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Bishop Edward Feild - Journal 1849

The information was read, recorded and transcribed by MICHAEL BARBOUR, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Bishop Edward Feild, was a Church of England Bishop who was stationed in Newfoundland during the mid-nineteenth century. A few years after
receiving the report of Reverend Wix, Bishop Field visited the Bay of Islands in 1849. While there, he made the following entries in his journal:
Wednesday, 1 August 1849
Edward Brake has a house and well stocked garden at the base of one of the noble timber-clad mountains. His father came from Dorsetshire (Yetminster, I think) many years ago, and lived in the locality some sixty years. He died in the year 1840, and left ten sons, of whom this Edward alone received any education, being sent to England for that purpose.1

Sunday, 5 August 1849
At 9 o'clock the morning service commenced, the congregation consisting of Mr. Crocker's family, with some Blanchards and Brakes from the Bay of Islands -- seventeen in all... baptized, and three of John Brake's, a widower.2

In addition to his journal, Field kept a list of inhabitants from the various stops that he made during this trip. The following is the

Bay of Islands District list of inhabitants that he took while visiting the Bay of Islands in 1849.

1 Families of the South-Arm of Bonne Bay 1800s-1930s.

2 Early Settlers on the Southwestern Shore of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula.

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