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*Joseph Beete Jukes - List of Inhabitants, 1839

The first non-clergyman to visit the Bay of Islands was actually a geologist. Joseph Beete Jukes was a geologist appointed by the Genealogical Society of London, to do a survey of Newfoundland. He completed this survey all around the island of Newfoundland, with the exception of White Bay and the North Peninsula. He visited the Bay of Islands in the summer of 1839, when he made the following list of inhabitants in his journal.
Information was compiled by MICHAEL BARBOUR, July 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameChildrenYears hereNative ofAgeLocation
Robert Prosper611France?Little Port
Robert Hayward95Dorset38Frenchman's Cove
Richard Wheeler5?England25Frenchman's Cove
John Bailey420England41Frenchman's Cove
Richard Park640Burin47Barber's Cove
Mary Brooks450Burin83Barber's Cove
George Shiller, servant140
60Barber's Cove
Charles Garret, servant17England21Barber's Cove
Ann Wheeler440Burin60Barber's Cove
William Wheeler6NativeBarber's Cove35Barber's Cove
William Blanchard3NativeBarber's Cove33Gillams Cove
Joseph Brake3NativeBarber's Cove27Brake's Point
Ralph Brake668Dorset, England80Brake's Point
John Brake835France40Gillams Cove
Thomas Park930Burin42Harbour (Woods) Island
Mrs. Lake23England33Harbour Entrance (Woods Island)
M. Brake25Humber River38Harbour Entrance (Woods Island)
John Wheeler24Humber River33Humbermouth Area

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
*Joseph Beetes Jukes 1839 List of Inhabitants Polkinghorne's (HMS Crocodile) 1838 List of Inhabitants
It is clear from the receipt stamp on the original list (received in Feb 1839) at Colonial Office that this list is not from Jukes' excursion which took place in the summer of 1839. This very likely the census taken by the HMS Crocodile on its 1838 voyage around the west coast, captaned by Polkinghorne. There are other lists that specifically list the ship and the capatin but not this particular one. In any case, crediting the list to Jukes is wrong. Thank you.
John Edgar

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