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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Goose Arm

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, September 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
WHITE, Geo.MHeadM1881Aug40Notre Dame Bay
WHITE, Martha FwifeM1884Feb37Green Bay
WHITE, Garland MsonS1907May14Notre Dame Bay
WHITE, HerbertM"S1914Sept7"
WHITE, DorothyFdauS1910Sept11"
WHITE, Winifred F"S1918Dec3"

LUSCOMBE, LouisMHeadM1990July31"
LUSCOMBE, CharlotteFwifeM1894Dec27Twillingate, Nfld
LUSCOMBE, KatieFdauS1917Dec4"

BRENTON, JosephMHeadM1870June51"
BRENTON, KatieFwifeM1864July57Twillingate, Nfld
BRENTON, EllenFdauS1894Oct23Notre Dame Bay

SNOOKS, HenryMHeadW1886Aug35Bonne Bay
SNOOKS, WilliamMsonS1903Feb18Grand Falls

JANES, JamesMHeadM1875Apr46Twillingate, Nfld
JANES, CarolineFwifeM1886Feb35Flower's Cove, Nfld
JANES, Willie **See Errata Table belowMsonS1906May15"
JANES, JoshuaM"S1907Oct14"
JANES, Geo. W.**See Errata Table belowM"S1908Oct13"
JANES, Eli **See Errata Table belowM"S1912Aug9"
JANES, Robert **See Errata Table belowM"S1913Oct8"
JANES, Walter **See Errata Table belowM"S1919Nov2Green Bay
JANES, Eliza FdauS1910Oct11Flower's Cove
JANES, Martha **See Errata Table belowF"S1914Nov7Green Bay
JANES, Viola F"S1916Sept5"
JANES, Frederick **See Errata Table belowMsonS1918July3"

PENNEY, JohnMHeadM1885Dec36Summerside, BOI
PENNEY, EmmaFwifeM1893April28Coal River, BOI
PENNEY, AdaFdauS1911May10Summerside, BOI
PENNEY, ElizaF"S1912Jan9Curling
PENNEY, ConstanceF"S1914Jan7Summerside, BOI
PENNEY, John R.MsonS1917April4Curling
PENNEY, BernardM"S1920Nov10Goose Arm, BOI

PENNEY, Thos.MHeadM1886July35Summerside, BOI
PENNEY, DoraFwifeM1886July35Coos? County, USA
PENNEY, Dorothy FdauS1915July6Winnipeg, Canada
PENNEY, LenoraF"S1919Oct2"
PENNEY, LeslieMsonS1916Aug5"

WELLS, Sandy MHeadM1881Dec40Innismara, BOI
WELLS, Mary FwifeM1886Oct35Port au Port
WELLS, WilliamMsonS1909Dec11Goose Arm
WELLS, HildaMdauS1912April9"
WELLS, Wallace MsonS1916Sept5"
WELLS, ClydeM"S1918Nov3Cox's Cove, BOI

HENRY, JohnMHeadM1843Aug78Nova Scotia
HENRY, LucieFwifeM1852Oct64Relligrews, Nfld

MURRAN, WilliamMHeadM1894Jan27Conception Bay
MURRAN, JessieFwifeM1901Jan20Meadows, BOI
MURRAN, William J.MsonS1917Jan4Goose Arm, BOI
MURRAN, Kenneth M"S1920Jan1"

PARK, Geo.MHeadM1879Feb42Cox's Cove, BOI
PARK, Mary FwifeM1876Nov45"
PARK, Gordon MsonS1914Jan7Goose Arm, BOI
PARK, JamesM"S1917Apr4"
PARK, Lucie FdauS1910Nov11"
PARK, MaryF"S1912May9"
PARK, Israel MsonS1902Apr19"
PARK, WilliamM"S1921May4"

LUSCOMBE, Thos. MHeadM1854Sept67Herring Neck
LUSCOMBE, SusanneFwifeM1881Aug40Flower's Cove
LUSCOMBE, LeddieFdauS1920Oct11Goose Arm
JOICE, Thos. MsonS1905Sept16Lark Harbour
JOICE, Samuel M"S1909June12"

MANUELS, WilsonMHeadM1889June34Loon Bay, Nfld
MANUELS, Mary A. FwifeM1886Apr34England
MANUELS, Margerie FdauS1918Aug18Loon Bay, Nfld
MANUELS, DoreenF"S1920Aug1BOI

MANUELS, SydneyMHeadM1901Apr20Loon? Bay, Nfld
MANUELS, Arthur MbroS1896Aug25"
MANUELS, Jane FmotherW1854Aug67Twillingate

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
JANES Family of James JANES :
Willie Janes should be Willis Janes;
Geo. W. Janes should be George N. Janes;
Eli Janes should be Philip E Janes;
Robert Janes should be Robert R. Janes;
Walter Janes should be Ronald W. Janes;
Martha Janes should be Kathleen M. Janes;
Frederick Janes should be Fredora Janes sex should be changed to F, relationship should be daughter and not son. 
James & Caroline Janes are my grandparents.
Karl Janes
PENNEY Dora Penney, wife of Thomas Penney, was born in North Dakota, USA. Miranda Strickland

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