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Church of England Marriage Records, 1870 - 1891

The records were transcribed by MARLENE COMPANION in October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.
Date Married at Surname Given Name Age Where from
Oct 20 1870Middle ArmParkWilliam30Middle Arm

CoxMartha20Middle Arm
Nov 5 1870Bay Of IslandsKeatingWilliam21Bay of Islands

Mary Ann20WBay of Islands
Nov 13 1870The BeachPooleJames25Middle Arm

BlanchardAmy16Gilliam's Cove
Feb 26 1871Bay Of IslandsPynnWilliam Stephen45WBay of Islands

PikeTheresa24Harbour Grace
Apr 1 1871The BeachWellerThomas20Bay of Islands

StricklandPhoebe22Bay of Islands
Aug 6 1871St. Mary's ChurchStricklandWilliam27WBay of Islands

DeriganPhoebe18Bay of Islands
Dec 13 1871St. Mary's ChurchTaylorReuban26Bay of Islands

MoorsElizabeth21Bay of Islands
Sept 4 1872Bay Of IslandsPurdyZiba24Bay of Islands

LeggeAnn20Bay of Islands
Aug 4 1873Bay Of IslandsMosherJohn William
Bay of Islands

HarrisElizabeth Agnes
Bay of Islands
May 30 1874Bay Of IslandsDomonPeter
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
May 30 1874Bay Of IslandsLoderWilliam
Herring Neck

Camp Isl. Labrador
May 30 1874Bay Of IslandsMorleyThomas
Bay of Islands

Pike Sarah
Bay of Islands
Jan 29 1875Bay Of IslandsMonkWilliam
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Feb 4 1875Bay Of IslandsKennedyJohn Hector
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
March 31 1875Bay Of IslandsPetriesAlexander
Ship Island

CampbellGeorginaWCaittiness Scotland
Aug 25 1875Bay Of IslandsBrakeLuke
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Oct 24 1875Bay Of IslandsBlanchardThomas
Bay of Islands

PaineMartha Parson's Pond
Nov 21 1875Bay Of IslandsRourkeMichael Luke
Bay of Islands

HannElizabeth Jane
Bay of Islands
Jan 6 1876Bay Of IslandsBlanchardJohn
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Apr 26 1876Bay Of IslandsLeetAlbert Jonna
Bay of Islands

Quebec of Canada
June 3 1876Bay Of IslandsWellsAlexander
Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Sept 10 1876Bay Of IslandsParsonsJohnWBay of Islands

Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1877Bay Of IslandsParkRobert
McIvor's Cove

Middle Arm
Feb 12 1877Bay Of IslandsParkJoseph
Bay of Islands

BlanchardRose Ann
Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1877Bay Of IslandsParkRobert
Bay of Islands

MorganDeborahMinorBay of Islands
Feb 12 1877Bay Of IslandsO'DonoghueJames
St. Heliers, Jersey

Bay of Islands
Apr 11 1877Bay Of IslandsPierowayWilliam James
Bay St. George

SheppardElizabethMinorBay of Islands
Apr 15 1877Bay Of IslandsParkJohn
Bay of Islands

ParsonsElizabethMinorBay of Islands
Apr 28 1877Bay Of IslandsRaymondHorace Newton
Grand Falls N.B.

Middle Arm
Jan 21 1878Bay Of IslandsWellerMaurice
Frenchman's Cove

KellyMary AliceMinorHarbour Grace
May 12 1878Bay Of IslandsWellerJob
Bay of Islands

BeverleyMary Elizabeth
Bay of Islands
Aug 31 1879Bay Of IslandsBaileyJohn29Voy's Beach

ParsonsElizabeth152/12Voy's Beach
Oct 3 1879John's BeachCompagnonMichael 22John's Beach

RendellEllen Jane18Bay of Islands
Jan 9 1880St. Mary's ChurchMarleyWilliam24Bay of Islands

MercerSusannah27Bay of Islands
May 31 1880St. Mary's ChurchCooperJames29Bay of Islands

AllenLavinia29Bay of Islands
Sept 28 1880St. Mary's ChurchLoderJohn33Bay of Islands

