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McIvers - Epiphany

Inscriptions were read and recorded by DEBBIE BRAKE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of omission.
James Park

John R Park
Mar. 1931Feb. 1991
Elford F. Lovell
Sept 25, 1952Sept 17, 1995
John T. Blanchard
Aug.20, 1914Nov.19, 1986
Chesley Thomas Rickettsh/o EvaAug. 26, 1928Jan.28, 1987
Dorcas Eva Rickettsd/o Chesley & EvaOct.14, 1964July 18, 1987
Emanuel Twyne
Joyce Lovelld/o Thomas & SusannahOct.25, 1949July 5, 1989
Fredrick H. Noseworthy
Jan.5, 1931Sept.29, 1993
Sarah Elizabeth Lovellw/o Joseph Henry19081996
Felix Whiteh/o MelinaJuly 31, 1912Jan.12, 1992
Melina E. Whitew/o FelixApr.3, 1918Mar.5, 1993
Jessica House
Nov.28, 1984Nov.28, 1984
Fred Hopkins Lovell

Feb.6, 19182mts
Edward Gordon Lovell

May 4, 19189
Wm. Lovell
Jan.16, 1934Jan. ????
Joseph A. Lovell

Feb.16, 194270
Rebecca Lovell
Dec.14, 1880July 5, 1959
Benjamine Lovell
Aug.24, 1945July 16, 1946
Florence Lovell
June 23, 1899Dec.10, 1960
Blanche & Mellisa Lovelld/o Thomas & Susannah
June 30, 1959
Wm B. Lovell
Annie M. Lovell
Thomas A. Lovell
Roger Terrance Whites/o MaryDec.14, 1956Jan.4, 1969
Brice White

Scott White
Apr.29, 1985Apr.29, 1985
Hannah Jane Lovellw/o Joseph H
Dec.3, 192119
Mary Jane Gretta Lovell

Feb.1, 19395
Joseph Henry Lovellh/o Sarah Elizabeth
Feb.17, 1957
Wm Lovell
Aug.11, 1949July 8, 196415
Stacey Lovells/o Wilfred & JuanitaJune 11, 1971June 13, 1971
Robert Noah Lovell

Mar.1, 193151
Karen Osmond
Oct.25, 1960Nov.29, 1960
Robert J. Lovell

May 13, 197338
Winifred Lovellw/o Donald P.
Apr.15, 197456
Donald P. Lovell
Esau Lovellh/o Elizabeth JaneDec.27, 1868Jan.27, 195788
Elizabeth Jane Lovellw/o Esau
Apr.28, 195983
Mary Ann Lovellw/o AlbertJan.23, 1904July 4, 197066
Albert Lovell sr
Mar.7, 1905Apr.28, 199085
Eli G. Lovell
Jan.3, 1913Oct.3, 1985
Gladys Lovell
Walter Lovell
Stephen A. Morgan
Apr.3, 1934Feb.16, 1994
Gilbert T. Morganh/o Josephine19031971
Josephine Morganw/o Gilbert19071968
Eliza Susannah Morganw/o Stephen
June 23, 195618
Infant Dau. Mary

1 day
Cyril Morgan
Jan.21, 1969Jan.23, 1969
Fannie Morgan

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Parkh/o Maria18581932
Maria Parkw/o Thomas18601940
Thomas Elford Parks/o Wm. & Dulcie
Nov.18, 195417
Wm. Thomas Parkh/o Dulcie
June 11, 197374

Kathy Anita Park
Oct.18, 1977June 17, 19788mts
Elizabeth Morgan

John Morgan

Fanny Rose Ellen Lovellw/o Henry C.Nov.1, 1889Jan.21, 197384
Henry C. Lovellh/o RoseNov.22, 1876Jan.12, 1952
Joseph H. Parsonsh/o ElizabethOct.31, 1902May 8, 1974
Randolph Thomas Parks/o John & TeresaMay 5, 1959June 3, 1980
Mary Alice Park
Dec.26, 1906July 3, 1988
John S. Parkh/o Alice
Apr.1, 1970
Robert Edward Park
June 20, 1905Apr.2, 1974
Edmund J. House
Chesley C. Parsons

