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Clergy who served Bay of Islands and Woods Island

The following contains information about clergy from various denominations that served in the Bay of Islands and on Wood's Island. The information was taken from Joe Hackett's Heartbeat, transcribed by Val McLean and commentary by Michael K. Barbour
"The Roman Catholic congregation on Woods Island was served by the following clergymen over time. Unless otherwise stated, these Reverend Fathers were all parish priests:

  • Fr. Alexis Belanger (mission priest who visited annually);
  • Fr. Peanault (parish priest stationed on the Island);
  • Fr. A Sears (parish priest stationed at Curling);
  • Fr. P. Gallant (assistant);
  • Fr. S. Callan;
  • Fr. M. Brosnan (on mission, parish priest at Curling);
  • Fr. R Kennedy;
  • Fr. V. Quigley;
  • Fr. J. Murray;
  • Fr. R. Tomkins;
  • Fr. N. Bradley;
  • Fr. L. Woodrow. Woodrow was the last clergyman to serve Woods Island. After giving the parish extreme unction, he set up headquarters in Benoit's Cove, where many Islanders resettled during the 1960's.

The Anglican congregations on Woods Island and around the Bay were served by the following clergymen from the 1800's to 1960:

  • Rev. U.Z. Rule, with Rev. L.G. Norman as assistant;
  • Rev. J.J. Curling, Rev. F.W. Colley;
  • Rev. Adam Currie;
  • Rev. A. Weybome;
  • Rev. H.G. Pegg;
  • Rev. H. Petley;
  • Rev. G.H. Maidment;
  • Rev. G.S. Temple;
  • Rev. W. Wells;
  • Rev. J. Reid;
  • Rev. H. Leggo, with Rev. Petley as assistant.

The Methodist and Presbyterian congregations (later the United Church) in the Bay of Islands were served by the following clergymen from the late 1800's to the early 1960's:

  • Rev. J.T. Newman;
  • Rev. T.B. Darby;
  • Rev. R.M. Bickle;
  • Rev. S. Halfyard;
  • Rev S.A. Chancey;
  • Rev. W.H. Dotchon;
  • Rev. E. Moore;
  • Rev. R.L. Rowe;
  • Rev. P. Brice (first settled minister);
  • Rev. C. Tait;
  • Rev. F.E. Boothroyd;
  • Rev. H. Royle;
  • Rev. W. Cotton;
  • Rev. W.J. Morris;
  • Rev. Ernest Davis;
  • Rev. C.R. Blount;
  • Rev. A.M. Holmes;
  • Rev. L.L. Burry;
  • Rev. J.A. Wilkinson;
  • Rev. G. Ivany;
  • Rev. G.G. Howse;
  • Rev. J. Sherren;
  • Rev. B. Dawe;
  • Rev. E. Barratt;
  • Rev. G.W. Case;
  • Rev. S.R. Purchase;
  • Rev. L. Martin;
  • Rev. C. Evans.

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