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1935 Census

Town of Flat Bay

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 110 - 113
M-married; S-single; W-widow. It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
Sheppard, NorahHeadW54
Sheppard, RobertSonS20
Sheppard, LoughlinSonS8

Sheppard, PatrickHeadM31
Sheppard, RoseWifeM21
Sheppard, GeraldineDaughterS1
Sheppard, BerniceDaughterS2

Samms, JohnHeadW"_7"
Samms, BeatriceDaughterS11
Samms, WilsonSonS9
Samms, HenrySonS7
Samms, RussellSonS4

Young, PhilomenaHeadS26
Corbin, WilliamSonS4

Felix, ErnestHeadW57
Felix, WilfredSonS"_"
Felix, DennisSonS14
Felix, FlorenceDaughterS13

Perrior, RalphHeadM"_"
Perrior, EvelynWifeM32
Perrior, RoseDaughterS16
Perrior, AmbroseSonS5
Perrior, LorettaDaughterS2
Perrior, WalterBrotherW47

Francis, CharlesHeadS38

Benoit, PaulHeadM55
Benoit, MaryWifeM50
Benoit, WilfredSonS26
Benoit, LucyDaughterS21
Benoit, RobertSonS20
Benoit, ReginaDaughterS18
Benoit, AustinSonS16
Benoit, ElizabethDaughterS14
Benoit, JamesSonS12
Benoit, GenevieveDaughterS8

Benoit, SusanHeadW65
Benoit, LillianDaughterS"2_"
Benoit, EvaDaughterS17
Benoit, PhilomenaGrand DaughterS2
Benoit, HaroldGrand SonS1

Benoit, MitchellHeadM65
Benoit, DeborahWifeM68
Benoit, RaymondGrand SonS8

Benoit, LeoHeadM"2_"
Benoit, AngelaWifeM27

Benoit, AugustineHeadM26
Benoit, ClarenceSonS7
Benoit, AidenSonS5
Benoit, LeonaDaughterS4
Benoit, PercySonS2
Young, WilliamLodgerM30

White, WilliamHeadM59
White, EllenWifeM70
DuHart, ThomasLodgerW77

White, JohnHeadM67
White, AnnieWifeM65
White, AlbertSonS23
White, AugustusSonS19

White, JamesHeadM31
White, FlorenceWifeM24
White, MaryDaughterS3
White, LloydSonS2
Barry, BridgetServantS15

Young, JamesHeadM53
Young, MaryWifeM52
Young, HildaDaughterS19
Young, IsraelSonS17

Young, AlbertHeadW35
Young, LeonardSonS"1_"

Legge, RichardHeadM70
Young, MaryHousekeeperS53
Alexander, GladysTemp. AdoptedS10

Young, BenjaminHeadS25

Young, MaxiumHeadM79
Young, MaryWifeM80

Young, FrederickHeadM35
Young, AdelineWifeM33
Young, StanleySonS12
Young, EdnaDaughterS3

Benoit, JohnHeadM41
Garnier, AdaAdopted DaughterS6
Major, ClementLodgerS50
Miller, AloysuisLodgerM50

Legge, RoderickHeadM34
Legge, MaryWifeM27
Legge, DinesiaDaughterS12
Legge, JosephSonS10
Legge, BridgetDaughterS8
Legge, CharlesSonS6
Legge, MargaretDaughterS4

Young, WilliamHeadW80
Young, BridgetLodgerM50

Young, HilliardHeadW32
Young, JosephSonS16
Young, LloydSonS3
White, Clement-S34

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