Apr.3, 197481
Scottie Parsons

Calvin H. Durnford
Fannie Francis Park

Nov.28, 194661
John T. Park

Apr.30, 1958
Nancy Baldwin

John Baldwin

Oct.25, 1966
Hayward Baldwinh/o Alice19051981
Alice Baldwinw/o Hayward19201969
Joan Baldwind/o Hayward & AliceApr.26, 1951Dec.21, 1970
Baby Baldwin

Mar.19, 1974
Abraham Jacob Baldwin
June 23, 1953July 31, 1979
Nina Parsons

John Parsons

Eliza Mary Parsons

June 13, 195286
Henry Richard Parsonsh/o Eliza
Oct.10, 194383
John R. Parsons

Cyril C. Parsons

Alice Maude Parsons
Feb.18, 1910May 22, 1988
Baby Parsons

Keith & Kerry Lovell

Harold Parsons

Hilda Parsons

Harry Parsons

Isreal Park
Apr.17, 1901June 30, 1982
Laura May Park
Jan.18, 1903July 12, 1985
Verena E. Burridge

Nov.22, 19439mt
Burtrim Burridgeh/o Matilda D.Jan.31, 1910July 18, 1992
Regina L. Matthews

Mar.21, 19613mts
Clara J. Matthews
May 16, 1903Jan.27, 1951
J. Matthews

H. Matthews

Goldie Parsons

Feb.23, 1986
Elva D. Parsons
Helen E. Parsons
Arthur W. Parsons
Aug.15, 1912May 11, 1967
Mary Dora Parsonsw/o Zacharias
Jan.31, 195770
Zacharias Parsonsh/o Mary Dora
Nov.21, 195670
Edward Park

Aug.10, 198384
John Park

Feb.23, 192478
Ethel Parkw/o Augustus
Mar.3, 196457
Thomas Beverley
Feb.20, 1896Dec.9, 1947
Sybil Beverley
May 1, 1944May 27, 1947
Baby Parsonsd/o Roland & VioletDec.14, 1954Dec.15, 1954
Roland F. Parsonsh/o Violet E.July 14, 1920May 4, 1924
Maud Parkw/o Richard
Apr.3, 192235
Henry Richard Park

Dec.19, 195268
Benjamin Park
Nov.8, 1917June 17, 1977
Wm Merit Parkh/o MayApr.12, 1904Nov.4, 1976
Charoette M. Beverley
Mar.9, 1922May 31, 1987
Baby Ricketts

Aug.25, 1985
Nelson L. Parsonsh/o Annie19111971
Annie Parsonsw/o Nelson19091976
John Parsons

June 21, 196880
Elizabeth Jane Parsonsw/o John
June 12, 195765
Arthur Francis Park
1902Mar.1, 195654
Cathrine Jennex Wellsw/o Sandy

Mary Anne [Wells] Parkw/o GeorgeAug.19, 1876Aug.13, 1949
George Park

Mar.7, 195890
John L. Blanchardh/o Levina18911965
Vera Irenie Blanchard

July 31, 194118
Annie Blanchard

Herbert Llewellyn Blanchardh/o Annie
June 17, 197155
Wm H. Lovell

Apr.25, 197162
James Lovellh/o MaryApr.29, 1906June 11, 1977
Terry Leslie James Flynns/o Douglas & JessieJuly 25, 1965Jan.23, 1982
Thomas Parsonsh/o EthelSept.23, 1899Apr.10, 1984
Ethel N. Parsonsw/o Thomas19101976
Harvey James Parsonss/o James
July 22, 195724
Richard Parsonss/o Ethel & Thomas

Gordon Park
Jason Lee Park
Paul Park

Nov.11, 1959
Lucy Deloris Park

June 20, 1949
Mary Blanche Park

Jan.17, 1947
Lindsay Park
James Sherberth/o Elvie Park
Jan.28, 197547
Lucy Jane Lovell

