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Corner Brook - Mount Patricia Cemetery

Seventh Day Adventist

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The information was transcribed by WANDA QUILTY ~ October 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Name Birth date Death date Remarks

Roland Temple

Frederick C. Grimes19211969From Employees of Commercial Cleaners
Amelia M. Moyst18821982
William H. Brown19001981
Blanche Brown19061980
Anthony P. PowerNovember 21, 1947June 9, 1981
John L. Flynn19081981
Phoebe G. Flynn19111988
Florence Brown19321992
Alva V. LuffFebruary 8, 1923August 9, 1986
Johnson Norman19151999
Constance M. Norman19171995
Hazel C. Grzybowski19181995
Augustus Critchley19101997
Alice Critchley19101979
David Critchley19451982
Edward Pike

White Wooden Cross
Doyle A. Mills19171999
Ella M. Mills1923

Ralph Moyst1912

Violet Moyst19091999
Walter Grzybowski19211997
Roderick J. DingwellOctober 3, 1911July 18, 1994
Mabel F. DingwellJuly 30, 1917

Randolph W. RideoutAugust 13, 1926May 10, 1994
Maureen L. RideoutApril 6, 1944

Karen L. RideoutJuly 3, 1967

Peter Hunt19251998Metal Cross
Sarah Hunt19281991Metal Cross
James Taylor

White Wooden Cross

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