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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Voy's Beach

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
BAYLEY; SamuelMHeadMarried1898 Nov23Bay Of Islands
BAYLEY; EmmaFWifeMarried1896 May25Bay Of Islands
MORGAN; Edith PFDauSingle1908 Dec13Bay Of Islands
BAYLEY; ThomasMHeadMarried1882 Sept39Bay Of Islands
BAYLEY; RosannaFWifeMarried1893 ???28Burgeo
BAYLEY; John SMSonSingle1917 Sept4Bay Of Islands
BAYLEY; Mary EFDauSingle1914 Aug7Bay Of Islands
PARK; GeorgeMHeadMarried??? ????Bay Of Islands
PARK; JaneFWifeMarried1876 Nov45Bay Of Islands
PARK; John SMSonSingle1911 July10Bay Of Islands
PARK; George SMSonSingle1914 Aug7Bay Of Islands
PARK; James RMHeadMarried1866 Jan55Bay Of Islands
PARK; RosieFWifeMarried1872 Oct49Bay Of Islands
PARK; WmMSonSingle1901 ???20Bay Of Islands
PARK; George AMSonSingle1897 July24Bay Of Islands
PARK; JessieFDauSingle1903 Sept18Bay Of Islands
PARK; MaryFDauSingle1908 Oct13Bay Of Islands
PARK; WhiliminaFDauSingle1910 Feb11Bay Of Islands
PARK; AngusMSonSingle1914 Nov7Bay Of Islands
PARK; JamesMHeadMarried1893 Nov28Bay Of Islands
PARK; AnnieFWifeMarried1893 Mar28Bay Of Islands
PARK; J MFDauSingle1919 Aug2Bay Of Islands
PARK; Annie MFDauSingle1921 Oct6mthBay Of Islands
PARSONS; GeorgeMHeadMarried1882 July39Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; EmmaFWifeMarried1888 Apr33Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; BessieFDauSingle1907 Apr14Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; John RMSonSingle1909 Jan12Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; George MMSonSingle1911 Dec10Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; H WMSonSingle1914 May7Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; SophiaFDauSingle1916 Sept5Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; J AMSonSingle1918 Aug3Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; EllenFMotherWidow1838 Jan83Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; Wm HMHeadMarried1876 Apr45Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; Mary AFWifeMarried1889 June32Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; ArthurMSonSingle1911 Aug10Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; W EMSonSingle1913 Apr9Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; JessieFDauSingle1916 May5Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; May EFDauSingle1918 May3Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; VeraFDauSingle1920 ??1Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; John RMHeadMarried???Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; ElizabethFWifeMarried1898 ?? 23Bonne Bay
PARSONS; Ellen BFDauSingle1919 ??2Bay Of Islands
PARSONS; Mary GFDauSingle1920 June1Bay Of Islands

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
PARSONS Th family of George Parsons contains the mother of Emma Compagnon. Her name was Ellen Rendell and she was born in Burnt Islands. This is my Great Grand Mother.She is the widow of Michael Compagnon born in 1857. Kevin Barnes

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