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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Penguin Arm

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, May 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
HALL, Joseph MHeadW1867June54Codroy
HALL, PaulMsonS1895Nov26Cape St. George
HALL, Jos.M"S1898Dec23"
HALL, WilliamM"S1900July21"
HALL, FrancisM"S1902Sept19"
HALL, BenjaminM"S1904Oct17"
HALL, HerbertM"S1908June13"
HALL, Mary FdauS1905July16"
HALL, BridgetF"S1914Dec7"

CLARKE, WilliamMHeadM1864July57Trinity Bay
CLARKE, SarahFwifeM1870Nov51Flat Island, Placentia?
CLARKE, Ruben MsonS1890July31""
CLARKE, Robert M"S1893,Dec28Lark Harbour, BOI
CLARKE, JohnM"S1896Oct25Bomb Bay
CLARKE, Henry M"S1903,July18"
CLARKE, Mary L.FdauS1900Oct21"

WHITE, Geo. MHeadM1837Nov84Conception Bay
WHITE, Mary A. FwifeM1864July51Chimney Cove
WHITE, Mary FdauS1906July15Cow Head

WELLS; ArthurMHeadM1871Sept50Trinity Bay
WELLS; MaryFwifeM1871Sept54Fortune Bay
WELLS; Amelia FdauS1904May17St. John's, NF
WELLS; Gordon MsonS1905Jan16"
WELLS; EdmundM"S1908Feb13"
WELLS; FlorenceFdauS1916Feb5Penguin Arm, BOI

WELLS; James A. MHeadM1880Sept41Innissmara, BOI
WELLS; MaryFwifeM1878Aug43Frenchman's Cove
WELLS; AlbertMsonS1901Nov20"
WELLS; Frederick M"S1903Feb18"
WELLS; JamesM"S1909Feb12"
WELLS; Ed M"S1915Nov6Goose Arm, BOI
WELLS; Ethel FdauS1911June10"
WELLS; AliceF"S1913July8"
WELLS; MarthaF"S1917Jan4Penguin Arm, BOI

HOWLETT; William MHeadM1887July34Cow Head, B. Bay
HOWLETT; SophieFwifeM1888Nov33Stephenville
HOWLETT; Thos.MsonS1914June7Woods Island
HOWLETT; Ralph M"S1916Nov5"
HOWLETT; Lowell M"S1918Feb3Penguin Arm, BOI
HOWLETT; PatrickM"S1921Nov5"

PERRY; WilliamMHeadM1874July47Bonne Bay
PERRY; AmeliaFwifeM1883Nov38Robinsons
PERRY; Geo.MsonS1911April 10Penguin Arm
PERRY; EloydM"S1916Jan5"
PERRY; Robert M"S1919Nov2Innissmara, BOI
PERRY; CheslieM"S1910Oct11Curling
PERRY; LorettaFdauS1909Nov12Innissmara, BOI
PERRY; FlossieF"S1914July7"

SCOTT; LambertMHeadM1872May49Fortune Bay
SCOTT; AnnieFwifeM1893June28Lark Harbour, BOI
SCOTT; ArchelleMsonS1916Jan5Innissmara, BOI
SCOTT; Geo. M"S1918June3Penguin Arm, BOI
SCOTT; MaryFdauS1913April8Coxs Cove

WILLIAMS; JohnMHeadM1854Sept67Fortune Bay
WILLIAMS; JosephMsonS1902Oct19Innissmara
WILLIAMS; Samuel M"S1905Dec16"
WILLIAMS; ElizabethFdauS1909Oct12"
SAUNDERS; MaryFrelativeW1883Sept38Chamel, Nfld
SAUNDERS; Geo. MsonS1903May18Innissmara
SAUNDERS; JohnM"S1910Oct11Fortune Bay
SAUNDERS; EvelineFdauS1913Dec8"
SAUNDERS; GladysF"S1917Oct4Grand Bank

CRANE; MatthewMHeadM1896June25Flowers Cove
CRANE; SarahFwifeW1865Feb56"

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
Wells, Mary born 1871 age in 1921 is 54, does not add up. Joyce Hynes

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