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West Coast Region - Bay of Islands District

Summerside - Bethany United Cemetery

Entering this cemetery is a beautiful iron gate dedicated to the memory of Bazil Hann 1929-1997. The cemetery is on a hill and is very well maintained.
The information was transcribed by WANDA QUILTY ~ December 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name Birthdate Deathdate Comments
Edith May AndersonAugust 6, 1904March 30, 1998


White Wooden Cross no markings

William Anderson18551955
Mary E. Anderson18771953

Alfred LambertDecember 25, 1904May 12, 1966Husband of Pearl

Cecil Eric Slade19281990L.A.C. RCAF Korea

Harriet SladeOctober 1, 1888May 17, 1973


White Wooden Cross no markings

Emily Diane Hann18901967
Isreal Hann
April 20, 1954Age 69

No Marker

Henry R. ParsonsOctober 14, 1900November 4, 1974Age 74


White Wooden Cross no markings


White Wooden Cross no markings


White Wooden Cross no markings

Gilbert ParsonsOctober 22, 1922January 18, 1988
Doris ParsonsNovember 23, 1925

Mary Jane ParsonsSeptember 30, 1924May 28, 1987

John Reginald Anderson19231998
M. Doreen Anderson1936
Nee Parsons

Lucy Blanchard19071989Nee Pottle

Herbert C. HannSeptember 24, 1936August 21, 2000
Mary B. HannJanuary 15, 1942
Married May 26, 1960

Ellen C. Hann19081994
Herbert C. Hann19041989

Harvey W. HannJuly 11, 1926February 12, 1993
Bessie C. HannOctober 5, 1926

Lewis A. VincentOcotber 25, 1921May 29, 1998NF Overseas Forestry Unit WW2
Dora E. VincentJuly 25, 1927

Leslie Thomas Penney
March 5, 1972Age 55 Husband of Olive


White Wooden Cross no marker

Thomas Richard Penney18791960
Dora Annie Penney18851972

John W. Penny

White Wooden Cross

Henry Penney
May 11, 1951Age 69

Augustus J. PenneyJuly 28, 1884March 19, 1963

Edward S. Penney18871964
Pearl Penney19051991

Brazil W. HannMay 26, 1929November 25, 1997
Eliza M. HannMay 2, 1932
Married January 27, 1953

William George Hann19051977
Jessie Mable Hann19051973

Shannon Daniel WheelerAugust 16, 1968April 4, 1990

Urbane Marris ButtAugust 20, 1954November 5, 1954Son of John J. and Eileen

Alfred E. McAuleyJune 1923July 2000
Albertha A. McAuleyNovember 1926May 2000Married January 28, 1947

Donald J. McAuleyJuly 16, 1920September 5, 1996

Paul A. McAuley19531994Husband of Shirley Father of Paula

Basil M. McAuley19292000
Mona P. McAuley1932
Married October 30, 1952

Angus W. McAuley19181964

Alexander McAuley18851950
Laura Belle McAuley18891972

*White Wooden Cross

No markings

Ursula S. WeirJune 17, 1921May 4, 1992Nee McAuley

Alexander F. McAuleyApril 1, 1914February 5, 1967

Lionel G. McAuley19151987
L. J. McAuley1918

Florence B. McLeanMay 28, 1895March 14, 1978
Daniel McLeanNovember 22, 1894October 19, 1969

White Wooden Cross

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
*White Wooden Cross It is actually my father, George Alfred McAuley, son of Ursula S. Weir and Alexander F. McAuley Born July 24th, 1945 - Death December 12, 1999 Nancy Wente (nee McAuley)

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