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Lovell's Directory 1871

Bay of Islands

A large bay on the western coast of the island, forming a part of what is called the French Shore. The resources of this portion of the island are quite sufficient to support a much larger population that at present resides here. Indeed, both in the way of agriculture and the fisheries, no section of the country offers greater inducements to settlers than does this section. The herring fishery forms the staple industry of the people, and is prosecuted with great success. Herrings are taken during the months of January, February, March, May, June, October and November. In the winter months nets are used, which are let through holes and channels cut in the ice, but in summer the herring are mostly hauled in seines. The average quantity of herring annually taken may be stated at 30,000 barrels, most of which find a market in the adjacent provinces. On the banks of the Humber river, which flows into this bay, large quantities of tine timber are produced suitable for lumbering, which is however, as yet availed of but to a small extent, together with large beds of limestone, and marbles of beautiful varieties, and masses of gypsum almost exhaustless in quantity. The land around is level and capable of easy cultivation, but is availed of merely as an accessory to the herring and cod fishery. The bay is studded with islands and the scenery remarkably fine. Distance from north head of St. George's Bay 55 miles. Population 947.

Allan, Johnfisherman
Antle, Barneyfisherman
Antell, Georgefisherman
Bailey, Johnfisherman
Balem, Johnfisherman
Balem, Josephfisherman
Barrett, Johnfisherman
Barry, Johnplanter
Bashvoan, Johnfisherman
Batten, Jamesfisherman
Bego, Williamfisherman
Bennett, Stephenfisherman
Bennett, Davidfisherman
Bennett ,Simeonfisherman
Black, Williamfisherman
Black, Ambrosefisherman
Blanchard, Johnfisherman
Blanchard, Thomas -
Blandford, Josephfisherman
Bolan, Edwardfisherman
Bolan, Mosesfisherman
Brake, Abrahamfisherman
Brake, Benjaminfisherman
Brake, Edwardfisherman
Brake, Edwardfisherman
Brake, Josephfisherman
Brake, Williamfisherman
Brake, Williamfisherman
Brine, Thomasfisherman
Brooking, Augustusfisherman
Brown, Johnfisherman
Bute, Johnplanter
Callanhan, Patrickfisherman
Calm, Johnfisherman
Clarke, Frederickfisherman
Cleary, Williamplanter
Cheeld, Michaelfisherman
Chiles, Solomonfisherman
Christopher, Patrickfisherman
Christopher, Williamfisherman
Cole, Jamesfisherman
Coles, Jamesfisherman
Condon, Aaronfisherman
Connell, Mosesfisherman
Conway, Thomasfisherman
Cook, Johnfisherman
Dargan, Mauricefisherman
Delaney, Alenfisherman
Dennis, Burridgefisherman
Dunn, Josephfisherman
Doodey, Johnfisherman
Dorroty, Edwardfisherman
Drake, Johnfisherman
Duggan, Patrickfisherman
Durke, Jamesfisherman
Evans, Johnfisherman
Farrell, Charlesfisherman
Foran, Jamesfisherman
French, Thomasfisherman
Gallivan, Richardfisherman
Garry, Williamfisherman
George, Thomasfisherman
Giles, Josephfisherman
Gosher, Michaelfisherman
Gregory, Thomasfisherman
Gregory, Williamplanter
Green, Johnplanter
Haines, Williamplanter
Hallahan, Josephfisherman
Hallahan, Josephfisherman
Hand, Jamesfisherman
House, Williamfisherman
Hurley, Josephfisherman
Jayers, Johnfisherman
Jesso, Danielfisherman
Jesso, Williamfisherman
Johnston, Georgeplanter
Kelly, Michaelplanter
Kennedy, Jeremiahfisherman
Kenney, Williamfisherman
Keough, Jamesfisherman
Keough, Jamesfisherman
Keough, Jamesfisherman
Keough, Williamfisherman
Leader, Williamplanter
Lewis, Johnfisherman
Ligo, Robertplanter
Loader, Johnplanter
Lovell, Thomasfisherman
McCarthy, Johnplanter
McCarthy, Williamplanter
McCasell, Jamesfisherman
McCoysh, Johnfisherman
McDonald, Alexanderfisherman
McDonald, Alexanderfisherman
McDonald, Alexanderfisherman
McGinnon, Robertfisherman
Mareson, Johnfisherman
Marshall, Josephfisherman
Marshall, Williamfisherman
Martin, Williamfisherman
Matthews, Samuelfisherman
Mean, Jamesfisherman
Mearns, Edwardfisherman
Michall, Jamesfisherman
Moran, Edwardfisherman
Moren, Josephfisherman
Murphy, Michaelfisherman
Nocks, Jamesfisherman
Norget, Williamfisherman
Pales, Johnfisherman
Pane, Georgefisherman
Paresay, Patrickfisherman
Parritts, Nathanielplanter
Parritts, Williamplanter
Park, Jamesfisherman
Park, Robertfisherman
Park, Thomasfisherman
Park, Thomasfisherman
Parke, Samuelfisherman
Parker, Williamfisherman
Parry, Johnfisherman
Parry, Thomasfisherman
Parsons, Charlesplanter
Parsons, Johnfisherman
Parsons, Richardfisherman
Penny, Samuelfisherman
Power, Henryfisherman
Power, Michaelplanter
Prosper, Jamesfisherman
Quinning, Jamesfisherman
Quissen, Jeanfisherman
Rier, Reubenfisherman
Robie, Juanfisherman
Rose, Alexanderfisherman
Rose, Williamplanter
Rude, Williamfisherman
Rule, rev. U. of england
Sears, rev. ____r. catholic
Silver, Jamesmerchant
Sivier, Alexnaderfisherman
Waller, Johnfisherman
Weir, Richardplanter
Whelen, Thomasfisherman
Wills, Jamesfisherman
Wills, Jamesfisherman
Wills, Richardfisherman
Wills, Richardfisherman
Wills, Williamfisherman
Snook, Johnfisherman
Sterling, Jamesfisherman
Stricklin, Jamesfisherman
Stricklin, Williamfisherman
Sweet, Georgefisherman
Thistle, Thomasfisherman
Verge, Georgefisherman

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