AnthollDorcas18Bay of Islands
Oct 9 1880John's BeachLeggeSolomon21Lark Harbour

WelchmanIsabella18Lark Harbour
Dec 9 1880St. Mary's ChurchMorleyJames34Bay of Islands

CooperEmma32Bay of Islands
Sept 6 1881Lark HarbourSheppardJohn24Little Harbour

LeggeVictoria Catherine16Little Harbour
Nov 30 1881St. Mary's ChurchDavisJohn N22Humber Sound

DanceyEdith25Humber Sound
June 28 1882St. Mary's ChurchBellCharles Albert40Humber Sound

FillatreElizabeth Ann25Humber Sound
Oct 22 1882St. Mary's ChurchAllenRobert25Bay of Islands

SheppardSophia22Bay of Islands
Nov 4 1882John's BeachParkThomas24Liverpool Cove

MorganMaria24Liverpool Cove
Dec 1 1882St. Mary's ChurchKnightEdwin George Charles24Bay of Islands

YoungSusannah25Bay of Islands
Dec 7 1882St. Mary's ChurchMurleyEphraim24Bay of Islands

PerrettHarriett Ann22Bay of Islands
Mar 26 1883St. Mary's ChurchLe FriendGeorge26Bay of Islands

RoodMary Jane16Bay of Islands
Apr 12 1883St. Mary's ChurchBlanchardAbsalome24Humber Sound

MartinPaulina Fanny20Humber Sound
May 13 1883St. Mary's ChurchLovysWilliam30Humber Sound

ClarkeSusannah Maria29Humber Sound
May 19 1883St. Mary's ChurchCoxWilliam27Middle Arm

EdmondesElizabeth Ann20Humber Sound
Sept 10 1883John's BeachStricklandWilliam43WBay of Islands

ParkSusan40WHumber Sound
Sept 24 1883John's BeachStricklandWillliam24Humber Sound

BrockwayHannah18Humber Sound
Oct 3 1883Birchy CoveLoaderGeorge Henry21Humber Sound

HuntAnn Elizabeth23Humber Sound
Nov 16 1883Birchy CoveSheppardJoshua23Humber Sound

WilliamsSusannah21Humber Sound
Nov 23 1883Lark HarbourSheppardRichard23Lark Harbour

MollonElizabeth Ann18Lark Harbour
Dec 11 1883Birchy CoveDavisEdward25Humber Sound

BrakeAlice23Meadow's Point
Dec 15 1883Frenchman's CoveCoxGeorge22Middle Arm

ParkMary Jane17Middle Arm
Jan 23 1884Birchy CoveParsonsJames25Humber Sound

DixSusannah20Bonne Bay
May 5 1884John's BeachParkJesse28Humber Sound

ParsonsDora15Humber Sound
June 8 1884St. Mary's ChurchParkRobert20Lark Harbour

ParkKatherine21Lark Harbour
Sept 30 1884Birchy CoveRobertsonJohn28Bay of Islands

BrakeJane36Bay of Islands
Nov 4 1884Birchy CovePennyHenry22Humber Sound

LoaderRosannah27Humber Sound
Dec 3 1884Lark HarbourParkWilliam53WLark Harbour

BeverleyMary Elizabeth52WHumber Sound
Feb 28 1885Lark HarbourParkGeorge25Brooms Bottom

DruggietAdelaide19Brooms Bottom
Mar 30 1886Lark HarbourDruggietAmos29Brooms Bottom

TravisAlice18Little Harbour
July 22 1886Lark HarbourDruggietJames23Brooms Bottom

DeriganMary Ann23John's Beach
May 8 1887John's BeachCompagnonHenry29John's Beach

ParsonsMary18Voy's Beach
Dec 21 1887Birchy CoveWilliamsGeorge William26Bonne Bay

LoaderJemina25Bay of Islands
Jan 8 1888Birchy CoveHarrisHenry24Corner Brook

WhalenCaroline19Poverty Cove
Mar 3 1888John's BeachBlanchardLuke23McIvor's

ParkElizabeth Jane20Mc Ivor's
Apr 3 1888Birchy CoveLaydenGeorge23River Head

WhiteAmelia23Corner Brook
May 1 1888John's BeachWellerJohn29Middle Arm

ParkEmily16Middle Arm
May 13 1888John's BeachPerryJames25Wood's Island

GenniocElizabeth17Wood's Island
June 4 1888Birchy CoveVardyWilliam33Halfway Point

