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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Woman Cove

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, February, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
CRANE; SamuelMHeadM1894June27Flowers Cove
CRANE; RodaFwifeM1891Jan29Lark Harbour, BOI
CRANE; MaryFdauS1911Nov9Woman Cove
CRANE; AnnieFdauS1918Oct3"
CRANE; BerthaFdauS1921Aug1m."

JOICE; JamesMHeadM1864Mar57Placentia, NF
JOICE; SarahFwifeM1872June49?Voyes Beach, BOI
JOICE; RachelFdauS1890May31Lark Hr, BOI
JOICE; Cecileia?FdauS1897Jan24"
JOICE; CarolineFdauS1903June18"
JOICE; MargaretFdauS1905May16"
JOICE; GladysFdauS1911May10Cox's Cove, BOI
JOICE; Wm.MbrotherS1861Jan60????? Placentia

WHYNOT; JosephMHeadM1859May62Port Midway, NS.
WHYNOT; AliceFwifeM1895Mar26Bay de Norde, FB.
WHYNOT; CharlieMsonS1917May4Woman Cove
WHYNOT; John JoeMsonS1918Oct3"
WHYNOT; JamesMsonS1921Apr4m."

WILLIAMS; CharlesMHeadM1859May62Wood Island, Placenta?
WILLIAMS; MaryFwifeM1872May49P.E.I.
WILLIAMS; PeterMsonS1891Sept31Bay De Norde
WILLIAMS; AlexanderMsonS1903Sept18Port au Port
WILLIAMS; CharlesMsonS1912Jan9Woman Cove, BOI
WILLIAMS; SophieFdauS1908May13Penguin Arm, BOI
WILLIAMS; AnnieFdauS1911Feb11"
WILLIAMS; HenerettaFdauS1914July7"

WILLIAMS; RichardMHeadM1893May28Bay De Norde
FLETT; JosephMboarderS1893Aug28Scotland
WILLIAMS; EmilyFwifeM1898June23Immismara, BOI
WILLIAMS; JohnMsonS1914Feb7Penguin Arm, BOI
WILLIAMS; Wm.MsonS1917Dec4"

WILLIAMS; Wm.MHeadM1899Dec22Immismara, BOI
WILLIAMS; MaryFwifeM1898Apr23St Pierre

MARTIN; JosephMHeadM1894May27Green Bay, NF
MARTIN; EmilyFwifeM1901Mar20St Pierre
MARTIN; WinifredFdauS1919Jan2Green Bay
MARTIN; FreadrickMsonS1921Apr4m.Woman Cove

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Bay of Islands District