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Bailey, a surname of England, Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Islands from the term baillie, now obsolete in England, but still used in Scotland of a chief magistrate, a sheriff and an alderman; or from the English place name Bailey (Lancashire). (Reaney, Black, Turk).
Guppy found Bailey widespread, especially in Hampshire, Staffordshire and Oxfordshire; he notes that Bayly is a rare form, mostly found in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Sussex, and that Baillie is scattered in Scotland. MacLysaght found Bailey and Bailie numerous in all provinces except Connacht.
In Newfoundland:
Family traditions: James Bayl(e)y (1797-), from Poole (Dorset) married at Harbour Grace, 1820 (MUN Folklore). John Bailey of Lark Harbour, 1849 (MUN Hist.). John, from Ireland, settled at Harbour Main, about 1860 (MUN Folklore). ----, Bayley, of Coachman's Cove, ? about 1860 (MUN Folklore).
Early instances: Richard Bayly, of Bay de Verde, 1675 (CO 1); John, of Barrow Harbour, 1676 (CO 1); John Bailey, fisherman of Trinity, 1758 (DPHW 64); David Bayly, of Bonaventure, 1777 (DPHW 64); Samuel, juror of St. John's, 1789 (CO 194.38); John Bailey, of Salmon Cove (now Champneys), 1792 (DPHW 64); C., of Petty Harbour, 1794-5 (Census 1794-5); John of Heart's Content, 1799 (DPHW 64); James Baily, from Co. Wexford, married at St. John's, 1812 (Nfld. Archives BRC); James, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1814 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); Richard Bayley, planter of Bonavista, 1821 (DPHW 64); James Bayly, planter of Cupids, 1827 (DPHW 34); Thomas Baily, planter of Ship Cove (now part of Port Rexton), 1830 (DPHW 64B); John Baillie, of Bay of Islands, 1835 (DPHW 30); George Bayly, planter of Cat Cove (Trinity North District), 1846 (DPHW 64B); William Bailey, fisherman of Fogo, 1849 (DPHW 83); William Bayley, of Seal Cove (now New Chelsea), 1852 (DPHW 59); Augustus of Ferryland, 1860 (DPHW 31); Jacob Bayly, of Harbour Grace, 1867 (Nfld. Archives HGRC).
Modern Status: Widespread, especially at St. John's, Corner Brook, New Chelsea, Port Rexton and other parts of the Trinity North District.
Place names: Bailey Cove 49-45 56-53; Baileys Point 49-28 57-55; Bayleys Cove 48-39 53-07.

Blanchard, a surname of England and France, from the Old German personal name Blanchard, Old French Blanchart etc. - whitish, or from blanc - brilliant, bright and hard - hard, strong. (Reaney, Dauzat).
Traced by Guppy in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire ER and NR and by Spiegelhalter in Devon.
In Newfoundland:
Family tradition: ---------, second settler at Bear Cove (White B.), from France, early 19th century (MUN Folklore). Charled and wife Henrietta, of Margaree, N.S., settled in St. George's in 1845. (G.R.Thomas).
Early instances: Richard, of Bay de Verde, 1776 (CO 199.18); William, of Bay of Islands, 1835 (DPHW 30); ----, of Gilliams Cove (Bay of Islands), 1849, aged 90, "having lived there for nearly 70 years," that is, since about 1779 (Field); Thomas of Back Cove (White B.), 1864 (DPHW 94); Timothy, fisherman of Flat Bay (St. George's Bay), 1871 (Lovell); Micheal, farmer of Codroy, 1877 (Lovell).
Modern status: Especially at Shallop Cove, Gillams and MacIvers and other settlements on the West Coast.
Place names: Blanchard Cove 47-24-55-37, Blanchard Shoal 47-22-55-48.

Brake, a surname of England and Guernsey (Channel Islands), from Old English braec, Middle English brake - (dweller by the) copse, thicket. (Reaney, Turk).
Traced by Guppy in Dorset and Somerset, and by Speigelhalter in Devon.
In Newfoundland:
Family traditions: Patrick, married at Spanish Room (Mortier B.), 1867 (MUN Hist.), Edward M. (1837-1911), barrelmaker from England, was first settler of Meadows (Bay of Islands) about 1861 (MUN Geog.).
Early instances: Ralph, from ? Yeominster (Dorset), inhabitant of Bay of Islands for 60 years, that is, since before 1780, until his death in 1842, at age 82, leaving his son Edward and nine other sons living in the area; his wife Jane died 1819 (Field; PRO C. 108/69, Chancery, Masters Exhibits, per Philip E,L, Smith); John, schoolmaster of the School of Industry, St. John's, 1805,-06,-10 (D'Alberti 17, CO 194.45, 49); John and Philip ? Bracke, of Jean de Bay, 1871 (Lovell); Philip, of Spanish Room, 1871 (Lovell); George, of Muddy Hole (Burin District), 1871 (Lovell).
Modern status: Widespread, especially at Trout River and Meadows.
Place names: Brake Cove 49-32-58-03, Brake (or Brake's) Point 48-58 57-55, Brake's Cove 49-08 58-06.

