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Curling - Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Death Records, 1920 - 1944

These records were transcribed by WANDA QUILTY, July 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, may be typographical errors.
Name Age Death Date Parents or Spouse Buried
Norman White; Benoits Cove24January 1William & Emma

Mrs. Nora Meaney; Corner Brook78January 25

Matt Rumbolt; Corner Brook4 daysMarch 1

Margaret Dunne; Humbermouth20March 17Jerry Dunne
Margaret Power & Baby; Corner Brook35March 24Wife of Martin Power
Mary Teresa Griffen; Curling1April 2

Alfred White; McCarthys2 hoursDecember 14James & Mary White
Baby Lynch; Petries1December 15Of JohnMt. Cecilia
Patrick J. O'Connell2 hoursDecember 30Of Patrick O'Connell
Gertrude Staples; Upper Curling2 monthsMarchOf Sarah StaplesMt. Cecilia
James Furlong Sr.; Cooks Brook73April 5BachelorMt. Cecilia
Mrs Ellen Brake; 3rd Order Curling32May 28Wife of John BrakeMt. Cecilia
Anne Howley; Corner Brook91May 30Widow
Baby Brake1 dayMay 29Of Ralph Brake
Elizabeth Donoghue15April 17Daughter of Andrew
Micheal Sheehan; Benoits Cove58April 15Married
Patrick Ezekiel; Corner Brook3January 10

Stephen Callaghan; Corner Brook2 weeksJuly 29Of William
Teresa Kennedy; Upper Curling82August 4WidowMt. Cecilia
Mary Ann Rumbolt; 3rd Order Curling38June 12Wife of JohnMt. Cecilia
Robert Dunne; Corner Brook81
MarriedCorner Brook
Matthew Dunne; Petries80

Salmon Bay, Labrador
John Hayes; Petries18
Of JohnMt. Cecilia
John Boland; Curling24August 21Of MauriceMt. Cecilia
Lilian Kelly; Petries7
Of CharlesMt. Cecilia
Alex Kelly; Petries15 months
Of Charles
Babies Meaney (2); Petries

Of BrianMt. Cecilia
Fred Mc Alister; Petries1
Of James
Matthew Mitchell; Corner Brook77