Feb.14, 195043
Elizabeth Lovell

Feb.5, 193265
Henry Septimus Lovells/o Wm & Argenia
Feb.5, 193519mts
Argina Lovellw/o Wm
Sept.24, 195444
Wm D. Park
Nov.28, 1908June 3, 1987
Sidney Lovellh/o BernadineMar.6, 1927Oct.21, 197043
Arleane Blanchard
Nov.7, 1961Jan, 1962
Gary Blanchard
Feb.19, 1958Apr 1958
Flossie E. Parkw/o James A.19171984
Mary Alfreda Parkw/o JohnApr.23, 1935Mar 11, 1960
Sarah Jane George
Silas George
Mar 16, 1901Oct 27, 1988
Mildred Park
James Matthewsh/o Lilian19171989
J. L. Clayton Blanchardh/o EllenNov 31, 1914May 12, 1982
Levina E. Blanchardw/o John L.Mar.3, 1891Apr.22, 1981
Alexander Blanchard

Oct.6, 192515mts
Mary R. E. Blanchard

June 1, 1948
Baby Blanchard

Charles E. Blanchard

Mar.4, 195162
Dora Blanchardw/o Charles E.
Apr.8, 198587
John Phillip Park

Mar.16, 196976
Annie Rose Ellen Park

Aug.1, 196393
Rubin Parkh/o FannieMar.16, 1865Sept.3, 1928
Jean Blanchardw/o FosterAug.9, 1933Dec.20, 1995
Foster Blanchardh/o JeanOct.15, 1926June 5, 1987
Dorothy Lovell
Thomas A. Lovell
Nov.5, 1904May 21, 1993
Linda F. Burridgew/o Bertrim19481995
Mary R. E. Blanchard
Aug.13, 1907June 15, 1996
James A. Park
Mary G. Lovell
June 29, 1913Feb.23, 1998
Roland F. Parsons
July 14, 1920June 27, 1997
Catherine May Parkw/o WmMay 24, 1912Apr.9, 1998
Job P. Parsonsh/o Alice MaudeFeb.10, 1908Jan.13, 1998
Elizabeth Parsonsw/o Joseph H.Jan.15, 1912Apr.25, 1995
Sarah Elizabeth Lovellw/o Joseph Henry19081996
Alfred [Abby] F. Lovell
Sept.25, 1952Sept.17, 1995
Hughie A. Morgan
May 3, 1956Feb.18, 1997
Maurice Henry Lovell
May 12, 1930Nov.30, 1997
Gloria Roberts
Martin E. White
June 21, 1938June 8, 1997
Alice Matilda Morgan
Aug.5, 1925Nov.1, 1996
Hilda F. [Morgan] Lovell
Mar.16, 1941Mar.3, 1996
Faith L. Parsonsw/o Eugene LovellDec.7, 1941Dec.6, 1996
George A. Parkh/o GladysNov.3, 1915June 28, 1996
Roy E. Park
Edith S. Laing
Doreen Y. Parsons
June 8, 1943Nov.12, 1996

Name on StoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
VARIOUS I have some information that has not been entered: Chesley Thomas Ricketts was 59 years old when he died, Dorcas Eva Ricketts was 23 years old when she died, Emanuel Twyne was the husband of Rhoda & he died at the age of 61, Stephen A. Morgan was the husband of Margaret & he died at the age of 60, Burtrim Burridge was 82 years old when he died, Nelson L. Parsons was 60 years old when he died, Annie Parsons died at the age of 67, Gordon Park was the husband of Linda & died at the age of 53, Sarah Jane George was the wife of Silas & died at the age of 82, Sil as George was the husband Sarah Jane & died at the age of 87, Linda F. Burridge died at the age of 47, Alfred (Abby) F. Lovell was the husband of Louise & was 43 when he died, Hughie A. Morgan was the husband of Cindy & was 41 when he died, and Doreen Y. Parsons was the wife of Lawrence & died at the age of 53. Krista Parsons

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