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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - John's Beach

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
COMPAGNON; JohnMHeadMarried1865 May55Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; AliceFWifeMarried1875 Dec46Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; JohnMSonSingle1896 Dec25Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; W HMSonSingle1903 June18Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; EllenFHeadWidow1856 Aug67Burnt Island
COMPAGNON; GeorgeMSonSingle1893 Sept28Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; HaroldMSonSingle1904 Mar17Bay Of Islands
COMPAGNON; HazelFDauSingle1907 Aug14Bay Of Islands
COMPANON; HenryMHeadMarried1856 Aug65Bay Of Islands
COMPANON; MaryFWifeMarried1866 Mar55Burgeo
DERRIGAN; ????MHeadMarried1891 Sept30Bay Of Islands
DERRIGAN; RosieFWifeMarried1899 Apr22Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Joseph HMHeadMarried1869 Apr52St George's
DENIS; Mary CFWifeMarried1875 Apr46Bay Of Islands
DENIS; JosephMSonSingle1897 July24Bay Of Islands
DENIS; ArthurMSonSingle1902 Nov19Bay Of Islands
DENIS; AugustusMSonSingle1904 July17Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Albert LMSonSingle1906 June15Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Frank WMSonSingle1909 Dec12Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Herbert GMSonSingle1911 May10Bay Of Islands
DENIS; LeslieMSonSingle1913 July8Bay Of Islands
DENIS; MayFDauSingle1916 Nov5Bay Of Islands
DENIS; John LMHeadSingle1879 Aug42Bay Of Islands
DENIS; IsaacMHeadMarried1875 Dec46St George's
DENIS; EllenFWifeMarried1879 Dec42Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; Charles FMSonSingle1899 Oct22Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; Thomas PMSonSingle1900 Aug21Bay Of Islands
DENIS; John AMSonSingle1903 Mar18Bay Of Islands
DENIS; George SMSonSingle1904 Sept16Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Maud MFDauSingle1909 Dec12Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Jessie LFDauSingle1909 Dec12Bay Of Islands
DENIS; Wm IMSonSingle1914 May7Bay Of Islands

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
DENNIS Your record of the 1921 Census Lists families of the name Dennis and Denis. All of these names should be spelt Dennis. They all belong to the same family. Bill Dennis

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