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Seal Rocks

This article appeared in the Western Star on April 21, 1900, a couple of days after a fire burned down the house of Redmond Power.
Acknowledgement: We have been asked to acknowledge the following amounts in the columns of the Western Star, subscribed for Redmond Power's family, who suffered such serious loss in the Seal Rocks conflagration last week:

C. Fisher & Sons$5.00Allen Brothers$1.50
Denis Callahan1.00William Allen40
I. Callahan1.00John Anderson20
Steven Callahan1.00Norman McDonald50
W. Callahan1.00Walker and Corner1.00
Jeffery Callahan1.00John Hayse50
Danial Ready2.00Maurice Hayse50
Wm. Walsh2.00Allan Bartlett50
W. Burke50James Dresdell50
A. Murray1.00Alexander Morison1.25
J.A. Farnell2.00Hugh Perrett50
P. Power5.00Perrett and Sons2.00
Charles Bell1.00R.G. Roach1.00
Charles P. McAdam2.00C.E. Parsons50
Rev. Wm. Hamilton50Redmond McCarthy1.00
James Gushue1.00William Condon1.00
Thomas Kennedy50Frederick Gushue1.00
W. Kennedy45A. Gushue1.00
James Doagan50Norman Messier2.00
Joshua Sheppard50Thomas Arnold50
W. Williams40James Arnold50
Rubin Lego50Thomas Arnold50
John Lego50John Arnold1.00
John Cunning50N. Neil50
Alezander Cunning50Joseph McCarthy50
S. Cunning50Patrick McCarthy1.00
Simeon Tucker25John Harris50
S.A. Balom1.00Benjamin Farnell50
Manoah Balom1.00Edward Brake, sr.50
Bagg Brothers1.00George Brake25
John Babcock2.00Timothy McLelland30
Steven McDonald50William Brake1.00
James Parsons25Patrick Power1.00
William Bagg2.50James Stewart1.00
WESTERN STAR1.00Patrick Ezeakel1.00
M.E. Boland1.00Peter Bryan1.00
Rev. G. Pegg50Thomas Bryan1.00
Joseph Messervy25John Herren2.00
John C. LeMoine70John Gushue1.00
William Petrie1.00D.G. Webber50
William Messervy50James Power1.00
Boyd Shaddick1.00Ambrose McCarthy1.00
Miss Conway1.00B. McCarthy20
Constable Crane20William McCarthy50
M. Kehoe50A. Read1.00
A Friend50Benjamin McAdam1.00
R.W. Barber1.00Joseph Gushue1.00
A. Noseworthy50John Hartson50
Edward Boland50Manuel Legg60
Miss A. Collins1.00Thomas Whelan25
Rev. A. Sears2.00M. W-----25
Thomas Boland1.00Martin Lewis25
John Condon1.00J. Pennell50
Peter White50A. Hinds40
Samuel Allan50Total$97.85

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