OttoMson single1909Feb 1Corner Brook
POWER; Geo.Mson single1911July 1Corner Brook
POWER; HaroldMson single1914Nov
Corner Brook
POWER; FredrickMson single1916Dec
Corner Brook
POWER; VincentMson single1918May
Corner Brook

BRAKE; Wm. P.MHead married1878Apr 4Corner Brook
BRAKE; AnnieFWife married1884Jan 3Corner Brook
BRAKE; EdmondMson single1905Jan 1Corner Brook
BRAKE; JeanFdau single1907June 1Corner Brook
BRAKE; UnaFdau single1911Sept 1Corner Brook
BRAKE; BlanchFdau single1914Nov
Corner Brook
BRAKE; Patrica*Fdau single1916Jan
Corner Brook
BRAKE; MarieFdau single1918Feb
Corner Brook
BRAKE; LeonardMson single1921Oct 11mCorner Brook

POWER; Thos.MHead married1892Jan 2Corner Brook
POWER; EvlynFWife married1897Nov 24Summer Side B. of I.
POWER; MaryFdau single1921Feb 7mCorner Brook

POWER; JamesMHead married1854Nov 67St. John's
POWER; AnastatiaFWife married1871Oct 50Port Saunders
POWER; RedmondMson single1890Oct 3Corner Brook
POWER; MichaelMson single1896Oct 2Corner Brook
POWER; JohnMson single1898Dec 2Corner Brook
POWER; JamesMson single1901Nov 2Corner Brook
POWER; MaryFdau single1893May 2Corner Brook

MARKS; HedleyMHead married1893Oct 2Carbonear
MARKS; MaryFWife married1894June 2Corner Brook
MARKS; JohnMson single1916Oct
Corner Brook
MARKS; Geo.Mson single1918Jan
Corner Brook
MARKS; PatrickMson single1919Sept
Corner Brook
MARKS; AnnieFdau single1918July
Corner Brook
MARKS; JuliaFdau single1921Aug 1mCorner Brook

POWER; PierceMHead single1893May 2Corner Brook
POWER; PatMbro single1889Aug 3Corner Brook
POWER; MartinMbro single1886Sept 3Corner Brook
POWER; PierceMbro single1908Oct 1Corner Brook

POWER; RedmondMHead married1887Feb 3Corner Brook
POWER; ElizabethFWife married1895May 26Petries B. of I.
POWER; CyrilMson single1920May
Corner Brook
POWER; LorettaFdau single1921July 1mCorner Brook
POWER; PatrickMbro single1897Nov 2Corner Brook

FARNELL; SamuelMHead married1879Sept 4Corner Brook
FARNELL; SarahFWife married1883Sept 38HumberMouth
FARNELL; MertleFdau single1902Nov 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; DuliceFdau single1903Apr 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; JohnMson single1906May 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; StanleyMson single1908Apr 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; ChristinaFdau single1910Apr 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; MabelFdau single1910Apr 1Corner Brook
FARNELL; AdaFdau single1912Aug
Corner Brook
FARNELL; RubyFdau single1915June
Corner Brook
FARNELL; RoseFdau single1917July
Corner Brook
FARNELL; BlanchFdau single1919Sept
Corner Brook
FARNELL; RuthFdau single1921Aug 2mCorner Brook

STEWART; JamesMHead married1855May 66Nova Scotia
STEWART; Mary J.FWife married1871Apr 50St. John's

ARNOLD; JamesMHead single1875Feb 4Corner Brook
ARNOLD; Thos.Mbro single1881Nov 4Corner Brook

ARNOLD; JohnMHead married1866May 5Corner Brook
ARNOLD; JohannaFWife married1882June 39Bottle Cove B. of I.
ARNOLD; Thos.Mson single1903June 1Corner Brook
ARNOLD; AnnieFdau single1907May 1Corner Brook
ARNOLD; FrancisFdau single1910Feb 1Corner Brook
ARNOLD; JamesMson single1911July 1Corner Brook
ARNOLD; MargaretFdau single1915Jan
Corner Brook
ARNOLD; RaymondMson single1918Jan
Corner Brook
ARNOLD; MaryFdau single1921Oct 11mCorner Brook

McCARTY; AmbroseMHead married1876June 4Corner Brook
McCARTY; MargaretFWife married1888Mar 3Curling
McCARTY; Wm.Mson single1903May 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; AmbroseMson single1904Oct 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; Thos.Mson single1918May
Corner Brook
McCARTY; AnnieFdau single1908Dec 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; MonicaFdau single1907Feb 1Corner Brook
McCARTY; Mary E.Fdau single1915Mar
Corner Brook
McCARTY; MargaretFdau single1915Oct
Corner Brook

MEANEY; JohnMHead single1881May 4Corner Brook

CALLAHAN; JoffreyMHead widower1872Apr 4Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; MariumFdau single1903Aug 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; WinnifredFdau single1905May 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; PatrickMson single1910June 1Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; FrankMson single1912May
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; NorahFdau single1918Apr
Corner Brook
CALLAHAN; BartMson single1913Mar
Corner Brook