Brook(e)(s)), surnames of England, Scotland and Ireland, from the English place name Brook (Kent, Rutland) or Brooke (Norfolk), or (dweller near a ) stream or water-meadow. (Reaney, Cottle, Black, MacLysaght,Guppy).
All forms are widespread south of Cheshire-Lincolnshire; Brooke in Ulster, since the sixteenth century.
In Newfoundland:
Early instances: Richard Brookes, boatkeeper of Bay Bulls, 1681 (CO 1); Thomas Brooks, of St. John's, 1705 (CO 184.22); Philip, of Hant's Harbour, 1708-09 (CO 194.4); Robert, of St. Mary's, 1720 (D'Alberti 7); Benjamin, operator of salmon fishery at Twillingate, 1808 (CO 194.48); Samuel, of Trinity (Trinity B.), 1833 (DPHW 64B); Thomas, fisherman of Ward's Harbour, 1871 (Lovell).
Modern status: Somewhat rare and scattered.
Place names (not necessarily from the sutname): Brook Harbour 49-22 55-14; ----Point 47-29 55-47, 49-06 58-23; Brookes Point 49-45 54-10.

Compagnon, also anglocized as Companion , a surname of France - fellow-worker. (Dauzat).
In Newfoundland:
Ealry instance: Prosper Companion, a Frenchman, of Frenchman's Cove (Bay of Islands), 1849 (MUN Hist., Field).
Modern status: Compagnon and Companion, scattered in the Humber West and Port au Port districts.

Darrigan, a ? Newfoundland variant of the surnames of Ireland (O)Dargan (Leinster), Dargon (Co. Cork), O Deargain, Ir. Dearg - red. (MacLysaght).
In Newfoundland:
Family tradition: Maurice Derigan (1820-70), born in Ireland, came to Newfoundland as a Roman Catholic missionary in 1850, but met and married _______James (1825-75), and was baptized in the Church of England in which he became a layreader. Subsequently Derigan was changed to Darrigan, in the belief that the latter form was less Irish-sounding and therefore less offensive to their neighbours in the communities of John's Beach and Lark Harbour, which were predominantly of English and Church of England stock (MUN Folklore).
Early instances: Michael Darrigan, from Ireland, sentenced to death at St. John's, 1780 (D'Alberti 6); John Dargan, from Dingle (Co.Kerry), married at St. John's, 1835 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Thomas Dargen, of Bay of Islands, before 1849 (Field); Patrick Darigan, from Killenaule (Co. Tipperary), married at St. John's, 1851 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Maurice Dargan, fisherman of Bay of Islands, 1871 (Lovell).
Modern status: In the Humber West district, including Batteau Cove and Lark Harbour.

Garrett, a surname of England and Ireland, one of several variants including Jerrett, of the personal names Gerald and Gerard; also in Ireland a synonym of Fitzgerald. (Reaney, MacLysaght).
Guppy found Garratt, Garrett widespread with the two forms often asscoiated, but with Garratt especially in Derbyshire and Garrett in Suffolk; Speigelhalter traced Garrard, Garratt, Garrett in Devon; MacLysaght traced Garrett especially in northeast Ulster.
In Newfoundland:
Early instances: Thomas Garrett, of Bay de Verde, 1681 (CO 1); Thomas ? Garrott, of Newfoundland, 1706 (CO 194.24); Abram ? Garratt, of Quidi Vidi, 1708 (CO 194.4); Willaim Garrett, married at St. John's, 1796 (DPHW 26D); Bridget Garret, married at Harbour Grace Parish, 1829 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); Henry Garrot, of Salvage, 1854 (DPHW 73A); Thomas Garrett, of Baker's Tickle (Burgeo-La Poile district), 1871 (Lovell); Lewis, of Flowers Cove to Point Ferolle area, 1871 (Lovell); Mark, of Middle Bill Cove, 1871 (Lovell).
Modern status: Scattered, especially in the Bonavista South district.

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