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The Western Star Newspaper, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Microfilm Reel # 9
Compiled by Peggy (Gale) Bennett
Transcribed by Ron St.Croix
Wednesday, 8 April 1936

The Burial Of Mark Childs

Lark Harbour, April 6, 1936 – The funeral of Mr. Mark Childs, a fishermen of Lark Harbour, took place here on Friday, 3rd April, and was attended by large concourse of people. Very deep sympathy is felt throughout not only Lark Hr., but the whole Bay of Islands. Leaving to mourn are his wife and seven children. To the bereaved widow and children deepest sympathy is expressed. Mr. Childs had been depending entirely upon fishing for the support of his family. But through scarcity of fish and the low prices being paid, he found it impossible to make sufficient provision. He was a hard worker and was early and late on the fishing grounds during the fishing season. He was brought to poverty through no fault of his own. Finding himself and his family reduced to almost a starving condition, he left his home in a dory to row to Corner Brook to seek relief. Unfortunately he didn’t’ get any, after rowing a distance of some thirty miles. So he returned home again. It is learnt the only food he had with him consisted of few potatoes and herring. He said to a man in company with him: “I can’t go back any more, I took a wonderful calling down.” On his arrival at home he said to his family: “I didn’t get any dole: I did not get anything. I expect we will all starve.” After spending most of the night in prayer and lamentation, he went to bed, rising early next morning to kindle a fire, it was thought. But he went a little distance from his home and there committed the deed which cost his life. But in that act he kindled a fire in the hearts of the people; a fire that shall not be extinguished until the questions re solved why he did not get relief, and who was responsible. May his soul rest in peace, and God grant that the cause of the afflicted and the rights of the poor be maintained. Lark Hr. has been spoken of as being between the devil and the deep sea. Now we know about the deep sea and where it is; but who is the “devil.”


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