FARNELL; CharlieMHead widower1840Nov 81Nova Scotia

KENNEDY; Thos.MHead married1876Oct 45Bay of Islands
KENNEDY; MaryFWife married1877Sept 44Bay of Islands
KENNEDY; Cathernie*Fdau single1903Aug 18Bay of Islands
KENNEDY; NormanMson single1910June 11Bay of Islands
MERCER; KateFmil widow1856Sept 65St. John's

EYEKIEL, MaryFHead Widow1862Oct 5Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, RaymondMson Single1894Nov 2Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, JohannaFdau "1897Feb 2Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, JamesMson "1906Mar 1Corner Brook

EYEKIEL, ArchibaldMHead Married1895May 2Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, MaryFWife "1897July 2Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, PeterMson Single1917Oct 4Corner Brook
EYEKIEL, MichaelMson "1919Sept 2Corner Brook

O'RIELLY, WilliamMHead Married1891May 30Sandy Point
O'RIELLY, MargretFWife "1899Dec 2Corner Brook
O'RIELLY, AmbroseMson Single1921Mar 6mtsBishop Falls

McCARTY, AmbroseMHead Married1871Sept 50Bay of Islands
McCARTY, JuliaFWife "1874Nov 47Bay of Islands
McCARTY, Ambrose A.Mson Single1901Oct 20Bay of Islands

McCARTY, JosephMHead Single1871Sept 50Labrador

MOSHER, BellaFHead Widow1875Jan 46Bay of Islands
MOSHER, LillianFdau Single1897Oct 2Corner Brook
MOSHER, MaudFdau "1901July 2Corner Brook
MOSHER, BessieFdau "1905Oct 1Corner Brook
MOSHER, DorothyFdau "1906Oct 1Corner Brook
MOSHER, HarveyMson "1909Oct 1Corner Brook
MOSHER, DameonMson "1911Jan 1Corner Brook
MOSHER, WilliamMson "1912Oct
Corner Brook
MOSHER, CampellMson "1915Oct
Corner Brook

LADEN, GeorgeMHead Married1865May 56Labrador
LADEN, AmeliaFWife "1867Sept 54Bay of Islands
LADEN, Ethel MayFdau Single1903Apr 18Bay of Islands

LADEN, John W.MHead Married1889Jan 32Bay of Islands
LADEN, Annie MayFWife "1899Sept 22Wales, England
LADEN, Mabel AlindaFdau Single1919May 2-

WALSH, FelixMHead
WALSH, ----cles

SHEPPARD; HillaireMHead M1892Aug 29Sandy Point
SHEPPARD; BridgetFwife M1895June 26Bomie? Bay
SHEPPARD; GordonMson S1920Dec 1Corner Brook

MITCHELL; JohnMHead M1897Oct 24Bomie Bay
MITCHELL; AgnusFwife M1898July 23"
MITCHELL; MonicaFdau S1915Nov 6Corner Brook
MITCHELL; NellieFdau S1918Nov 3"
MITCHELL; JeromeMson S1921June 3m."

WEBB; CharlieMHead M1883Jan 38St George's
WEBB; AliceFwife M1893Mar 28Bonnie? Bay
WEBB; RonaldMson S1912Aug 9Corner Brook
WEBB; JohnMson S1914Apr 7"
WEBB; PiusMson S1918July 3"
WEBB; IgnatiusMson S1919Nov 2"
WEBB; BridgetFdau S1916June 5"
MITCHELL; Matchew **See Errata table belowM F-I-L **See Errata Table belowW1846 June75Halle? Bay, NF

GEORGE; JohnMHead M1861May 60Carbonear
GEORGE; SarahFwife M1861Sept 60Hr. Main, NF
GEORGE; MichaelMson S1886Nov 35Bonne Bay
GEORGE; PatrickMson S1901Aug 20"

FRENCH; PeterMHead M1879Apr 42Bottle Cove, BOI
FRENCH; MaryFwife M1887June 34Bonnie Bay
FRENCH; NorahFdau S1915Jan 6Corner Brook
FRENCH; JohnMcousin S1895Aug 26Bottle Cove, BOI

HOWLEY; AnneFHead S1856Feb 65St John's
HOWLEY; JoeMA.son S1889Aug 32Summer Side, BOI

MITCHELL; MathewMHead M1891Jan 30Bomie? Bay
MITCHELL; AnnieFwife M1894Sept 27Corner Brook
MITCHELL; Mathew C.Mson S1912Sept 9"
MITCHELL; AlbertMson S1918Nov 3"
MITCHELL; EmmaFdau S1913Dec 8"
MITCHELL; LuciaFdau S1916Oct 5"


Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
MITCHELL, Matchew. Given name should be Mathew.  He was actually Brother in Law to Charlie Webb.  He married Charlie's older sister, Marie Ann Webb. Gerry Collins
BRODREK, Louis The correct spelling is Broderick. Paul Pieroway
GUSHUE Francis son of Abraham Gushue should actually be Frances daughter of Abraham. She was my grand mother. Marie (Colbourne) Normore
BUCKLE Buckle William was born Oct.04,1904; Buckle Wilfred was born April 04,1906; Buckle Samuel was born May 1908 Lloyd Buckle
LADEN / LAYDEN You have my great grandmothers last name spelled as Laden but it is spelled Layden. Amanda Penney

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