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St. George's Bay - Thomas White 'Census' 1808

Here is a "census" of sorts, taken by Thomas White in 1808 when the H.M.sloop "Avenger" visited Western Newfoundland. St. George's Bay had 102 inhabitants.

The information was transcribed by MICHAEL BARBOUR, August 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
The material was taken from Beales, Annette. "The Formation of Settlement, Demographic Growth, and Economic Diversification in Birchy Cove, 1863-1921". (4 November 1992), an honours essay for her B.A. (Honours) in the Dept of Geography at MUN.

NameFromBoatsMenTierces SalmonQntls CodFursVesselsMenExported
Mr. MesservyJersey1132242660t4Halifax
Mr. PennellJersey114960

Mr. Hulan & sonJersey127675
40t5St. John's
P. HulanJersey111534

St. John's
Mr. HulanNfld114823

St. John's
James HulanNfld1124

St. John's
Clement RenoufJersey113030

St. John's
Mr. SwyerEngland112430
St. John's
Charles VincentEngland112020

Mr. BenoitNova Scotia111850

Mr. CormierNova Scotia122050

George LafisherNfld11

Mr. DennisNfld135024


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Bay St. George District