John Callahan; Corner Brook47November 20
Corner Brook
Felix Anthony McCarthy; McCarthys9 months
Of John WilliamMt. Cecilia
Mary Power; Corner Brook7 monthsOctober 4Thomas & EvelynCorner Brook
Rita Kennedy; Irishtown3 monthsDecember 13Of GeorgeMt. Cecilia
Bridget Christopher; Summerside86November 23WidowMt. Cecilia
Margaret Hackett; McCarthys2December 15Of Captain James & Martha George
Peter Canning1
Of John Canning
Mrs. Jane Mc Carthy76January 8
Corner Brook
Richard Riles; Convert30March 3Henry Riles and Sadie PetipasMt. Cecilia
Joseph Coleman77March 5
Mt. Cecilia
Mary Tarbett1 monthMarch 18John Tarbett and Bridget ByrneMt. Cecilia
Josephine Griffen1 dayMay 9Israel Griffen and Nora ReddyMt. Cecilia
James Walsh74May 15
Mt. Cecilia
Mary Josesphine Gallant68May 27WidowBenoits Cove
Albert and Eugenie Buckle1 dayApril 27Albert & Eugenie BuckleCorner Brook
John Mitchell1 day
Of John MitchellCorner Brook
Rose Rivelles15April 10
Benoits Cove
Frances Ashman55November 13
Mt. Cecilia
Ambrose McCarthy19December 8Redmond McCarthyCorner Brook
Timothy Duhart28December 8Lucy (Mitchell)DuhartCorner Brook
Anne Lynch67September 16James LynchMt. Cecilia
Puis & Monica Callaghan1 dayMay 4William Callahan & B. DunneCorner Brook
Raphael Quigley1August 29Alfred QuigleyMt. Cecilia
Frank Quigley2September 1Alfred QuigleyMt. Cecilia
Florence Byrne8 monthsSeptember 6John ByrneMt. Cecilia
Thomas Connoly3 monthsApril 27Rd Connely and Rita WalshCorner Brook
Gertrude Dunne; Humbermouth25April 19Jeremy Dunne fatherSalmon Bay, Labrador
Mrs. Edward Dunne57April 27Edward DunneSalmon Bay, Labrador
Baby Mc Carthy
FebruaryOf NichlasMt. Cecilia
Anastasia Kennedy72May 28Of William KennedyMt. Cecilia
George Hilliard67May 3BachelorMt. Cecilia
Herbert Carter45October
Mt. Cecila
Martin G. Janes6 monthsNovember 4Charles Janes and Kate PerryBenoits Cove
Elizabeth Canning2 daysJune 12Peter CanningMt. Cecilia
Jeffrey Callaghan43June 22Drowned in HumbermouthCorner Brook
Patrick Mc Carthy22December 8Redmond and AnastatiaCorner Brook
James Power77May 27
Corner Brook
Captain Joseph Hackett45January 2
Drowned on Donald Silver At Sea
Frank Lynch19April 29John Lynch and Johanna WhelanCorner Brook
Thomas Penney10June 16Of John accidentally shotCorner Brook
Leo Penney10 monthsAugust 5Of JohnCorner Brook
Edward Alph. Barry8 monthsApril 17
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs Catherine Hearn44August 18Of William HearnMt. Cecilia
Mrs. Nelson Gillam33October 1Dau of George AndersonMt. Cecilia
Mrs. Cecilia Maynard41October 3Of Henry MaynardMt. Cecilia
Thomas Hanty77October 5Of Amelia HantyMt. Cecilia
James Joseph Dormody1 1/2October 15Dan Dormody and Ann LynchBenoits Cove
Philip Meaney64October 13Mrs. Catherine MeaneyCorner Brook
Leo Callaghan2 mthsOctober 18Wm. Callaghan and B. DunneCorner Brook
Emanuel Eldridge84October 19
Benoits Cove
John Barriault10July 5Of Peter BarriaultMt. Cecilia
Thomas Maher78August 28Isabella MaherMt. Cecilia
Mrs. Anastasia McCarthy55August 15Of Redmond McCarthyCorner Brook
Joan Brake1 1/2July 15John Brake and Josephine LewisMt. Cecilia
Charles Janes79June 19
Benoits Cove
Patrick Canning 1September 8John Canning and A. PiccoMt. Cecilia
Joseph Basha1 mthAugust 27Simon and Annie BashaBenoits Cove
Albert and Eugine Buckle1 dayApril 25Albert BuckleCorner Brook
Elizabeth WhiteSummerside84April 27Widow Mt. Cecilia
James Dunne18August 8Jeremiah DunneCorner Brook
William Piercey61May 25
Mt. Cecilia
James and John Webster4 hrsJuly 31Mary WebsterCorner Brook
Thomas Kennedy3 yrs 11 mthsNovember 12Edward Kennedy and Margaret BrakeMt. Cecilia
Rita Maynard8 mthsNovember 14Henry Maynard and Cecilia WhiteMt. Cecilia
John O'Brien21May 16Accident Hr CanalCape Broyle
William FitzGerald54August 25
St. John's
Pat Lee18October 9Killed by dinkey engineRiverheadSt. Mary's
Denis O'Neil19April 20
RiverheadSt. Mary's
Mrs. Kendall50November 27Deer LakeSt. George's
Mrs. Donaghue74December 31James DonoghueBenoits Cove
Mary Canning1 dayDecember 31Peter and Kate CanningMcCarthy's
Thomas Dobin19
James Dobin and Annie RumboltMt. Cecilia
Angela Young48February 7General Hospital St. John'sCorner Brook
Madeline Allan17April 27Mrs. L. RafyuokiCorner Brook
Mrs. Kenney43April 28Thomas KennedyMt. Cecilia
John Marshall42May 3
Mt. Cecilia
William Burke84July 24
Corner Brook
Mrs. Kenneth Young26September 6Typhoid FeverCorner Brook
William Hutchings64September 23
Corner Brook
Joseph Ruth48September 25AccidentMt. Cecilia
Maurice McCarthy12 mthsOctober 2Nicholas McCarthy and Cecilia BealesMcCarthy's
Catherine Ogden52October 6John OgdenCorner Brook
Mary L. O'Neil5 mthsDecember 4Patrick O'NeilCorner Brook
Mary Hackett19December 4Captain Joseph Hackett - FatherMt. Cecilia
Stephen Green21January 21CancerHalfway Point
William TraceyCurling East
February 4

