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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Halfway Point

These census pages were underexposed and very hard to transcribe.
Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
GREEN; MaryFDausingle1908,Oct13Bay of Islands
GREEN; Cecilia?FDausingle1910,Feb11Bay of Islands
GREEN; Chesly?Msonsingle1902,Jan19Bay of Islands

VARDY; JosephMHeadMarried1886,June35Bay of Islands
VARDY; BauahFwifeMarried1893,Dec28Bay of Islands
VARDY; MargaretFDausingle1912,Oct9Bay of Islands
VARDY; S--lisFDausingle1913,Apr8Bay of Islands
VARDY; IgnatiusMsonsingle1915,May6Bay of Islands
VARDY; BridgetFDausingle1917,Oct4Bay of Islands
VARDY; Les?Msonsingle1919,May2Bay of Islands
VARDY; Maxeine?FDausingle1920,July1Bay of Islands

POLLIS; JohnMHeadMarried1858,Sept 63Codroy
POLLIS; MeusaFwifeMarried1867,Aug54Hr. Grace
POLLIS; BeatrieFDausingle1898,Aug23Bay of Islands
POLLIS; JosephMsonsingle1903,Jan18Bay of Islands
POLLIS; JamesMsonsingle1904,Dec17Bay of Islands
POLLIS; JohnMsonsingle1900,Nov21Bay of Islands
POLLIS; KatieFDausingle1905,Dec16Bay of Islands
POLLIS; Mona?FDausingle1905,Dec16Bay of Islands
POLLIS; NellieFDausingle1909,May12Bay of Islands

POLLIS; FrankMHeadMarried1872,Mar49Bay of Islands
POLLIS; BerthaFwifeMarried1889,Feb32Bay of Islands

VARDY; Mark?MHeadwidower1848,Nov73Bay of Islands
VARDY; FrancisFDausingle1895,Feb26Bay of Islands
VARDY; MarkMsonsingle1890,Nov31Bay of Islands

VARDY; Wm.MHeadwidower1853,Sept68Bay of Islands
VARDY; M.P.Msonsingle1906,July15Bay of Islands
VARDY; AliceFDausingle1903,Apr18Bay of Islands

DONAHUE; AndrewMHeadMarried1882,Oct39Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; MaryFwifeMarried1887,June34Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; ArthurMsonsingle1908,Sept13Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; FrancisMsonsingle1909,Mar12Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; MargaretFDausingle1911,Feb10Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; Annie MFDausingle1914,June7Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; James WMsonsingle1916,Sept5Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; PhilominaFdausingle1920Jan?1Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; Andrew BMsonsingle1921,Apr5mBay of Islands

DONAHUE; JamesMHeadMarried1885,Aug36Bay of Islands
DONAHUE; J----deFwifeMarried1896,Sept25Bay of Islands

DONAHUE; JamesMHeadMarried1844?June77?Waterford? ---? --
DONAHUE; MatildaFwifeMarried1845,---76Bay of islands

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