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Treaty of Paris, 1763

In 1756, Frederick the Great of Prussia invaded the German state of Saxony. This move provoked a conflict with Prussia against France, Austria and Russia. Seizing this opportunity, the British re-commenced their conflict with the French in North America and India where the fighting began in 1754.

The British captured Quebec, which gave them complete possession of New France. They also were able to remove all French presence from India. At the conclusion of the Seven Years' War, Britain acquired all France's land in North America with the except of St. Pierre and Miquelon and fishing rights along the "French Shore" of Newfoundland.

"The subjects of France shall have the liberty of fishing and drying, on a part of the coast of the Island of Newfoundland, such as it is specified in Article 13, of the Treaty of Utrecht; which article is renewed and confirmed by the present Treaty..."

Article 5, Treaty of Paris (1763) [End of the Seven Year's War]

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