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Vol. 30 is one of the main volumes for St. Thomas's Church in St. John's. When Rev. Wix was stationed at that church he made two trips along the South coast, up the West coast and there is evidence of him being on the Labrador at one point. I don't know if it was an oversight on my part but I did not record any details of what he did on his first trip which was in 1830, I think. However, all the details of his 1835 trip, baptisms, marriages, etc, are in Vol. 30. I did record all the 1835 entries for the Bay of Islands because that is where I was born and grew up. Sometimes I feel as if it was back close to that date. Jack Clarke
Rev Edward Wix Baptisms 1835
John and Mary Baillie ~ May 24
-ElizaAge 2
-MaryAge 1
Wm. and Elizabeth Blanchard ~ May 24
-ElizaAge 6
-SusanAge 12
Richard and Mary Wheeler ~ May 24
-SusanAge ?
Thomas and Elizabeth Parke ~ May 24
-JohnAge 5
-RobertAge 7
-ThomasAge 2
Thomas and Elizabeth Beverley ~ May 24
-ThomasAge 16
-WilliamAge 15
John and Elizabeth Parke ~ May 24
-JohnAge 4
-MarianneAge 1
Wm. and Ann Wheeler ~ May 26
-RobertAge 15
-JamesAge 13
Robert and Jane Park ~ May 26
-WilliamAge 7

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