Mrs. Hackett
February 5Of Captain J HackettMcCarthy's
James FinnCurling East
February 10Accidental
Peter J. Barriault42February 12Heart TroubleMt. Cecilia
Mary P. Dunphy6 mths
Alex Dunphy and Isabelle McLellanMt. Cecilia
Mrs. Duggan55June 4TyphoidMt. Cecilia

Benoits Cove
Mary Ann Buckle4 mthsDecember 30Albert and A BuckleCorner Brook
John Piercey60August 15
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. M. E. Boland53November 5Of Maurice BolandMt. Cecilia
Johanna Janes34November 21Charles JanesBenoits Cove
Garvase Bourgeois6 mthsDecember 20Frank Bourgeois and Harrett WhiteMt. Cecilia
George Anderson66March 2
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. S. Collins79February 9
Mt. Cecilia
Paul Mershum33March 23
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. J. McCarthy63April 17
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. T. Quigley83 July 15
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. E. Meshum74October 25
Mt. Cecilia
Willy Canning1 1/2September 14
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Mildred Curnew23October 7
Mt. Cecilia
Cyril Curnew11 mthsOctober 10
Mt. Cecilia
Mark Vardy78August 20
Mt. Cecilia
Polly Griffen

Harold Wheeler 21August 23Killed at Corner BrookBenoits Cove
Elizabeth Meaney
May 17
Mt. Cecilia
Chistina Peircey
July 31Robert PierceyMt. Cecilia
John Lynch56October 2
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Sheppard74October 19
Benoits Cove
Joseph Neary57November 20
John Thistle
January 1
Mt. Cecilia
James Wells

Mrs. Buckle

Johanna Buckle

Mrs. Lewis

Alonzo Jesseau20June 27James JesseauBenoits Cove
Mrs. Mary White24September 12Walter WhiteBenoits Cove
F. Benard19November 20
Woods Island


Leah Canning4December 9Charles CanningMt. Cecilia
James Sheppard26December 11
Benoits Cove
Clara Rockett60June 10Of William RockettMt. Cecilia
Mary Elizabeth Benard48December 11
Woods Island
James Roche84January 5
Mt. Cecilia
Lawrence McAlister79February 8
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Gev. Terry

Christopher Pike10 daysJanuary 27
Woods Island
William O'Connell
March 6
Woods Island

Woods Island
Maurice E. Boland67February 10
Mt. Cecilia
Henry Gallant73February 20
Woods Island
Mary Gash3 yrs 4 mthsAugust 6James Gash and Anne HartryMt. Cecilia
Mark Leonard25September 4T.B.Woods Island
Josephine Thistle2 September 7Francis Thistle Halfway Point
Rumbolt4 daysSeptember 22Illigitimate-Theresa RumboltMt. Cecilia
Edward Doromody95October 12
Benoits Cove
Winnie Kehoe
October 16
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Sheehan95October 26CancerMt. Cecilia
Luke Chafe81December 15

P. Companion60December 15T.B.Woods Island
Theresa Joyce1 dayDecember 23
Mt. Cecilia
Eugenie Wells (Eaves)75January 10
Benots Cove
Mrs. Mary Dormody80March 26
Benoits Cove
William French31June 22
Benoits Cove
Thomas Kennedy20April 3
Stephen Rowsell9 mthsMay 15
Mt. Cecilia
Jane Terry61February 1

John Battcock83May 17
Mt. Cecilia
Agnes Byrne18July 5
William Keough

William Wayson81November 14
Benoits Cove
W. Boland20 daysOctober 29
Mt. Cecilia
Thomas Quigley23October 17
Mary Whynott16December 17
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Emma Piercey28August 7
R. O'Quinn4 mthsSeptember 13
Mt. Cecilia
James McHugh63October 8
Mt. Cecilia

