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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of Codroy Pond

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 80 - 81
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Doucette, Thomas LHeadM56
Doucette, EllenWifeM52
Doucette, DanielSonS26
Doucette, Mary E.DauS16
Doucette, W. JamesSonS14
Doucette, A. ThediusSonS11
Doucette, HenryBrotherS61

Doucette, Joseph A.HeadM30
Doucette, JosieWifeM26
Doucette, FrancisSonS4
Doucette, HansalemSonS3

Brake, George Wm.HeadM37
Brake, Mathilda JaneWifeM37
Brake, Michael J.SonS15
Brake, George R.SonS12
Brake, Wanetta E.DauS9
Brake, Philomena M.DauS6
Brake, Francis E.SonS4
Brake, ChristinaDauS3
Brake, M. GladysDauS1
Brake, Bridget B.DauS5 mo.
Goden, StellaDomesticS18

Cormier, George T.HeadM26
Cormier, Mary N.WifeM---
Cormier, Michael T.SonS---
Cormier, Ralph G.SonS4 mo.

Straid, JohnHeadM4-
Straid, ElizabethWifeM4-
Straid, PeterSonS2-
Straid, JohnSonS8
Straid, TheresaDauS6
Straid, RoseDauS-
Straid, JaneDauS-
Straid, BenjaminBrotherM-
Straid, VeronicaWifeM29
Straid, ReubenSonS14
Straid, M. BridgetDauS13
Straid, MargaretDauS10
Straid, RonaldSonS16 mo.

Cormier, MichaelHeadW72
Cormier, FrankSonM25
Cormier, FrancisWifeM19
Cormier, Mary AliceDauS2
Cormier, PhilomenaDauS8 mo.
Bennoit, Madeleine ? (sic)DomesticS19

Cormier, BasilHeadM30
Cormier, Mary CatherineWifeM22
Cormier, EdnaDauS3
Cormier, JamesSonS2
Cormier, UrsulaDauS9 mo.
Benoit, Lena ? (sic)Sister in lawS14

Farrell, CorneliusHeadM33
Farrell, CatherineWifeM31
Farrell, RoseDauS10 mo.
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Bay St. George District