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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Frenchman's Cove

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
?????eene; AlonzoMBoarderSingle1891 Aug30Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; Wm.MHeadMarried1869 Sept52Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; EdithFWifeMarried1864 June57Codroy
LAFRANK; BenjaminMHeadSingle1881 Nov40Codroy
COMPAGNON; JamesMHeadMarried1888 Mar 33Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; SarahFWifeMarried1897 Nov24Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; Wm.MSonSingle1914 Sept7Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; GeorgeMSonSingle1915 Sept6Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; LeonaMSonSingle1917 July4Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; RolandMSonSingle1918 Oct3Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; MayFDauSingle1921? ? ?Bay Of Islands
My note; Leona above was female dau.
STICKLAND; AlexMHeadMarried1881 Sept40Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; EdithFWifeMarried18?? Aug??Codroy
STICKLAND; Edith MFDauSingle1909 Mar12Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; SylusMSonSingle1911 Apr10Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; CyrilMSonSingle1913 ???8Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; JohnMSonSingle1914 Sept7Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; GeorgeMSonSingle1917 Sept4Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; LauraFDauSingle1918 ???3Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; AlexMSonSingle1921 Jan1mthBay Of Islands
STICKLAND; JamesMHeadMarried1877 Nov44Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; LucyFWifeMarried1880 June40Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; JohnMSonSingle1900 Apr21Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; W. H.MSonSingle1902 Mar19Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; George AMSonSingle1904 Nov17Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; W. S.MSonSingle1908 Mar13Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; MaryFDauSingle1912 Feb9Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; PhobeFDauSingle1914 July7Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; JosephMSonSingle1917 Feb4Bay Of Islands
PARK; AmosMHeadMarried1860 Mar61Bay Of Islands
PARK; MaryFWifeMarried1874 Feb47Bay Of Islands
PARK; RobertMHeadMarried1893 Apr28Bay Of Islands
PARK; Lilly MFWifeMarried1899 Dec22Bay Of Islands
PARK; ???FDauSingle1917 Apr4Bay Of Islands
PARK; AlonzoMSonSingle1919 Feb2Bay Of Islands
PARK; John WMHeadMarried1899 Oct22Bay Of Islands
PARK; Ellen JaneFWifeMarried1903 Dec18Bay Of Islands
PARK; Mary EFDauSingle1921 ???Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; HenryMHeadMarried1839 June82Dorchestor
BROCKWAY; ????FWifeMarried1841 Mar80Codroy
BROCKWAY; AlfredMSonMarried1880 Sept41Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; WilfredMG SonSingle1916 Apr5Bay Of Islands
BALDWIN; CarryFServantSingle1903 Sept18Bay Of Islands

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Bay of Islands District