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Humbermouth - Brake's Cove Anglican Cemetery

Inscriptions were read and recorded by MICHAEL BARBOUR, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors
This cemetery was located between the landwash and the old railway tracks in the Humbermouth area (near the present day Station Road). Is was nestled between John Park's home and Granny Park's Field. Some of the people who may be buried there include: New, Edward and Walter Brake.

In 1960, a number of graves were exposed by the sea. Three of these graves belonged to Edward Brake (died 1853 at the age of 42), Robert Brake (died Dec. 25 1855) and William Henry Loder (died May 23 1858). At the time, there was some discussion about whether the remains (and any others) would be moved to Mount Patricia. However it was decided that most of the remains had already been washed out to sea and that this was an unnecessary action.

The current property is owned by the local cement plant and the cemetery (or what is left of it) appears to have been covered over with cement.

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