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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Cox's Cove

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYIL DUBOURDIEU, September 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
PARK, John LMHeadW1864Jan57McIvers
PARK, JamesMsonM1897June24Cox's Cove, BOI
PARK, EmilyFwifeM1898Feb23"
PARK, Wm.MsonS1894Oct19"

PARK, SamuelMHeadW1886Mar35Cox's Cove, BOI
PARK, Wm. AMsonS1910Sept11"
PARK, WilsonM"S1916Oct5"
PARK, GertrudeFdauS1908April13"
PARK, JuliaF"S1912Oct9"
PARK, MableF" S1914Nov7"

PARK, Norman MHeadM1901April20"
PARK, Annie B.FwifeM1904July17"
PARK, RaymondMsonS1921Feb6"

PARK, James J.MHeadM1878Sept48"
PARK, SarahFwifeM1878July43"
PARK, FrederickMsonS1902Sept19"
PARK, CecilM"S1914April7"

PARK, EmmaFHeadW1852Nov69Gillsons, BOI

PARK, RichardMHeadM1886Sept35Middle Arm, BOI
PARK, EmmaFwifeM1891May30Port au Basques
PARK, HaroldMsonS1911July10Cox's Cove, BOI
PARK, John M.M"S1913July8"
PARK, EthelFdauS1915Sept6"
PARK, CyrilMsonS1909Dec12"

BALDWIN, AlbertMHeadM1891Sept40Labrador, Nfld
BALDWIN, ElizabethFwifeM1888Feb33Child's Cove, BOI
BALDWIN, Hayward MsonS1915Nov6Cox's Cove, BOI
BALDWIN, GilbertM"S1919May2"

NOSEWORTHY, SolomonMHeadM1882Dec33"
NOSEWORTHY, MaryFwifeM1887Oct32"
NOSEWORTHY, MariumFdauS1911Nov10"
NOSEWORTHY, ElsieF"S1913Aug8"
NOSEWORTHY, OliveF"S1915May6"
NOSEWORTHY, BasilMsonS1917May4"
NOSEWORTHY, EileenFdauS1918Dec3"

NOSEWORTHY, JamesMHeadM1859Nov62"
NOSEWORTHY, Mary A.FwifeM1865Sept56Cox's Cove, BOI
NOSEWORTHY, WilliamMsonS1893Oct28"
NOSEWORTHY, JamesM"S1905Oct26"
NOSEWORTHY, JacobM"S1902Oct19"

NOSEWORTHY, AlexanderMHeadM1999Sept22"
NOSEWORTHY, FrancisFwifeM1999Sept22"
NOSEWORTHY, HildaFdauS1920June15"

COXS?, JohnMHeadM1859Sept62"
COXS?, AnestatiaFwifeM1813May48"

GAVIN, AbrahamMHeadM1898Nov23"
GAVIN, GertrudeFwifeM1899July22"
PATEY, PatrickMboarderS1867Jan54Port Saunders

WELLS, Sandy MHeadM1846Aug75Cox's Cove, BOI
WELLS, CatherineFwifeM1859July62"
WELLS, Leah FdauS1898Nov23"
WELLS, BessieF"S1902May19"
WELLS, ViolaF"S1920July20"

WELLS, JohnMHeadW1893April28"
WELLS, JohnMsonS1916Feb5"
WELLS, HazelFdauS1918Jan3"
WELLS, Leah F"S1919Jan2"

JOICE, RobertMHeadW1887Oct34Lark Hr., BOI
JOICE, Sarah FdauS1880Nov4Mc Ivers, BOI
JOICE, Gordon MsonS1912July9Cox's Cove, BOI
JOICE, EmilyFdauS1909Aug12"
JOICE, Sarah F"S1916Dec5"

COX, George MHeadM1862Sept59Nfld Labrador
COX, DianaFwifeM1875Jan46Mc Ivers, BOI
COX, LeslieMsonS1911Jan10Cox's Cove, BOI

EARLE, ArthurMHeadM1876Nov45Trinity, Nfld
EARLE, Lillian FwifeM1878Nov43"
EARLE, ArthurMsonS1898July23St. John's, Nfld
EARLE, WilliamM"S1903Jan18Sydney, C.B.
EARLE, JohnMsonS1915Nov6Cox's Cove, BOI
EARLE, DorrisFdauS1905Oct16"
EARLE, LillianF"S1910Dec11Sydney, C.B.

BALDWIN, EdwardMHeadW1883April38Nfld Labrador
BALDWIN, StellaFdauS1905Feb16Cox's Cove, BOI
BALDWIN, Ed MsonS1906Nov15"
BALDWIN, WaltorM"S1909May12"
BALDWIN, WilsonM"S1912July9"
BALDWIN, KennethM"S1913July8"
BALDWIN, Naomi FdauS1911Aug11"
BALDWIN, GeorginaF"S1916Dec5"

PARK, MatthewMHeadM1871June50Mc Ivers, BOI
PARK, ElizabethFwifeM1861May60Bay of Islands
PARK, Simon MHeadM1897Aug24Brake's Cove, BOI
PARK, Emma FwifeM1899Dec22"
PARK, JamesMsonS1907Oct14"
PARK, Mary FdauS1901Dec20"
PARK, Roland MsonS1988Dec3"

BALDWIN, JohnMHeadW1874Feb49Nfld Labrador
BALDWIN, Caroline FdauS1897Feb24Frenchman's Cove, BOI
BALDWIN, MaudM"S1904April17Cox's Cove, BOI
BALDWIN, John J.MsonS1905Dec16"

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