James White1 hrJanuary 21James White and Mary BuckleMt. Cecilia
Robert Patrick Barry1 dayJanuary 25Leona BarryMt. Cecilia
Mary Anne Brown85January 26An indian womanMt. Cecilia
Samuel Wheeler33January 29DrownedBenoits Cove
Mrs. James Maynard73February 5
Benoits Cove
Mrs. M. Hackett93January 4Nee ParsonsWoods Island
Albert Tremblet74January 6
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Cecilia Cammie29January 22Of WilliamBenoits Cove
Joseph LynchHrsJanuary 28
Mt. Cecilia
Baby GouldHrApril 7Gerald GouldMt. Cecilia
Joseph Lewis85March 24
Mt. Cecilia
William McCarthy33April 8
Mt. Cecilia
John L. Gallant3 mthsJanuary 24
Woods Island
William McAlister53May 25
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Thistle
May 26At St. Clare's Hospital St. John'sBenoits Cove
Mrs. William Hartigan80June 5
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Wayson84June 29
Benoits Cove
Thomas Sheehan43August 30CancerBenoits Cove
Baby Rockett

PrematureBenoits Cove
Reginald Christopher21September 19T.B.Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Arthur Hynes31November 14T.B. Mt. Cecilia
Baby Al. Hynes

William Handrigan

Fred Thistle78December 16Old ageBenoits Cove
Fred Callahan8January 20
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Mary Jesseau69February 26
Benoits Cove
Gordon Hussey4 1/2 mthsFebruary 6
Benoits Cove
Michael Kehoe60February 19
Mt. Cecilia
John Benoit62April 10
Mt. Cecilia
Alfred Quigley61May 1
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Margaret Basha54April 12
Mt. Cecilia
Elizabeth Anne Brake3 mthsApril 4
Mt. Cecilia
Michael Furlong76April 1
Mt. Cecilia
Kitchener Pennell23June 8
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. Mary Brake74August 24
Mt. Cecilia
Mrs. A. MacDonald50August 15
Mt. Cecilia
Loretta Hayes22
HospitalMt. Cecilia
Rita Byrne9 mthsJuly 22PneumoniaMt. Cecilia
Andrew Frampton6 August 6AccidentMt. Cecilia
Baby Gould3 wksMay 3Premature
Baby Rockett
July 2Premature
Mrs. White (Emma ?)68December 22
Benoits Cove
John Hickey67November 2PneumoniaMt. Cecilia
Baby Joyce
May 4George Joyce
Baby Cantwell1January 23Whooping coughMt. Cecilia
Patrick O'Brien2 yrs 8 mthsApril 15Acute MenegitisMt. Cecilia
Leo Christopher3 mthsApril 14Whooping coughMt. Cecilia
Kevin Hynes22May 31AccidentBenoits Cove
Mrs. Sarah Greene71April 24
Benoits Cove
Mrs. Maud Bamauel38May 14HeartMt. Cecilia
William Hearn30June 11T.B.
Nora Penny24October 6AsthmaBenoits Cove
Mrs. John Hayes52August 7ParalysisMt. Cecilia
Michael Terry51August 11
Corner Brook
Baby Gould

Mrs. Geraldine Gould
Teresa Gallant14November 11
Benoits Cove
Mary Young19October 14Drowned in Caribou
Baby Green
December 8Stillborn
Ben Brake

Mt. Cecilia
John Tracey

Mt. Cecilia
Joseph Rumbolt
March 7
Mt. Cecilia
Rev. M. Brosnan49May 7
Church Vault
Thomas Hayes74September 26
Mt. Cecilia
Lillian Mary Brake8 mthsNovember 28
Mt. Cecilia
Alice Byrne 18January 3T.B.Mt. Cecilia
Louise Boland60June 24
Mt. Cecilia
Patricia M. Glynn3 mthsJune 15
Mt. Cecilia
Veronica Humber5 mthsJuly 10B. P. Humber and M. BenoitMt. Cecilia
James Ed Galliott6 wksAugust 6Stan Galliott and D. Beales
Dorothea Kearsey33November 8J.J. Griffen and Josephine GriffenMt. Cecilia
Margarita Kearsey5 hrsNovember 8F. Kearsey and D. GriffenMt. Cecilia
Maria Roache93November 13
Mt. Cecilia
Maurice Hayes 67December 13J. Hayes and Mary A. BolandMt. Cecilia

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