MorganOlivia20Bay of Islands
Oct 12 1888Birchy CoveWiltonHezekiah22Bonne Bay

YoungMary Ann22Bay of Islands
Nov 8 1888Birchy CoveGrahamGeorge28Bay of Islands

MacDonaldJesse Isabella23Bay of Islands
Nov 13 1888Birchy CoveReadAlexander24Bay of Islands

ParsonsElizabeth Ann20Bay of Islands
Jan 1 1889Birchy CoveCandow (Dr.)James Johnson 48W
Bay of Islands

Marley Ann30WBay of Islands
Feb 12 1889Birchy CoveBrakeJohn22Meadows

BlanchardRebecca31Apsey Beach
Feb 24 1889Lark HarbourJoyceJames
Lark Harbour

Lark Harbour
Apr 24 1889Birchy CoveParkReuban24McIvors

Aug 4 1889Lark HarbourSheppardHerbert24Lark Harbour

SheppardMary20Lark Harbour
Oct 24 1889Birchy CoveBrakeCornelius27Meadow's Point

HuntElizabeth22Meadow's Point
Jan 1 1890Birchy CoveBaggJohn Clement28Bay of Islands

ParsonsSusannah Julia25Bay of Islands
Jan 22 1890Birchy CoveLeMoineJohn Charles27Bay of Islands

MesserveyVictoria 23Bay of Islands
Feb 1 1890Lark HarbourHooperJohn65WLark Harbour

SheppardJulia Ann22Lark Harbour
Feb 3 1890Lark HarbourSheppardHenry William24Lark Harbour

SheppardMary22Lark Harbour
Mar 22 1890John's BeachParkJames Richard23Humber Sound

ParsonsJessie18Humber Sound
May 28 1890John's BeachBeverleyJohn Albert37WMcIvors

ParsonsSarah Susannah18McIvors
May 28 1890John's BeachBlanchardJoseph
Apsey Beach

BrakeMary Jane
June 5 1890Birchy CoveBellowsRobert A31Humber River

SheppardAnnora31Humber River
Sept 27 1890Birchy CovePennellJoseph23Humber River

BaggMartha Ann17Humber River
Oct 16 1890Birchy CoveWellsGence Albert 23Humber River

HuneyElizabeth25Humber River
Nov 3 1890John's BeachBrockwayHenry Edwin26

Nov 18 1890Birchy CoveBrakeAlbert Edward23Humber Sound

McLeodSusannah29WHumber Sound
Nov 27 1890Birchy CoveEarnestGusie22Mahone Bay NS

MurphyAnn Priscilla 21Humber Sound
Dec 6 1890Birchy CoveAndersonGeorge24Humber Sound

Clark Laura17Humber Sound
Dec 9 1890Birchy CoveHuntJohn Mills28Humber Sound

MacDonaldAnn20Humber Sound
Dec 11 1890Birchy CoveTuckerJohn Edward23Humber Sound

BrakeEmily21Humber Sound
Dec 29 1890Birchy CoveParkAmos
Middle Arm

StricklandMary Elizabeth
Long Cove
Jan 27 1891Birchy CoveMurphyJohn24Bay of Islands

BrakeElizabeth31WRiver Head
Feb 8 1891John's BeachMorganWilliam25McIvors

ParkDiana15Bay of Islands
Feb 16 1891Lark HarbourSheppardMoses24Lark Harbour

SheppardSarah23Lark Harbour
Mar 21 1891Birchy CoveGrinumHenry24Bay of Islands

WelchmanJanice Ann22Bay of Islands
Apr 4 1891John's BeachLovellSeptimul26McIvors

ParkSarah Elizabeth20Middle Arm

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