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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 85 - 89 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
McDonald, JamesHeadMM58
McDonald, WilheminaWifeFM42
McDonald, Donald JamesSonMS2
McDonald, John ForseySonMS4m

Butt, Roxanne PearlHeadFS23
Butt, HazelSisterFS15
Butt, Harry RonaldBrotherMS12

McIsaac, JamesHeadMM57
McIsaac, MaudWifeFM46
McIsaac, SarahDauFS19
McIsaac, EarlSonMS17
McIsaac, MaryDauFS16
McIsaac, StanleySonMS13
Young, HarryNephewMS4

McIsaac, ArchibaldHeadMS65
McIsaac, MurdockBrotherMS63

Dwyer, PatrickHeadMM60
Dwyer, Mary AnnWifeFM60
Dwyer, PatrickSonMS26
Dwyer, DonaldSonMS28
Hearn, ClaraDauFW32
Hearn, PatriceGdauFS9
Hearn, BerniceGdauFS7
Hearn, GeraldGsonMS5

McDonald, LouieHeadMM4?
McDonald, DoraWifeFM2?
McDonald, David Chas.SonMS1?
McDonald, William JamesSonMS?
McDonald, MichaelSonMS?
McDonald, Mary AnnMother(?)FW?

Legge, George WalterHeadMM?
Legge, JessieWifeFM?
Legge, DanielSonMS27
Legge, Salbert(?)SonMS24
Legge, LilyDauFS21
McDonald, MaryMILFW90

McDonald, Neil AnthonyHeadMM51
McDonald, Elizabeth AnnWifeFM4?
McDonald, Andrew DuncanSonMS17
McDonald, Mary AmeliaDauFS16
McDonald, Marg. BerniceDauFS1?
McDonald, CorneliusSonMS10

Baskerfield(?), KatherineHeadFW55
Baskerfield(?), WilliamSonMS27
Baskerfield(?), CyrilSonMS21
Baskerfield(?), HazelDauFS17

McDonald, MurdockHeadMS5?

Butt, Samuel A.HeadMM5?
Butt, RhodaWifeFM4?
Butt, BrideDauFS2?
Butt, NitaDauFS20
Butt, LindaDauFS?
Butt, MildredDauFS?
Butt, AdaDauFS?
Butt, AustinSonMS?
Butt, BerniceDauFS?
Butt, IvyDauFS?

Butt, GideanHeadMM?
Butt, GertrudeWifeFM?
Butt, AmidaDauFS?
Butt, George WilsonSonMS10
Butt, RalphSonMS9
Butt, Martha CarolDauFS7
Butt, FlorenceDauFS5
Butt, Mary IleneDauFS3

Butt, JamesHeadMM35
Butt, MathildeWifeFM34
Butt, DonzellaDauFS18
Butt, MarieDauFS8
Butt, LawrenceNephewMS1?
Butt, NathanielBrotherMS42
Butt, GeorgeFatherMM81
Butt, LetitiaMotherFM78

Short, AlbertHeadMM29
Short, MaudWifeFM24
Short, AngelineDauFS2
Short, MathildeDauFS2m

Butt, JosephHeadMM34
Butt, BlanchWifeFM29
Butt, OswellSonMS7
Butt, HilyardSonMS6
Butt, LilianDauFS5m

Brown, JohnHeadMM52
Brown, Alice MaudWifeFM47
Brown, WilliamSonMS2?
Brown, ChesterSonMS2?
Brown, GeorgeSonMS2?
Brown, AlbertSonMS?
Brown, NoraDauFS?
Brown, JohnSonMS?
Brown, NineDauFS?
Brown, TherzaDauFS9
Brown, BessieDauFS7
Brown, BerniceDauFS6
Brown, DoraDauFS3
Brown, CharlesSonMS3

Legge, WilsonHeadMM31
Legge, MinettaWifeFM26
Legge, BeatriceDauFS7
Legge, GeorginaDauFS5
Legge, GraceDauFS4
Brown, AdaMILFW5?

McPherson, JohnHeadMM4?
McPherson, BelleWifeFM41
McPherson, ClaraDauFS19
McPherson, EdnaDauFS17
McPherson, MaryDauFS16
McPherson, AllanSonMS11
McPherson, FredSonMS8
McPherson, JosephSonMS7
McPherson, RoderickSonMS6
McPherson, AmelliaDauFS1

Butt, DeanHeadMM5?
Butt, MaryWifeFM4?
Butt, CecilSonMS2?
Butt, LydiaDauFS2?
Butt, GraceDauFS1?
Butt, RussellSonMS1?
Butt, NorrisSonMS?
Butt, LinburghSonMS?
Butt, RaymondSonMS?
Butt, PearlDauFS?
Butt, SarahDauFS?
Butt, Thomas?M??

Moore, CharlesHeadMM55
Moore, JaneWifeFM40
Moore, GeorgeSonMS25
Moore, AnnieDauFS18

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
McDONALD McDonald, David should be McDonald, Daniel. This was my great uncle. Vicki Gillis
LEGGE Legge, Salbert should be Legge, Talbert. This was my uncle. Vicki Gillis
MacDONALD Mary Amelia McDonald should be Mary Anita MacDonald. The whole family is Mac not Mc. My mother is Mary MacDonald. Donald Davis

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